Let the games begin

Brownell, Charles A.



Let The Games Begin By Charles Brownell P1 FD 2 There are all kinds of acts in the United States of America in discrimination, hate, and retaliation. This is very obvious in the Arkansas State Prison System called the Arkansas Division of Correction (ADC). On June 25th, 2020 - Thursday between 12:00 pm and 2:00 PM Major Carrol, a Sergeant, and Officer Heffernon came to Cell 1 in Isolation 1 and cuffed and shackled me. These Officers then escorted me out the back door to the outside of the building around the front entrance to the Varner Super Max Unit in Grady, Arkansas. This was to keep my transport off the hall cameras despite fact that the Isolation 1 camera, lower number cells side, front entrance cameras, and office cameras with audio will still show me going in. I was escorted to the dishonorable, satanic Warden James Gibson's Office. Inside Warden Gibson's office, he stated he has a letter that was sent to Dale Reed (the Devil) and to Dexter Payne. Warden Gibson called me a "real Mother Fucker" after reading the line in the letter about how "we hope the corrupt ADC Staff would all die of COVID-19 and choke on their own body fluids." As this letter was about the corrupt practices of ADC in the COVID-19 pandemic. Warden Gibson then goes on about how this includes him and thus Warden James Gibson admitted in his own words that he is indeed corrupt. This letter was written back on May 1st, 2020 and was sent out that night. I stated in that letter how I have nothing but time to sit back and collect evidence against ADC. Proof of their corruption, abuse and torture and am after them as I want it to be no secret. Warden Gibson became very angry when he read the part about me having written statements from some of the Officers and how ADC was placing their lives and their families in danger. Warden Gibson said, "alright, game on motherfucker! There's nothing I like more than a "Pedophile" with balls!" An Officer steps forward P2 between Gibson and myself and Gibson says, "Don't worry, he wont jump. He doesn't have it in him. If he does, I will take care of it!" Ooh, big threats when I am standing there cuffed and shackled with my arms behind my back and a strap between the cuffs and shackles... going to threaten and attack me, helpless and defenseless! Gibson then states, "You will be getting another disciplinary!" On what? There were no threats and yes, I called some of his officers morons because they are. Truth hurts. As Paul Harvey stated, "If you want to see the scum of the Earth, set in an ADC parking lot at shift change!" This will be the 2nd fake disciplinary this month. Gibson then tells the Officers to shake me down looking for the statements from his Officers so he can take them away! He's scared about something I would say! Warden Gibson is trying to antagonize me tring to get me to bite and strike out physically. Why would I do that? I'm not as stupid as he is. Gibson has abused me and tortured me with his staff and Inmates. He himself has threatened and discriminated me. Gibson has "dehumanized" and slandered me. Warden Gibson has cast upon me false accusations of raping a Little Girl of which I've never done and was not accused of by the woman in question or "alleged" victim nor was I convicted of in case CR-2017-01. Warden James Gibson is targeting me because of my alleged charges for sex offenses and is out to get me all because I sent a letter to upper level ADC about what is going on and corrupt practices while I was on a particularly bad manic episode of bipolar. After that I crashed hard to a very severe depression and I was done with everything and sent my Mom a slew of suicide letters then attempted suicide by Asprin and Naproxen overdose. (I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1 and Psychosis by Ozark Guidance in my 20's and have P3 FD2 been on Amatriptaline HCL 10 mg therapeutic dose since I was a teen for bipolar. ADC ripped me off this psyche medication January 25th, 2018 the day I went into Ouachita River Unit "diagnostics" through WellPath, then Correct Care Solutions. WellPath and ADC refuse to do anything about my bipolar and have since I've been in ADC!) This means I am actually being targeted, abused and tormented, and everything else all because I have Mental Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, and my criminal charges. It all got particularly worse on 6-5-2020 when I was put on "Behavioral Treatment" (see previous essay "Discrimination, Revenge and Torture") Warden Gibson's not bright as his actions are a huge violation of the Arkansas Administrative Policies / Codes on Employee Conduct Standards as well as Interactions with Inmates formerly or possibly still AR Code AR-225. This is grounds for immediate termination. Gibson's actions are also a violation of the State of Arkansas Constitution and the United States of America Constitution and the Amendments! Warden Gibson was also upset that my Mom had written Dale Reed about my need for my CPAP and an image of my filthy air filter as he stated, "Oh, there's a letter from "Mommy" on your CPAP." Which is funny considering I was forced by Gibson's goons oop... I mean "Officers", to go from 6-8-2020 to 6-11-2020 without my CPAP of which I have Grievances and Affidavits for. Gibson wants to make fun of my Mom stepping in trying to get issues and wrongs corrected. Warden Gibson, as we were getting ready to leave his office stated, "for helping you in sending out letters and a letter to your victim. (My Mom never sent a letter to my alleged victim!). I removed your Mom from your visitation and Phone!" This has fully cut me off from contact P4 with my Mom and Step-Dad of which my Mom is the only person on my visitation and phone list! This is illegal, unconstitutional, and is retaliation which again is a violation of Arkansas Administrative Code on Employee Conduct and is grounds for Gibson to be terminated and sued for Cruel and Unusual Punishment and is deliberate indifference per Farmer v. Brennan. The Officers escort me back to Isolation 1 Cell 1 where Sgt. Williams "Little Will", Sgt. Butler, Major Carrol, and Officer Herington shook down my stuff and my Cell Mate Harold's stuff. These officers illegally went through searching and reading all of both of our legal documents and paperwork violating our rights and the law as well as Arkansas Administrative Code. Officer Heffernon even went around talking about the letter and bull shit Gibson said and stated how he has nothing for me and so without seeing the letter for himself thus Gibson has enticed hatred towards me in his Officers creating bias further placing my life in Danger. Indeed as Gibson stated, "Let the games begin!" (Since this writing on 7-7-2020 Lt. Brown allegedly told Warden James Gibson I wrote him a letter on 7-5-2020 threatening him, to kill myself, and how I want to be his slave. I requested to be polygraphed and my celly Harold Bennett to be questioned as all I worked on was a legal complaint. I was placed on "Behavioral Treatment" a 2nd time forced to sleep nude on the concrete (dirty) floor with only a paper gown and denied basic necessities again. This was only to torture me as it is not 7-12-2020. I got off behavioral treatment on 7-10-20... I can't get help!)

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: July 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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