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Potts, Tyrus C.



"Just Us" Fighting for justice and liberty searching for peace. The board of Prison Terms constantly denying worthy Convicts or Inmates. Until they are too old or unfortunately end up deceased! Struggling with everyday nightmares & barely getting any sleep. Doing your best to maintain your morals & principles & priorities. Because that is all you have control over and can keep! Unrighteous laws & wrongful sentences and set ups. Because nothing in the system or the Courts seem to be fair. As long & as their union is strong and their industry continues to make money & nothing else even cares! They built a forceable team called Initiate Justice, made from support & sincerity and integrity. So the next time you feel like it is over or your life is through. There's a chosen few of Genuine People who shares your perspective of reality! From now on & it isn't just you. Someone else finally cares & so find the strength to have Hope and once again learn to trust. Because when it's all said & done & It's "Just Us" Authored By: Tyrus C. Potts Valley Adult School Use Both Sides

Author: Potts, Tyrus C.

Author Location: California

Date: August 26, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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