Let us break men/Institutionalized part 2

Africa, James



(11-15-16) Let Us Break Men/ Institutionalized Part (2)... Although most prisoners in solitary confinement; who at some point come face to face in the mirror with this almost unrecognizable Frankenstein like creation, might describe in heinous details the disfigured features of institutionalized as a model of this legislature how to guide to constitutionally dismember the immaterial faculties of one's natural resistance to be dehumanized. Notwithstanding the all too familiar instances were one too many inmates chose suicide rather than to carry on cooperating as a co-conspirator in their own torture. If you ask me? The most atrocious account in the hideous annals of the how to break an inmate guide is not exclusively the part where we find our intellect losing the battle against our instincts to preserve whatever fragile fragments of sanity we have been so fortunate enough to miraculously maintain while the pressure of the desire to make sense out of no sense crushes our conscience. But, more so a chemical combustion of reactionary parts. Including one in particular where I found that the actual source of the pressure to escape the inescapable fact that is our institution, is born our of our natural resistance to unceremoniously put our immaterial faculties up for ransom under the illusion of us owing and repaying a debt to society when this debt requires our humanity. Immaterial faculties like our will, or our reason, and our emotions. Immaterial faculties that for all intents and purposes govern our natural tendencies. these natural tendencies that tend to quintessentially pose an existential threat to the security of an institution designed to reduce our feelings in order to control our reactions. So let me be clear, if only for the sake of leaving absolutely no room for an misinterpretation about what I mean by the title Let Us Break Men. What I mean is when we accept that every aspect of our functioning is in full compliance with our own dehumanization. After the institution has incapacitated our rights. After the institution has incapacitated our minds. After the institution has incapacitated our hearts. After the institution has incapacitated our souls. Until we have no power. Until we have no will. Until we have no reason. Until we have no emotions. Until we have no individuality. Until we become fully dependent upon the institution because it crushed our potential not only to survive the challenges of the day to day struggle to fit in outside prison, but also the desire to even so much as care. What I mean is by the time that I am unleashed upon society and the state of Tennessee takes notice - in some form of irrational inhumane act, that I have nothing left but my instincts, it will already be too late. In fact much too late! Not because like the majority of prisoners I will already physically be back in state or federal custody. But much too late since in all actuality I never essentially left it. Much too late when the institution has, since it was designed by it's nature to, metamorphosized into a living and breathing replica of it own likeness. So call institutionalization what you will. But as for me, I'll call it the natural order of things. I'll just call it this broken thing that keeps reproducing these broken things. Author: James

Author: Africa, James

Author Location: Tennessee

Date: November 15, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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