Let me share my personal story




Let me share my personal story and experiences in the corrupt Arizona Department of Corrections. Money over human rights and basic human compassion runs deep. Let's start out by saying that yes, I'm a inmate who was found guilty by trail and was sent to prison as punishment, not for punishment. I would like to start out by stating a few things that made me start to think about all of this. Arizona State was sued by the teachers and the Department of Education and won 392 or so million and one point 5 or 6 billion dollars over the next 10 years because the teachers and children were cheated out of money over the last 20 years or so. I'm a 48 year old man who is some what educated, a taxpayer and a business owner with a few years of college and trade school. So speaking of school, Arizona has been ranked 48 or 49 being the worst in the United States. Whatever you do don't believe anything you hear or see, check the facts. For at least 20 years Arizona Education has been taking huge money cuts and The Department of Corrections has been getting more funding every year and now they are up to 1.6 billion a year to line their pockets. This is the core of the corruption, taking money from education leaves our children to go through life uneducated to commit crime and end up in prisons. This is a multi billion dollar a year tax eating monster, it has a plan and does everything for a reason "money"...Broken families with uneducated children means an endless supply of prison slave labor for 25 cents an hour, taking business from small local businesses. "Arizona Prison Industries", "Arizona Corrections Industries" with billions a year also with state "free" lawyers and lobbyists who can stand up to the prison bullies? The Arizona Republic newspaper has many facts about this system of hate, corruption, sleeping guard while inmates get raped or killed. Prison guards raping inmates in Yuma prison staff was raping staff, guard bringing in large amounts of drugs in Tucson prison complex and let's not forget the longest prison hostage stand off in United States history "Buckeye" Arizona Prison complex. We can write a book about staff issues but lets keep on the "money". The law that was in acted around 1994 was called "Truth in Sentencing" that law did all kinds of no good for the taxpayers, but it passed because of money it would make. Tough on crime meant you pay more money to keep "non violent inmates" for 85% of the time they have to be in prison, the rest of the country is 65% or less. They get to keep people longer to tax you. With the re-offending rate between 80 to 90 percent in the first year or release is a huge win for Arizona Department of Corruption. In most cases a person "prisoner" left prison with a drug habit due to drugs being allowed to be brought into prisons. People are a product of their environment, so lets warehouse slave labor instead of rehabilitating humans. Years ago a inmate would receive $100 for passing his or her G.E.D. as an incentive, that was good because the inmate received some education and was able to buy a $2 pair of sweatpants for $20 and a $2 shirt for $15 or some food and coffee. Oh! We have not touched on the prison store (not eligible) yet, but now an inmate has to pay 100.00 to 200.00 dollars to take a GED class. Arizona is the last state to make their state inmates do 85% of their time, it is also the last state prison to allow tobacco use. People die from tobacco. Speaking of death, there have been many inmates who have died due to the lack of medical treatment from corrizon medical who has been kicked out of all federal prisons and most state prisons due to their inability to care for humans but they are so cheap to hire, that's why Arizona DOC has them. All forms of existing sexual books, pictures and "music" has been removed only to promote homosexuality and inmate rapes. 2017 as the Keefe Company renews its contract again leaves inmates paying much more for items that are most ordered, some items are sent more than regular costs with no pay increase to off set the mark ups. Trinity is the food contractor who doesn't even make the legal standards to feed people, but I'm sure if you check they are owned by the prison investors. I've worked for the tella marketing company here in Santa Rita unit in Tucson "Love Marketing", "Home Town Heros", "Veterans News Network" and soon to be the "Veterans Network". It is also run by ACI Arizona Corrections Industries. They have changed the name of the company many times because they are using the "lie" of helping our veterans. So many bad reviews on Yelp, BBB and ever to the state officials, but he "Scott" is being protected. He pays $14.00 an hour to Arizona DOC per inmate. Arizona Department of Corruption keeps $11.00 per hour gives the inmate $3.00 and charges the inmate half for room and board on top the money tax payers pay them to keep us safe. 90 hours every 2 weeks, no FDIC, State Tax, no Workers Compensation, no paid Federal Holidays or Vacations. The inmate phone system was $15 per call home and it took a legal battle to get it lowered to $4 because DOC get 60% of that money as a kick back. WOW! More money taken from the broken system that creates broken families and uneducated children. Making money from the loss of inmates lives due to a mistake made. If the corruption is this bad, can you imagine the things we don't know about. By Danny

Author: Danny

Author Location: Arizona

Date: September 26, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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