Just imagine

Torres, Eduardo



Just Imagine Today we see change is inevatible and often times we see debatable topics of controversy. Our imagination is crucial to what I’ll point out in here. Imagination has a bad name. Yes it can help people make money, simply be happy, but also act differently which is crucial in our duties as people that have been obscured and kept people in shelter for so long. People in modern day believe imagination should always be used to improve oneself in their trouble with problems but rarely do people use their imagination to foretell problems before they happen. Imagination is the primitive internet it allows people to access information that more than likely is true in one aspect or another. If imagination is used to view less appellate matters of the world we would stop living in a fairy tale world that is unsustainable and be real with real world problems. Just like most delights our imagination has been exploited to marketing tactics. Life is really waged every day, people die, people are born, people become addicts, people go to jail, people lose faith, people gain faith, but always people miss opportunities to help carry the burden of others. Everyday new understandings are made on progressive topics but rarely do we meet the requirement that others set by careless actions. People need to enforce good will in others and stop living behind masks that society creates for individuals who care or dont care. Time is eventful more than ever and we see “careless” “mistakes” happening all over the world. Opportunities will one day be few. Today I want you to hold on to you view, keep a Journal on your phone text a number that doesn’t belong to anyone like the number 5, and record your thoughts and feelings, you will find out your life is hard to discribe and that you need to organize you mind. Set time appart. —Thank you ET (4-12-20)

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: April 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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