Kakistocracy: (Parchment is money)

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



Kakistocracy: (Parchment is money) 'A fool born every....' "Prison: 'For the measure with which you measure will in return be measured out to you'. Luke 6:38!" "Not for (idle) sport did We create the heavens and the earth and all that is between'. Qur'an 21:16! 'Hindu doctrine: all things were created for sport'! 'Lila 'Lilith - evil female spirit (of) Semitic legend; 1st wide of 'Adam'! (in Bible?) Sanskrit - nila, dark blue (lilac)! 'Gaia - goddess of the earth: mom (Titans, cyclopes)! I have writ (12 priors), Earth's a prison! About 99% people, disagree! Yet, that percentage (folk), spend life: trying, to discredit-this-truth. See, above? 'Better is the end of a thing than its beginning'. Eccles. 7:8; 'Declaring the end from the beginning...' Isaiah 46:10; and, 'And the life of this world is nothing but play and amusement.' Qur'an 6:32! From prison ([redacted]; Chicago, Il, Monday night: 1900 hrs), I have not found peace! Today (8-18-2019); ADX Max, Florence, CO day: 1227 hrs) durance, I have peace; in telling truth! A, Federal, Judge told 'Government' (DOJ & Congress, complicit); must supply, immigrant children: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap; and, food! I know, Nature will respond-in-kind; if government gets worse! If, this Earth's not a prison, then: Why are not millions of wan, shouting for change? It makes silence proof, of what's in their hearts! As those step over the bodies! Oh yeah, a young 'Bailey' shot; in the back (handcuffed, dying two wan cops pulled at his underware); allowed to die! 'Evils in the mirror, creeping out; into the souls of ignorants!' [redacted] (c) Although I am, locked up, I at least tell the truth! 'What about you? Government does not know (Truth)! 'Trust can kill you or set you free'! Confusius '...know the truth and truth shall set you free'! John 8:33 'I have nothing, to gain! I have nothing, to lose! Except, the truth'! Try, telling the truth?" [redacted] ARA (c) ADX plantation (CO) Permission on File [redacted] (c) 8/18/19 "The 'G-d': 'simulation' (hologram); pixel-ation (For/Against)!" [redacted] (c) "This borne from 'Truth,' of a '...when G-d created...' (Gen. 1:1; 2:4); b '...G-d did not make them out of existing things.' (2 Maccabees 7:28); c '...the universe was ordered by the Word of G-d...' (Heb. 11:3); d '...when He decreeth a matter, He saith to it 'Be,' and it is.' (Qur'an, 2:117); e 'By the Lord's word the heavens were made...' (Ps. 33:6) f '...fashioned the universe from formless matter...' (Wisdom 11:17); g '...G-d created His Works...' (Wis of Ben Sira 16:26); h 'The One Who Made the earth by His Power...' (Jeremiah 10:12) and, i '...G-d...for you created all things...of Your Will they came To Be...' (Revelation 4:11, compare, also Acts 14:15, Col. 1:16-17, and Heb. 1:2-3, 3:4 & 11:3?)! We (simulation/hologram, cf. Rich Terrile (Pasadena, Ca), etc.?), along with, scientists used brains; to navigate life (distinguishes living from dead)! The word, 'science,' is but: 'one's explanation of study' (what one endeavors, to follow)! See, 'Scientific Knowledge and its Social Problems' (1971) Jerome Ravetz? ('solutions to scientific problems (theories) cause problems') cf. 'Trump'? Fact-based knowledge/experiences, are, equally: acceptable; unless/until proven wrong! Scientists (degrees: up the yangyang) are, most, mythological gods in waiting; and, followers: 'idol-worshippers'! Do the math? So, based on the use (of prior-learning: Note, humans -- not Prophets -- the same/equal?) acquired; now-are-above-another! The, sole, difference (beside: three-Prophets) is, 'the submission of one's power'; to another! Now, consider: (1) rich, love, chaos; (2) rich supplant governments wannabe (rich); (3) rich steal power, from poor; and, (4) polyhistor idol worship, rich? In the 21st century, all (of government), is in decline! To assure such, balance dies; and, common-sense: asleep! Compare 'Trump' followers; and, suicide-shooters (racists)? 'Those who are blind, now, cannot imagine (in order too see); what are true! For truth lies under, what you need!' To stand, to walk and, Earth's-gravity are the supports: for advancements (of humans)! Simple, right? Not for blind: base! In closing, whether belief (string theory; simulation; G-d Hologram; etc.), do not let 'the pied piper' (to) drive; your Soul! 'You do have the option': truth or not? You're no child, and; there's no: 'Romulus, Remus; et cetera!" [redacted] (c) 8/17/19 ADX "Quirinius (Romulus) LR 2:2!" (Evil is the enemy, seen, creeping up; but, you choose to, ignore!" [redacted] (c))

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: August 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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