Judges against prisoners in California

Pierce, Seavon



Title: Judges Against Prisoners in California As defined by concealment or continuing violations, no investigations as defined by law has been conducted of allegations of federal crimes or illegal acts to have been committed by the federal judges or the defendants upon evidence of signed written admissions. An investigation requires the gathering of independent facts and evidence separate from the report to form a opinion, or to draw the conclusion of whether federal law has been violated as alleged. The public record of case No. 2:17-07267-MLR-RAO, also holds, "The report of public corruption to President Donald J. Trump, et. al." who is also under the duty of law as the United States President, to report allegations received of "public corruption". Over 60 listed plaintiffs exist which have been excluded from the proceedings upon the filing of the complaint by the clerk. A determination exist to exclude specific parties from the action upon consideration of other facts or evidence which exist as unknown or only known to the officers of the court. As further acts of the federal judges of California, as evidence of the concealment of violations or evidence of violations for the defendants in the above case of, Pierce, et.al. V. President Donald J. Trump, et. al., No. 2:17-07267-MLR-RAO. The facts consider the duty in each case, as the duty of the federal court to notify all plaintiffs that a action has commenced against the defendants. What facts exist in the record of which the court has excluded over 60 plaintiffs as facts which establishes the 1st amendment violation presented against the defendants, as evidence of acts of stealing information sent as evidence of violations committed by the listed defendants. The refusal to provide notice to all the plaintiffs under the courts duty, must be considered with the duty of the defendants to disclose the facts and evidence to all the plaintiffs as defined as the media, the press, etc.. The refusal of the court to provide notice as a duty, conceals the violations committed by the defendants in which a intrest exist of liability or the damages to be suffered by the defendants. These facts and acts have been recognized, refused to be admitted by the court, or the federal judges committing these acts. Those attorneys under the threat of being "black-listed" will never admit these facts as true. However, these facts still exist as evidence reflected upon the public record. The evidence which reflects the, "buying of a judge" to prevent liability, to conceal violations of a entity, defendants etc., is present upon the public record of these matters to be considered or defined as: Pierce V. Gonzales, President Barack Obama, 2011 U.S. Dist. Lexis 2188 (E.D. Cal. Feb. 17, 2011); 13-15114. The law defined acts of "public corruption" to be a matter of "public interest" in which the attorney general etc. have a duty to seek justice under the laws of the United States. Proper consideration of the facts and evidence as legally required reflects that acts have been conducted to conceal violations as federal crimes committed by federal judges acting on behalf of the opposing parties, acts which conceal violations, and the evidence of violations, acts which consider liability of the violations presented to the court. This is the evidence, the conclusion to be provided as verified or certified facts of the legal investigator as paid for or upon voluntary acts to seek justice. The proper resolutions are not being conducted based upon finances and acts which conceal violations by the stealing of mail to the appropriate authorities as defined also as "The Green Wall", of persons who conceal illegal acts committed by employees of the California Department of Corrections Etc.. SP Seavon Pierce 11-25-19

Author: Pierce, Seavon

Author Location: California

Date: November 25, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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