Judges participating in California Correctional Departments “code of silence”

Pierce, Seavon



Judges participating in California Correctional Departments "Code of Silence" Upon research,... the buying of judges to enter a judgement in favor of a specific party has existed when the United States courts first formed. Of the many methods or avenues available still, these facts or acts still exist as does any criminal act as defined by law. The evidence appears to be hard to obtain depending upon which facts are present to be presented as evidence in a court. The question of, "Can you prove it, do you have evidence." is the song of many investigators or prosecutors who rely upon such facts to execute a prosecution for a crime to have been committed. Here, evidence exist upon the public record to be overlooked by those who have no legal education. This evidence is clear to those who have a legal understanding, that intentional violations also defined as "errors" are being openly committed upon the lack of the general public. I will be requesting funds for a legal investigator, or the voluntary acts of a legal investigator to provide a certification and/or verification of these facts as true under a penalty of perjury upon a public investigation of the documents defined as Pierce V. Gonzales, President Barack Obama, 2011 U.S. Dist. Lexis 21888 (E.D. Cal. Feb 17, 2011);13-15114, Matters of the original case No. 1:10-00285(JLT) of the Fresno Federal Court. Upon the submission of signed written affidavits, acts which admit violations of the laws of the United States as defined by a constitutional violation. The court(s), the federal judge(s), refused to accept these facts under the legal mandate that the court accept all facts as true. After this evidence was presented as affidavits by the defendants themselves. The California federal judges acted together with C.D.C.R., participating in a common goal to prevent relief upon these violations, to alter the facts and prevent proper consideration of the violation of "Prisoners rights" as a class of persons, as a class action. Over ten individual judges have participated in the concealing of these acts defined as violations of the laws of the United States, acting under improper influence, political influence, acts also defined as illegal. Upon the evidence as signed written admissions, affidavits, only consideration of liability exist, of the damages however defined, to be suffered by those defined as a government entity. These acts only exist as acts of favor, acts to conceal violations, acts to prevent proper consideration of the illegal acts which impacts multiple persons as a class. A presumption can be stated that even with a adequate law library or access to all legal materials that exist, multiple prisoners will still file meritless claims. But this presumption would be a violation of the equal protect of the laws of the 14th Amendment, and would only be a opinion. The violations still exist upon the exact same evidence, the exact same affidavits presented to the Fresno Federal Court in the original case No. 1:10-00285(JLT), and have been presented as a violation of, "fraud on the court" a independent action recorded as : Pierce, Et. al. V. President Donald J. Trump, et. al., in the Los Angeles Court as case No. 2:17-cv-07267-MLR-RAO. The mail logs of Seavon Pierce (C.D.C.R.), reflects the reporting of the concealment of these acts and violations as of 2012 until present, and are also located on the public record as exhibits, evidence presented to the court. These facts must be considered in case No. 2:17-cv-0767-MLR-RAO, as defined above. SP Seavon Pierce 11-25-19

Author: Pierce, Seavon

Author Location: California

Date: November 25, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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