Jails & prisons

Johnson, Paul S.



2-11-19 By Paul Samuel Johnson Jails & prisons What can I tell you about prisons & jails? There places of mass incarceration in which many small time crooks lose all they own or owned on the streets, including family & friends and years later are released with 200$ or less, bad attitudes, disabled, and expected to survive and not break any more laws! Jails & prisons are like living in the stone ages and once your set free your in shell shock at how fast the outside world moves & turns! No one wants to help you. No one wants to be friend a convict. Your totally mistrusted and alienated from society in general. Yet the worlds biggest crooks do no time ever. Cops only go after the poor & homeless. Were easy targets for them. They can physically & mentally abuse us and not be fired, in fact usually there promoted, for there abuse! We are treated like zoo animals as prisoners, and rehabilitation is a joke. If they wanted us fixed all jails & prisons would go out of business and jobs would be lost from politicians, courts, law enforcement, guards, medical staff, down to construction workers who mass build these modern day hell holes! We all get out with P.T.S.D., homeless, jobless, friendless, and then have asshole parole officers & probation officers trying to put us back in for any minor thing, even for being late to meet them! And thus once more, the never ending cycle begins of losing all we own and any places to live we might have been lucky enough to find... The bible is written by convicts, yet many church's still ignore us. Pray you never go to prison!

Author: Johnson, Paul S.

Author Location: California

Date: February 11, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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