Keeping calm in the crisis of Covid-19

Taylor, Shariff



Submission for A.P.W.A. "Keeping Calm In the Crisis of Covid-19," Truthfully, keeping calm is really difficult for me because I only have my Mom by my side throughout my prison incarceration, plus she's the only one who takes care of my needs, whether emotionally, mentally, or financially. I worry about me catching, then dying from Covid-19 but the prison officials or powers-that-be, doesn't tell her an lies as to the real cause of my demise. Then on the flip side, what if she dies an leaves me all alone with no family connections in a strange state where I don't even fit in at no matter what I do. We've been locked-down for over 3 months with no ending in sight, so I wonder if this is the new norm? The President and the governing body of America has me so pissed because the longer they refuse to be a leader, not a person who's trying to please the business owners, NRA, rich society, and whoever else an shut America down until they either find a vaccine and a mass way to get it administered to everyone! The longer they, in the outside world, stay unorganized, the longer we in prison can't get to "trying" to live the best life we could. There is a shortage of almost everything like medical supplies, food products, and hygiene we can order. There is no more picante beef strips, chili soups or spicy vegetable soups due to Coronavirus. I'm hoping things will loosen up soon, I'm experiencing cabin fever with a little stir craziness on the side. Enclosed is a hand-out about how to cope with Covid-19. This is the only thing on my mind today that I wanted you all to know. Ya'll take care. Sincerely, Shariff Taylor [ID] R.J.D.C.F.U-C-14-217 480 Alta Road San Diego, CA. 92179 P.S. Here's a book I think A.P.W.A. would enjoy and post on your Archive... "Marking Time" Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration by -Nicole R. Fleetwood-

Author: Taylor, Shariff

Author Location: California

Date: June 3, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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