Last week a baby died

Marshall, Tandy



Last week a baby died Last week a baby died. She was 21 years old with a child at home she would soon be with in the summer. I imagine her a beautiful spirit that was giving and caring. From what I've been told she was small and timid. After being used and abused here in prison and asking repeatedly for help, to be removed from her abusers and being repeatedly refused, she hung herself. She died while I walked the rec yard between the 6-7 o clock hours. When I was told we weren't to leave the REC yard I didn't know why. Upon returning to the dorm I was told that a G4 offender in cell block cell 26 had committed suicide and the ambulance was here to pick up her body. After 2 attacks and one attempted attack on this child where was her protection? On DOCS it is common for people to get into relationships with other inmates. Feelings of lonliness, the need for someone to love them, and popularity are some of the reasons the women start these relationships. The problem is most people here are abused victims who have been used and lonely and alone who also need love, therefore these relationships are super unhealthy. One of her attacks supposedly came from her lover and the attempted attack from her lovers other lover and a friend. The other attack just a bullying situation from what I hear. She asked for help but was denied after the first one now she's dead. Her kid has no mother coming home in the summertime. Her mother will never know what really happened to her. Of course the institution will protect itself from liability knowing that she not only asked repeatedly for help and hung in her cell for too long without being found because someone wasn't walking like they should and checking the cells. I pray that she is in a better place. That her family heals and her daughter finds peace. Rest in Peace Samantha Sanchez.

Author: Marshall, Tandy

Author Location: Texas

Date: April 21, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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