Kakistocracy: teeter on the edge!

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



Ch. 13 "Up and down!" 2 pages Kakistocracy: 'teeter on the edge'!" /ARA c 8/22/19 ADX Mac (plantation) "At prison (ADX, FCC Complex) nothing changes (for the better)! And, so, a new Director arrived (Aug. 19, 2019); at Federal Bureau of Prisons, in D.C. Having--as William P. Barr--the pleasure (of being heaped), from 'materials discarded'; form, 'the old band', again! So you may, 'know the future,' by: the past! Unlike, The Supreme Court motto ('equal justice under law'); no such thing exists (USA)! However, proof (of contrariety) carries the stench; from the past shame (pre-and-post) causing 'civil war'! And, who better too march, again; with the orders: (of cronyism-favoritism to old friends; 'irregardless'/irrespective/regardless of 'competence) than; old nepotist and cronies; as well as 'agones' - protagonist & antagonist????? I often quote Bible ('Ah! Those who enact unjust statutes....' Isa. 10:1): '...changed into falsehood by the lying pen of the scribes'! Jer. 8:8; 'You put your trust in deceptive words to your own loss'! Jer. 7:8; and, '...Do not let your thoughts terrify you, or your face become so pale'! Dan 5:10! Which proves (to Christian/Atheist) similar, connects: 'like, the pen and a feather'; or, 'to compete and to repeat'! If not-clear than check roots (of words)? Well, 'the pen is mightier than the sword,' (Hammurabi 1790 B.C.?)! Just ask a worker who is afraid; to speak truth, agin their boss? 'Who signs their check'? Now, multiply that by 50 million folk; who assist demise (death) of USA? 'Finger & pentagon' family, strange; huh? 'This land... / Is now leas'd out... / ...a tenement or petting farm'. (Shakespeare) To The Rich! In prison (those, 95 million), have jobs (of being durance); since, 'chattel slavery'! Never ended! Compare: 'Devon Bailey (shot in the back, running away); Eric Garner (choked to death); and count-less durance (murdered/arranged: cf. out there, Charlie Whitman on 8-1-1966 killed 15, 31 wounded Texas, plus mom & wife?) see, Attica (1971) riot, New Mexico riot (1980), USP Leavenworth (1991) et cetera?)? Don't you compute, 'rich greed grows as poor go to prison, more'? Past Director (FBOP, Norman Carlson) wrote: 'The higher the rate of joblessness, the higher the rate of prison commitments'! I'm forbidden, to mention other durance--by name--so: 319F, Supp. 293-97 (Wash, DC 1970), 443 F.2d 670; read book (The Spook Who Sat By The Door, S. Greenlee and, movie, same)? You may learn, Congress (two-coordinate) Branch, 'in step'; with past (pre-13th Amendment; pre-US Const. art I, sec 2 cf 2 '3/5 the clause, slaves-Indians')? Or, not: see, Sims v CIA (D.C. Cir. 1980) 642 F.2d 562? It's axiomatic, that media support government (who in turn: the rich); so too, 'old guard', and 'old habits' ('die hard')! 'Kakistocracy,' there, 'is no fool like an old one'! 'Mitch, Donald (etc)'! Welcome...to 'kakistocracy,' the most unqualified government; until 'the next'!" ARA c ADX Permission form (prior) on file! AKA Ayyub Rahim Abdullah ARA ADX Max 8/22/19 c Ch. 13 "Up and down!" "Kakistocracy1 ('teeter on the edge') is, about 'old' becoming 'cognitively dissonanced'! Although, amerikkka's mostly, 'young'; majority (of 'wealthy') are old! As are opposite, majority, poor: 'the teetertotter'/'seesaw' (or, teedle board, teeterboard) or, dandle board affect! We are a spiral downward, imagine durance? After 'Obama', rich (hence, selection, couple of hundred wannabe rich) tricked in 'Trump'! Ergo, 'Kakistes' (Greek, worst), 'goat by least qualified and most unprincipled citizens'! Compare, word, root-kakka-cacodyl, arsenic group; and, cacoethes irresistible compulsion, a mania? Also, see, cacoethes (bad) and, 'idiot, suicide, ethnic secret, solipsism (self is the only reality), sedition, ad infinitum? Root, s(w)e-related! 'In no uncertain terms' is, 'this taught/revealed in the Media' (news: nor, east, west, so.)! Nor will it be ('truth shall set you free,' Jn 8:33)! For the Earth is, a prison! 'One thing, for sure: The teacher will appear, when the student is ready'! ARA c (a chicago twist) If you don't believe that, then; you'll have this--to remember--forever! The principle (of penitentiary) is, to reflect; so, the Earth: reflection/reflect; of us! The base are destroying: it, us! Read essay 'kakistocracy'! Please?" ARA c ADX 8-22-19 (plantation) "1/'I...called you for justice...To open: the eyes of the blind, to bring out prisoners from confinement, and from the dungeon, those who live in darkness'." Isaiah 42:6-7, NAB return copy, please 2 pages

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: August 22, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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