Just for the record

Whitecell, Davy



1) Davy Whitecell Day After Blood Moon Sabbath 9-14-19 Just for the record Re: Free Dum Dom? Re education program 1984, Start of a happening are your ear's open son keep your mouth shut! My father fixes my collar on my Levis jacket with the white fur faux collar my mother is still in the apartment I'm in the arms of the police and my Pops his final words I'll be coming to get you as soon as possible keep your fu*k*ng mouth shut don't say anything! Do you understand! Hey! Hey! Look at me Davy! yea I hear you dad. I was numb I had been for hour's I was still in my black jean's. They were still moist from what I thought was sweat which later turned out to be blood. The blood of one of the gang member's who didn't make it through the fight the night before. I had been working as a bouncer for my friend's band Johnny Rebel and the padded cell's earlier that day me and John L. had been to lunch at the local Taco Bell he was excited about his new band it wasn't the cell's yet. It was a garage band he had formed and was fronting. And he was nerves about playin Anyway's all the fella's we'd all be their to support him no matter. As the sun dipped and the kids started to show up from all the local high schools since we were young stud's we made artisticical flier's and passed them out at the school's on 2 Friday's after school let out at 5 buck's a head and girls free and 20 keg's of Bud which was actually not Bud but when your 17 where were you gonna get a open keg with you and your friend's for five dollar's boy the local football teams they loved us L.M.P.'s and we loved many of their cheerleader's, hey we were pimx's we didn't think about tomorrow. Regan was a nuke war president so we were have'n as much fun as we could cause we were all hell bent on Mad Max, and Clockwork Orange the movies and drunk punk rocker's left to our own imagination was greater the any knowledge any school book full of lie's could teach us. So here I am it's 2019 the math on that 35 years later and in prison 5th term 3rd number and my right to even speak is consitered? if I sing who is listening well born in 1967 and a member of my first club not gang he & me the cat and the hat will make that clear as today is the Sabbath 9-14-19 and it's eggs and ham today maybe what ever it is it will be for me state food and bev. I'm not complaining I'm eating free! Well at least at 52 w/ another 16 to pull after my current release / date 11-2020, but that's ok like I told them in the court holding tank while they filmed me. Me & my crew we are 1,000,000,000 dollars a day! Notice how I put my self first 3 that is because the Holy Bible state's the last shall be first and the first last so today I retire 9-14-19 and start to collect on my life's work all those year's I've missed my own son, daughters, grandchildren my life here at Mule Creek State Prison well this is just a big play ground for people that not only couldnt fit into society they couldnt fit into there own prison sitting like all the transgenders it's scary to see some time's how in broad day light how your own or my eye's can play trick's on me when I see a grown man walk by in short shorts smelling like rose's with his friend's and for a split second I have to think you know Davy that is someone's son? Then the trans is broken a I see how some one could be tricked yet some one doing life who fall's in love? ect. what ever it is it is not my way nor my business I still just try to be nice and not judge that is not my job just like I have to fix me, that's my major malfunction everyone is trying to fix me, why, what is wrong with me? who are these people what do they want? I'm an American patriot my president is Donald J. Trump and am a Captain in the Navy and a General in the Army and Im tired of talking so if I can't have the 1st and 4th then I'll take the 5th with the rest of the Mex-i-can's more to come agent orange fast car's, fresh girl's, fine wines, I must 4 be crazy Im must be out of my mind! I suffer from the know to much disorder, when you know to much disorder, when you know to much people are always comeing up for answer's they want their ear's tickeled they want you to tell them what they want to here If you don't then they much be traveling on I've been moved to 3 different prisons thru country and ad/seg twice only so find myself 1,000.00 miles away from home when I had been recieve'n visit's from my brother's now after being accused tried and convicted of a crime 422 pc that I never committed at 52 years old I had handed down 21 years all based on a lie (1) lie told by a psyic tech after she opened my medication with her ungloved finger nail when I called her on it she snapped at me an said "I don't give a fuck" and that's how all this time started with a trip to the hole my property taken lost stolen, basically striped naked beaten and left for dead at 52 16 more years is 68 years old that's a lot of time for given some one the middle finger. Ill write and write to everyone and anyone who will listen and even to those who won't because I have a story to tell I've written (3) manuscripts just for daily log's of the thing's that take place in here it has been a eye opener that is for sure the corruption the ill training the lording over of the prisoners by staff not just correctional but mental health as well as medical you see if your a trouble maker there is still way's to get rid of you some people still play by dirty rule's those are the one's we will talk about, don't get me 5 wrong it's the bad in everyone that needs to be addressed this system of thing's cant keep going like this it has broken and will not be repair alike it is fortold is the good new's of the Holy Bible, I dont want to go all reliegious on everyone but as a informed person who reads if you look insight into your illness which the Doctor's tell me every time I speak of my past and my friend's and accomplishments I'll leave you all with this little study book @ Ezekial 7, and if you would think about America and the situation that our country is in now with crime and terror daily everywhere in prison we are numb most of the time stabbing's, fights, man down's, daily here effect no one everyone is numb no one cares about anything except the come up and if you arent with the program you are a mark and mark's are weeded out. even in the mental health program this is what happened in the days of Noah and it is fortold we want the good news is that reguardless the rule's & regulation's and dom the state rule's how do you follow rule's when the maker's of them dont and they change like my underwear weekly, and I'm here Im just gonna be greatful my cell door lock's behind me at night and I can trust my cellie? Well doing time in a mental health unit can be very challanging when you are some what known around I just caught 61 more days for a fight over a 25 cent shot of coffee when the cat told me in front of other inmates I was 6 burnt and grabbed his dick and told me fuck you white boy and spit on my window while another black patted him on the shoulder this is not something in California prison you can let slide when the other wolve's will be there to bounce it has reached even our mental health program that is the politics, the racism, the religious persecution all these thing are prevailant and it is getting worse but I tell everyone smile cause it is getting worse only 2 or 3 deaths last month from drug over dose's on the yard and one rape, we just came to day room at 7:15 pm this day Thursday the 26th of Sept. because the other yard had a stabbing and they searched the whole facility as far as rumor has it but when you have a new warden and as the story go's there's a new sheriff in town and he is cleaning up the prison well only time will tell I've got to get my shower and finish my work out Talk to you all later Matthew 5:9 Davy Whitecell Q: What is the difference between the white cell and the White House? A: about 40,000 sq. feet oi!

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: September 14, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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