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Bell, Shane



Legal Journal Taken I am what is called a jailhouse lawyer because I do legal research and have filed civil rights lawsuits in federal court, which the prison officials don't like. Yesterday my cell was shaken down for about 50 minutes while I was strip searched and handcuffed, placed in a holding cell. By contrast the cell next to me was searched before mine in which if the correctional officer about 10-15 minutes and the two inmates were free to stand around or sit on stairs in section. Clearly this is not treating me equally with others. After the 50 minute cell search I was let out of cell and given 2 minor write-ups for written words on the inside of the box locker that had been there for about 5 years and a write-up for a lightbulb that was green with permanent marker. The real reason for the shakedown was to look at my "paperwork" that I was preparing for an upcoming lawsuit. I have been advised to document things that relate to the upcoming lawsuit on violation of the legal settlement in the civil rights 1 lawsuit Bell v. Young et al., civ-16-4046. My legal journal which was to be used as an exhibit in the lawsuit to show the violations of the no retaliation clause was taken from my locker box. This shakedown was talked about for awhile among prison staff and inmates as they are trying to get me removed from B-floor. I was told by prison staff I cannot name any prison legal staff in my legal journal or write it anywhere else. The whole purpose of the legal journal is to identify and document retaliation of legal agreement and civil rights for court. I really dont know how I can succeed in any legal action when I have had legal books taken, legal publications/paperwork, and now my legal journal. I believe this is a violation of my First Amendment rights, access to the court, retaliation, etc. If there is anyone out there who is familiar with civil rights or law please contact me at: Shane Bell P.O. Box 5911 Sioux Falls SD 57117-5911 With all the civil rights movements going on right now, prisoners rights should also be looked at for violations of civil rights. 2

Author: Bell, Shane

Author Location: South Dakota

Date: September 3, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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