Lakeland C.F. rodeo clown(s) dealing with the coronavirus

Favors, Gene T.



Dt: 4-21-20 To: (APWA) Fr: Gene T. Favors SuB: Essay Lakeland C.F. Rodeo Clown(s) Dealing with the Coronavirus It go(s) pass the power of my words to express the Rodeo Clown(s) at Lakeland C.F. herein the State of Michigan. However its only a small number of Clown(s) at Lakeland that can understand that they could be the next Coronavirus prey. I am witnessing Clown(s) dying and being hospitalized and being quarantine to stop the Respiratory Emission(s). The State have issue Clowns 3 Face Masks made by other State Clowns and the Staff is wearing Colors of Gang Bandanna(s). Furthermore all the Kitchen Staff workers and some Clowns have been replaced because they were Contaminated with Respiratory Emission(s). The Facility Flop House(s) have Control Movements and have stop Visits, law library, Religious Services as well as Recreational Activities. Yeah! The Warden have allowed Clowns to receive two Free e-mail Stamps and two-5 Min. Telephone Calls a week. Ooops! The warden has placed a Pacifier in the Clowns Mouths by giving Clowns all Night Power to watch T.V. and make Reservation. As well as making calls up to 2:00 O'Clock A.M. My Bed is about 7ft. from the Unit Telephone and I here the Rodeo Clowns Begging their Family and Friends for Gym Shoes and Commissary Orders, instead of inquiring their health. The Shoe Company sent all Clowns an e-mail to inform them that they had sold out of Gym Shoes. 1 The Warden now allow Clowns an extra $50.00 Store Orders. The Clown beds is Head to Head and their Face is so close that they can smell each other bad breath. The prison is giving the Clowns water down blech and the Clowns are using it to Wash Clothing, Bowlds, Cups, and Soak their Feets and Brush the Coffee Stains of their Teeth. Again its dangerous living around Clowns and you can expect to get the Contaminated Respiratory Emission(s). The Clown(s) will not Wear their Masks. The Officers are searching Clowns and Lockers and will not change their gloves. Their no one enforcing Clowns to wear a mask. Officers are packing up infected Clowns property and will not change their gloves. The conditions inside of prison is over crowed and their no adequate ventilation systems in the unit. The Warden make the building Maintenance staff turn off the fans. I am the unit rest room porter and I am cleaning the rest room with out any protected clothing etc. I am only allowed a Mask, and a pair of Gloves. Respectfully yours Gene T. Favors Lakeland C.F. 141 first street Coldwater, MI 49036

Author: Favors, Gene T.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: April 21, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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