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Barnes, Arnold, III



Arnold Barnes III -Journal entry- Often when reading articles about imprisonment we may learn the harmful psychological effects of solitary confinement on prisoners like their social phobia once released. And when reading about experiments on young monkey's who's mothers were purposely replaced by a bottle & a few wires wrapped in a blanket (were mothers), we find that they grow up unable to interact normally with other monkey's & are often extremely aggressive. Studies clearly show that denying an animal something intrinsic to it's nature - whether it being the species natural environment or mother - that they tend to develop a wide range of abnormal behaviors. But when was the last time you read a scientific study about the behavior's associated with involuntary celibacy in inmates. Better stated; the side effects of being denied the biological urge for sex, companionship, & physical contact with the opposite sex. I present here the results, findings, & side effects of one of the more not-well-researched or understood pains of imprisonment that I call D.S.C.C. - Denial of Sex, Contact & Companionship. Side effects of DSCC include but are not limited to: (All findings are that within all male housing unit) Intense loneliness: characterized by the mind being dominated with thoughts of love, affection & romance with the opposite sex. Also - - quickly falling in love with any pen pals or female DJ's & radio personalities - the reading over & over again of old letters from old flames who stoped writing years ago, decades, etc - strong infactuation with pictures of unknown women & celebrities that often blur's the lines of reality - prolong lusting of TV characters i.e. soap characters, female sports figures (especially softball & volleyball players), female sports anchors. Talk show hostesses &/or audience members - severe short-term memory loss Depression: characterized by sorrowfully shaking one's head back & forth when see'ing attractive woman on TV, etc - - loss of appetite - feeling of abandonment Hypersexed: presence of female guards, commissary woman & mailroom ladies heighten sexual arousal. Characterized by - - attention seeking behavior - intensification of sense of smell - SSO's (see SSO) - unknowingly groping oneself - assuming predatory demeanor - severe short-term memory loss SSO: spontaneous sexual outburst: sometimes accompanied with fist banging on table & walls, & in extreme cases, head banging. Characterized by - - Tourette's like shouts of explicit expletives (i.e. damn, I need some p***y) upon waking, during domino tournaments, field work disciplinary hearings, church services, etc CVE: contact visit erections: characterized by an immediate & uncontrollable erection upon hugging wife, girlfriend, or baby moma's *can be embarrassing & recommend hugging kid's first at start & end of visit Excessive masterbation: characterized by - - purchasing hair grease & gasoline from commissary in large amounts - self proclaimed "jack monster" HHP: hallucinations by hyper sexed psych: characterized by - : in regard to looking at pictures of woman - seeing nipple prints that are not present, etc : in regard to presence of females - seeing imaginary pantie line - seeing absence of imaginary pantie line : in regard to seeing woman from the rec yard - seeing the presence, color, texture & number of atoms of imaginary thong from 100 years across the yard while committing a lay up in a basketball tournament *also seemingly, but not provable - telescopic vision - night vision - remote viewing Other side effects of DSCC may include but are not limited to: - notice of one's attraction to women who are normally not your type - notice that you can't find a women that you are not attracted to - lucid dreams - outer-body experiences - wet dreams - intense interest in philosophy, quantum physics & karma sutra - oh yea, severe short-term memory loss Though some may declare my finding as pseudoscience because I don't hold a degree in behavioral science it is fair to conclude that one doesn't need any credit's from a learning institution to determine that someone's libido is clearly out of control & that these pathological behaviors stem from Tarzan's need for Jane. I conclude that the inmate population here in Texas & myself suffer from a severe form of depression & rare undetermined psychiatric disorder & insist that a pill be made especially for us to alleviate permanently all if not one symptom of USCC. Desperate, I'm wiling to take said pill even if it has the same advertised side effects of every other prescription drug in America, i.e. confusion, slurred speech, seeing halo's &/or bring colors around lights, low level's of potassium, rectal bleeding, etc. Well maybe not rectal blueing. I'd rather continue finding solace in diligently hoarding pictures & decorating the walls of my cell with my celebrity crush: Taylor Swift, Megan Good, Paula Patton, etc, etc Arnold Barnes III is an inmate, writer & humorist within the Texas Department of Corrections. Arnold Barnes III

Author: Barnes, Arnold, III

Author Location: Texas

Date: November 4, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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