Just witnessed the craziest shit

Kirkman, Travis D.



An excerpt from my journal. 4-4-19 Just witnessed the craziest shit that I have ever seen thus far. While standing on the top tier, directly in front of my cell, a stocky mixed man named "Animal" started hauling ass down the range heading toward my direction. As soon as he cut the corner I seen why. There was two Latin King gang members chasing him. At first I thought that they were playing around, but as the two hispanic men ran past, I seen that they both had large Michael Myer size knifes in their hands. All of a sudden, Animal ran out of tier, and he immediately tried to backtrack to the stairwell, but the Kings were on his trail. With nowhere to run, Animal hopped over the railing and hit the ground running. However, the two mexicans settled down the stairs and the chase pursued through the dayroom. Animal tried to evade them, running around tables and through the middle of the dayroom, but as he cut around the jungle gym, a random mexican blocked Animals path and tripped him up. Before he could scurry back up to his feet, the Kings pounced on him. As everyone looked on, three Mexicans began to stab Animal as he lied on his back trying his best to hold them off. They were too much and overwhelmed him. Completely frozen and in shock, I witnessed a man helplessly being stabbed to death. It was horrifying and I wanted to help him so bad. But just as quick as it had started, it was now over with. As his body lied motionless, everyones attention focused on the three who committed this heinous act. Like peasants watching some sort of fucked up gladiator fight, we looked down upon them and they began to demonstrate throughout the dayroom. The floor was theirs and they started changing gang slurs and "GDK" was what they were calling out. At the time I had no idea what the hell those letters meant but I guess "Gangster Disciple Killers" or something like that. However, their attention was again diverted toward Animal. To everyones amazement, he was alive. As a matter of fact, he was crawling toward a particular cell and he even managed to get on his feet. At that moment I didn't know what was going to happen because the kings started to go after him again. I even heard one of them state "fuck it, lets finish him off"... I was like, this has gone on long enough, and my anxiety began to go through the roof. As "God Help Him" roles off my lips, several C.O.s entered the POD and responded to the situation. All three of the Kings quickly gave themselves up, and as one C.O. administered first-Aid to Animal, the Kings were cuffed up and led toward the exit. However, they didn't go quietly and they hollered out gang slogans all the way out the building. I was just speechless. The C.O's should of been there inside our POD to begin with. This wasn't some sort of random act of violence. There had been several altercations throughout the week and it was well known to offenders and staff that there was some sort of gang tension happening in our particular cell house. I mean, this dude didn't stand a chance. The amount of time that it took for responders to arrive on scene was downright unjustifiable. He was so helpless. Nowhere to run. Nobody helped him either. Where was his fellow gang at then? I can't believe I watched his man get stabbed up in such a brutal manner. I will forever remember this scene in the back of my mind. It was horrifying and I pray for Animals well being. They wheeled him out, but I think he'll be okay. This experience opened my eyes to how vulnerable we are in here. The C.O's will not protect us. If they do, it will be after the assault is over and done with. I truly feel as if I need to arm myself in case I find myself in a similar situation. It could be life or death. We cannot depend on a C.O. to save us. One thing that stands out the most about this situation is the fact that one of the gang members who assaulted Animal had just got out of lockup for stabbing Memphis here in this same cell house nine months ago. And I'm not talking about a little poke.. He literally shoved a lawn mower blade through the dude following a fight between the two which staff responded too. However, they were cut loose and King did what he did. But beside all that... This dude just got out of lockup for stabbing someone! Then they release him and place him right back in the same cell house with us. Now look at what he did! Why in the hell would they place him back in the same exact cell house in which he committed his first stabbing? Were we set up for failure? Obviously nobody cared for our well being... Travis Kirkman Miami Correctional Facility Indiana 2019

Author: Kirkman, Travis D.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: April 4, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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