Just another page in my diary




#1 Just another page in my diary Its not everyday I write in this diary but I decided to share with you what and when I do. Today has been a sad, mad and boring day. let me explain the sad part is dealing with the fact that I may never see freedom again I dont know about you but to me thats sad. Mad: me and my wife had another fight where I scream in the phone till it hangs up then I scream again I do this because I cant deal with not having power over my life. God took all my power or hell I never had it to begin with I only thought I did. But bad choices have caused me maybe life in prison. Bored: well the corona virus is out and about my wife is scared I will get it Im scared I will let these people finally kill me without #2 (old smokey) if you dont know what that is its the electric chair they use it to (kill) I say kill not execute because thats all it is is murder they can give it whatever name they want to me its an I for and eye plain as day. The justice department is single handly put all the power of cold blooded murder in their hands alone, aint it grand?? I know to some people aint, aint a word but hey Im from texas so aint is in webster or I scribbled it in anyways. Im gonna try to keep this up but hey with my ups and downs we will see how much you get. I got a few books I want published but besides the ones on www.dotprisonfoundation.org that it. f you want my opinion and you are #3 reading this you will get it Im against TDCJ it does more harm than good. I got a new slogan (BBS) Building better solutions why cause the one they built sucks. Now I may not spell every word correct cause hey Im free writing now with and my pocket size dictionary I bought on store for 4 dollars. please forgive my swag or country folk talk [labo?] I been working on my cursing but sometimes a good hell or f-ck fits you know. Hello world here is another day in my dark diary 1 more I guess I slept better but for some reason I had a dream about me watching a dog discover dead bodies Im not saying this to make anybody scared or think this is for credit Im #4 really truely serious but thats only apart of my messed up mind I guess. I just finished doing my squats even though I had to push my self im 35 years (old) yea the big part of this statement is (old) so I need to work out and stay fit because I know Im going to prison so I better stay fit before one of these young punks try me. Im really not a violent person but if pushed I can get really deadly and I know it. Just another page in my lonely diary and how I miss my kids I question my self if I will ever see them again or will I be one of these lonly white #5 crosses in one of these green pastures. I told my wife dont burry me in the community center which is where all my family is buried at but burn me at the honest degree then do whatever with my ashes I dont know why I told her that she wants to die with me so I guess I got to get another person to carry out my wishes. Do I even have life insurance? No but Im working on it. anyways here I am world as I once was and will forever be. But who am I any ways? Thats alot of questions for me to answer and ask if you asked me. as time goes I become closer to my calling but I know its not #6 gonna be eazy at all. I got to stand firm of what I feel in my heart. Im rereading the gospels again cause its not in my soul yet. I want it to be where I can speak it till it hurts and teach it to many crowds. Im still struggling to understand what my family has in mind when I left everything went to hell and I mean around devils and bad spirits. I dont pride myself on wishing bad luck on people cause I hope everybody get right I just wish prissy would get her mind right it hurts to see her hurt no matter what she is a part of me in the end. I pray we all have #7 a better life but sometimes we all make dumb choices that dont turn out right some days I just sit up rocking or shakin my foot cause I cant get thoughts out my head so this little diary helps me. one day I want to change the world if this will help somebody then hey better than letting somebody lose it. I have to say goodbye for now untill later this is just a little bit of my lost diary

Author: Bobby

Author Location: Texas

Date: June 11, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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