Let brotherly love continue

Terry, James



APWA Advocates Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. Remember the prisoners as if chained with them * those who are mistreated * since you yourselves are in the body also. Hebrews 13:1-3. Authors biography 7/14/64 DOB phonetic spelling St. Marie, Evereuxe, France first five years of my life. French/American dual citizenship raised in United States Air Force military households at McGuire AFB New Jersey, Sembach AFT Germany, Malmstrom AFB Montana and Vandenberg AFB Ca. Birth until 17 years of age. Department of Defense afforded access to better quality of lifestyle, moral compass and education than norm of state inmates from inner-cities. 1981 USAF MSGT James Terry retires as Vietnam veteran having served in 70's stationed at Cam Rahm Bay. He would move family from California to hometown of Beaufort, South Carolina. October 2005 death father laid to rest with full military honor at Beaufort Memorial Cemetery, Beaufort S.C. 1981 I would play football for Dolphins. Graduating 8/4/82 from Battery Creek High School Burton S.C. Having such close proximity to black neighborhoods for the first time, I would go out my way for, example: hyper-violent propensity at criminal activities. Thank God never committing offense that throughs away someone else's or own life. Foolishly, even though maintained employment, I would be caught after burglarizing American Rent to Own store in Beaufort, plea bargaining to a 1 to 6 year sentence. 13 months incarcerated in South Carolina Dept. of Corrections released 3/31/87, realization set in that criminal lifestyle wasn't for me. From Carolina Coastal Work Release Center in Charleston S.C. I would parole to North Charleston where after one successful year the state would drop the remainder of parole time. My only child who I've had no contact with since 1998 was born in Charleston S.C. 1/17/89 he's named James Terry III son of Sharon Thompson. Hurricane Hugo hit us hard Sept 22, 1989. Running from the greatest opportunity of life I sadly abandoned people who are genuinely my unequivocal blood relations. To date, I've never received letter in order to rebuild. I was a wandering stone. Exploring first interstate 95 Florida to Boston, Mexico, Texas and then Missouri where I learned telemarketing with Rosewood Productions. Burl Williams taught me about the Fraternal Order of Police Officers in Joplin Mo. Raising money for Shriner's presented travel to Arkansas and Texas while fundraising. Kansas City Mo became base of operation. My girlfriend of multiple years would think I had cheated on her Feb 1991. We broke up I relocated to Des Moines, Iowa where within 2 hours meeting Kenneth McGregor Sr. Director of United Youth Careers a non-profit organization to keep kids alcohol & drug free. It was July 1991. With company van and 50% rental paid by company on apartment I became a self-annointed Eastern Iowa District Manager, fundraising coordinating door to door canvassers in Cedar Rapids & Iowa City. 1994 I received a 2 year suspension making The Des Moines Registar over minor dispute. Off to California. I was earning $1,000 a week in Iowa. I hang out at homeless shelters in Sacremento. I always do that! Excuse me please...Sacramento. Later I hop a freight train landing in Eugene. Oregon first 6 hours meeting a Gay College Administrator while he & staff are moving classrooms from one location to another site. I'm 30, offer my physical prowess for nominal fee. Refuses payment counters with a day's labor of educational access. I take leap of faith. 1995, I'm part of Black Minds United at Linfield College unregistered taking creative writing and algebra classes at night. I matriculate Lane Community College for additional business and computer keyboarding classes. 1996, I return to Iowa realizing the present occupation with United Youth Careers is vocation destined for as fundraiser. Iowa City Iowa girlfriend Krishan Gill graduate from University of Iowa and get accepted into law school in Houston, Tx. We attempt long distance relationship even after engagement with first year law student. 1998 instead of flying back I catch greyhound bus to Des Moines. In Des Moines, hours after getting off bus, Grand Avenue in Ivy's Bar I have police contact. They say I match description of suspect who burglarized Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Vilsacks headquarters across the street. They arrest me, I bail out and am charged with interfering with official police acts. Irresponsibly I reason not being guilty; never will this injustice see my face in a court of law. October 29 1998 I sign into a homeless shelter in Madison, WI. 7/14: July 14th is Bastille Day in France. Am I cursed? November 3rd I take employment with Professional Speaking, Inc. Monroe St. across from Camp Randall University of Wisconsin Badgers football stadium. Ron Dane running back leads the nation for Heisman trophy voting. Justice Denied: Black Lives Matter. The State of WI. v James Terry Case 98CF2416 is a wrongful conviction of an indigent minority. Please come to the rescue helping an innocent man overturn a 35 year miscarriage of justice. Nov. Friday the 13th 1998 Madison WI. I was victimized by a racial stereotype hoax. 17 year old Paula K dob 3/29/81 lied filing a false police report in revenge for me stealing a marijuana dealers leather jacket the 8th. She claims an unknown m/b pimp abducts her off State St. Madison Nov 8th midnight for 12 hours forcing an act of fellatio. Events which never occurred. Due to an alleged 5 day delayed reaction in reporting no DNA swab of her mouth. Hands up Don't Shoot! Nov 17 dealers in police cruiser points me out. I'm arrested wearing his coat! At station Paula K picks me out of a line up. Detective interviews me concerning sexual assault. I'm clueless so request attorney. Railroaded entire process. At bench trial of less than 12 hours, Judge myopic and overzealous due to racist hyperbole. Verdict credibility determination. Found guilty of 1st degree sexual assault, kidnapping, soliciting a child for prostitution, child enticement, false imprisonment and theft. The University of Wisconsin Innocence Project refuses assistance because no DNA evidence exist that would simultaneously would exclude me while also point to a real perpetrator. Second Chances Don't Discriminate. 2/18/15 I saved an inmates life in the Dept of Corrections at Wisconsin Secure Program Facility, Bascobel, WI. Call area code 608-375-5656. WSPF Security Director Jerome Sweeny to purchase download copy of 2/18/15 Echo unity day room stabbing of inmate Jxxxxx Gxxxxx (video download) I'll submit several officers report based on incident report IRT 5020C and memorandum from WSPF Warden. This is the first essay submitted. Even though heavy on bio and wrongful conviction this is first-hand experience of a prisoner including living condition concerning violent atmosphere. I don't want to push envelope of how many pages submitted. Respectfully I desire entire essay to be subjected to internet browsers of APWA. An inmate published author, brought to my attention that with newfound online access that advocates will naturally seek me out mailing photos and introductory letters. Out of common courtesy thanking you in advance of fellowship arriving, is appropriate. I'm w/o family or friends so posting online essays at minimum will be therapeutic. What is your personal opinion concerning intervention during armed assault? Conventional wisdom tells me respond with action at appropriate time. Convict code tells inmate simply witness a murder. You will be amazed of how many moral dilemma faced with daily. James Terry Godspeed RSVP Wisconsin Secure Program Facility, POB 9900, Boscobel, WI 53805 USA. Will you be my guardian angel?

Author: Terry, James

Author Location: Wisconsin

Date: May 3, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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