Torres, Eduardo



Laws PO Box 409020 Ione CA 95640 "The law" is an ancient concept. And today that concept has revealed that Law does not always protect and serve. Laws change for that matter, but the damages they make are irreprehensible. The forbidden generally consists of regulations that are not allowed for the sake of control. Whether the control is for one's own benefit of for protection against someone eles is important to look into. Things change and technology revolutionizes the implementations of regulations. Such as medicine revolutionizing the damages of certain symptoms which used to be avoided at all costs. We have leniency with forbidden subject matter. But a resurge of the forbidden would be a mistake. The forbidden is tricky and deals with the potentially dangerous. The greater good is always the goal even when rules have to be broken. Much like the benefits that come after war, or an outbreak, or problems of any kind for that matter. I wish that laws really did imploy the greater good. I wish I was able to use my knowlege to help the countless meaningless tragities of the world. Like how we deal with the unknown, such as drugs and mental illnesses which can be beneficial under the right circumstances. But for me the forbidden doesn't mean the illegal, the forbidden has become knowlege, knowlege of the spirit of hell, and of the structure of reality. I know there is a God and that he is the keeper of the highest order. But when I see and feel the life I live with demonic influences it feeds a wild imagination I feel is inate in every person spiritually alive. The demonic has its times of unwanted preturbance but it also presents a nature that feels needed in faith. Expiriences with hallucinations of being made of light or visions in the mirror that shows big black eyes and dreams of shapeshifters and lucid abandoned worlds, make prison seem kind of worth while to have the time to take it all in. -ET 03-07-20

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: March 7, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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