Letter to Ray Hill

Hernandez, Jason J.



Letter to Ray Hill [Ray Hill] is one of the founders of radio station KPFT 90.1 fm Houston, Texas, and the creator of the Prison Show (which airs each Friday on KPFT from 9pm - 11pm and online at KPFT.org; the Prison Show is a call-in show for families/friends of prisoners to be able to call into the show and send shout-outs/messages to prisoners incarcerated). Mr. Hill is now the host of the show Execution Watch (which airs on KPFT from 6pm - 7pm and reports on each execution, every time Texas executes a death row prisoner - Execution Watch only airs when they perform an execution). Mr. Hill assisted in the design/creation of G.R.A.D. (Gang Renouncement & Disassociaton) Program, at least so he's repeated numerous times on air; also Mr. Hill has a long record of coming on air and calling all gangs and their members cowards and slandering them. The State of Texas Polunsky Unit death row prisoner Mr. Manuel Meme Vasquez was executed on or about 11 March 2015 - Mr. Hill hosted Execution Watch and reported on the execution, he made numerous slanderous comments about Mr. Vasquez on air; also, on Friday, 13 March 2015 Mr. Hill made a special guest appearance on the Prison show at 9pm, again Mr. Hill called all gangs and gang members cowards and spoke about Mr. Vasquez. After listening to these remarks made by Mr. Hill, I wrote the following letter to Mr. Hill with regards to his views about Mr. Vasquez and having slandered and bashed him on air. I never received any confirmation that Mr. Hill ever received this letter, nor did he ever respond to it. I recognize that Mr. Hill has every right to express views and opinions on anything he may wish to speak about, and although I may not agree with him on certain things - I still respect him as a good human being who is dedicated to reforming the state prison system and improving prisoners human rights.] 2015 March Dear Ray Hill, Imperialism can be traced back throughout history as a means in which governments were established over countries. Our nation was created by the removal of land belonging to the indigenous American Indians and, by the use of Black slave labor, in order to build the infrasructure of the US. Many American Indians and slaves were brutally murdered during this process, in order to create the society we now have in our nation today. The so-called 'do-gooders' or self-procaimed, self-rightous, 'law abiders', are those who instigated and committed these evil atrocities. What resulted was the creation of our government and constitution. A constitution which begins with the words, "We the people of the United States of America." Except, "We the people," only meant those with white pigmented skin color. According to the US Supreme Court decision in Dread V. Scott, Blacks were only considered to equal [no pun intended] 1/3 of a person under the eyes of the law, thus they weren't entitled to basic human rights [much less any equal rights]. Corporate America and a few wealthy elite control our government, its policy making, and our economy. The socioeconomic divide whtich seperates the wealthy and people of color [minorities], is large in this country. Many lawmakers in Congress believe that cutting spending on existing social services available to the impoverished and those in need of medical care who can't afford to pay for it, is what's needed in order reduce our nations deficit. But, what's spent on social services is so minuscule, if Congress were to cut its spending, it wouldn t make an iota of difference in lowering the deficit. All it would do is hurt the poor and those who depend on medical care. The oligarchy of this country are guilty of murderous atrocities by which their modus operendi is imperialism. Throughout US history, our government is responsible for training and sending our military forces to perform actions amounting to psychopathic behavior. The oligarchy are all for spending [b]illions on weapons of war and artillery to use to murder people with. How many lives has our government taken in war? The atomic bomb dropped on Japan murdered thousands of innocent civilians, mostly women, children, and the elderly. In the Vietnam War, our soldiers were promoted due to the number of Vietnamese soldiers they killed; our soldiers beheaded and mutilated the bodies of the Vietnamese soldiers they killed - and our soldiers would photograph themselves with the dismembered Vietnamese soldiers [trophies of war]. More recently, government documents were declassified, which revealed the CIA had authorization to use torture tactics on detainees they suspected were involved in terrorism. One of the torture tactics used was anal penentration' as a method of interrogation. This amounts to violent rape that only a psychopath would do to someone [here take this up your anal rectum, how does it feel, do you want it to come out and stop, then tell me what you know or I'll stick it in deeper and harder]. I strongly believe in karma, a person reaps whatever he sews, if you live by the sword you'll die by the sword. Case in point, it's ironically astonishing that the American Sniper, whom many would consider a hero and patriot for having the most kills in a war zone, would meet his fate in the tragic way that he did. He didn't expect it and he was completely vunerable when he was murdered at the very hands of a fellow veteran. The American Sniper lived by the sword [bullet], and in the end, it was the sword [bullet] which took his life. Our government operates like a gang. It meets, organizes, and plans ways to further advance its agenda [here and abroad], for its benefit and to maintain its power and control amongst other governments, rivals, and enemies. No other government in the history of the world has killed more people than ours, no other military force in the history of the world has been more powerful or mightier than ours, no other country or government in the entire history of the world has been more wealthier than ours. The socioeconomic divide between the oligarchy, wealthy, and people of color [minorities], is the moving force behind the birth and existence of gangs and criminal enterprise. Oppressed and Impoverished societal groups sought a sense of self-respect and self-worth, an identity that is recognized, not just looked passed and ignored. These poor neighborhoods [barrios ghettos] lack the educational and occupational training programs and opportunities that the richer white neighborhood areas have. The areas are filled with drugs and the best option is to follow what everyone else is doing, before you realize it you're wrapped up in a lifestyle of drug use and crime. The war on drugs and the judicial system is there to receive you and give you a home in prison away from your family. There are a few percentage of individuals who don't become part of this systematic cycle of recidivism, but they are a small percentage. Gangs formed in oppressed and impoverished societal groups use a page out of our government's play book, and they follow its imperialistic blueprint in order to advance itself. I've listened to you praise Veterans on the Prison Show, I've listened to you call gang members, cowards. Veterans have killed [murdered] people, in the eyes of some [such as yourself], this makes them heroes and patriots. You called Meme Vasquez and his affiliation all cowards. Although, I don't support violence against anyone or the killing of any person, Meme was no coward, he was a human being. I know that he was in his predicament and in jail most of his life, due to the socioeconomic divide created by our government. He was a victim and a product of governmental oppression against the impoverished barrio of lower class Mexican American society. Veterans [who have killed/murdered people in war] are the victims and products of the oligarchy s imperialistic thirst for more and more control and power over the world. They join the military under the guise that they're going to be trained to kill in order to defend and serve our country. However, the only people who profit from war are the companies who manufacture the weapons, artillery, and fighter jets the shareholders and of course, the oligarchy. Does this make veterans cowards? No, they are simply the victims and products of the imperiallistic system created by the ruling class of todays society. Anyone, the government, veterans, or gang members, are accountable to the Creator for any life that they take or any sin they commit, it's as simple as that. The solution to solving anything, is first identifying the root cause of the matter. You may not agree with anything I've stated, but I've offered you a perspective to think about. The answer lies in societal reformation of our country into a social democracy that addresses/reforms the sociocultural and socioeconomic demographic of people of color [minorities]. A sociopolitical reform movement that closes the wealth gap in todays modern society. Thank you for the social work you contribute to the families of prisoners. Sincerely, Jason J. Hernandez Texas PS: I'm a voice from solitary confinement, Meme Vasquez was my Brother (EME), he was a good man with a good heart and he did give his life to God prior to his execution. Degradative rhetoric concerning Meme, the organization he was a part of, gangs, or for that matter, about anybody, will not solve anything or make a difference in the current circumstances that the majority of young minorities [and more and more poor whites] face today. The change starts by focusing on the children and youth. Channel their energy and thoughts into opportunity, educational training in technology, allow them to become innovators. Stop wrapping the youth up into the criminal justice system at a young age and ruining their records with convictions and turning them into second class citizens at a young age. These are the things that would change the circumstances of the next generations of predestined prisoners, it would change their course in life and break the cycle which they are bound by.

Author: Hernandez, Jason J.

Author Location: Texas

Date: May 15, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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