Just another story on how DPS shows no respect for life

Litteral, Mack



"Just Another Story on how DPS shows no Respect for life" (or) "Just Another Story that shows the Lack of Respect DPS has for Life" Hi, I'm Mack Litteral bringing prison news un-edited by any state official. This essay is no different than any of my other true stories on how these state prisons treat human beings. But am touching base with how they treat animals for large profits without any concern of living rights that God put on this earth! For some un-thinkable reason these people who run DPS thinks that animals belong in cages and could care less about these live, air breathing animals can still produce what's needed for mankind without these cruel acts! Unwanted jobs are placed on us offenders to commit these animals cruelty acts; daily for 17-26 cents an hour. I truly feel strongly that these people who's responsible for caging 3-5 laying hens in a very small cage. Built with feeders in these cages. They have to fight over food, water, and who's going to be shit & pissed on by one another? Hens sit on each other's backs causing broken wings hips it doesn't take long! Each day some are lost, crippled to the point they will be taken out and put into another cage by themselves. Trying to feed those weak and almost dead; Because those who's not able to fight for food to survive they will have a chance to heal for a couple of days and get stronger to lay eggs again, or will be fertilizer or a inmate's dinner. Which happens! But are tough because of these foods that are fed to them, makes them lay one or two eggs a day. The state has three chicken houses here in Tillery, N.C. which holds about 12000 laying hens, also called the farm. Here at Caledonia Prison #3305 which is where I am housed but not even a mile from us, there sister a (brown clothes camp) they also forced to labor at 17-26 cents an hour and some like me only get 40 cents a day. I myself could work for 2 dollars a week or do like myself, pulling day for day without any good days. If I worked I wouldn't be able to send prison news to 9 web sites some with magazines, zines, or news prints. They've already taken 38 days from me because I wouldn't work in the kitchen with a broken thumb. This is another reason why I provide prison news from inside these walls. I neither have any help from the outside to help deal with this hardship. I'm indigent and do without snacks, good hygiene products just to let the public see what I see every day. This isn't easy on me doing what I do. I re-live this lifestyle over and over just to tell it! Just mailing these letters I might have to even trade my sandwich off my tray for a stamped envelope. Or even draw a skull for someone's dream tattoo! But it's worth all these thousands of hours I've put into it to expose DPS actions! The staff members at these state prisons called DPS that put these animals in these wire cages on each others backs, belongs in cages themselves. Now for the hens that make it for 18 months, now are sold for large profits once more. They become dog food, feathers, bones, gums germs, butts are all grinded up and then labeled. The cruelty never stops since the time they were chicks, suffocating because on top of one another until their last breath which is also taken! This is how they do that and more! These hens are shoved into a box the size of a box that a bicycle would come in (narrow). They're crammed into these narrow boxes until you can't put no more in. Then a tank is hooked up where it takes the oxygen out where they suffocate to death, well most! Now us offenders are now ordered to take these animals out most lifeless but some how you'll still see some who now are running for their lives inside a chicken house. Some are grabbed by their heads some by their feets where they're brutally struck against a pole and even the ground. Now this sick process all over again called animals cruelty for large profits or other words just don't give a damn how any animal lives or breathes! Mack Litteral 2019 Here at Caledonia Prison #3305 located in Tillery, N.C. "The Farm" Please note: This is my pen name Mack Litteral and thanks again! Please print on web site and will be sending more essays soon - only have a few more days! - June 29th 2019 - Later

Author: Litteral, Mack

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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