Letter to the Director of Prisons

Hughes, Chris



Mr. Director, We have all this violence at Alexander. According to an eyewitness the c/o who got beat up told the prisoner, "Do something! Do somethin' I dare yo....." and was cut short because the prisoner did exactly what the officer told (ordered) him to do. Here at AXCI the officers are corrupt. The man asked for it. You'll usually find that we all reap what we sew. I've been abused, assaulted, and stolen from by c/o's here. I've been lied on by them and threatened. Now I'm being punished for what someone else did, and because the officer begged for it. He didn't get what he bargained for, I hear, but I had nothing to do with it. I'm in the hole. How can I be guilty of anything? What is the "security" issue with us making phone calls? We are innocent of any of the events I've described. I admit -- I'm going on hearsay, but after what I've been through and what I've seen firsthand of officers doing to others, well, it's easy, very easy, to believe. I have written multiple letters to you concerning what the guards have done to me. Not one was ever answered. Despite the fact that it was all on camera! What more proof do you need? You know what's going on. I honestly believe your kind thrives on others' misery at your hands -- regardless of whether you know squat about our true character. Or our cases, situations. Not all of us in here are bad people. A lot are! But why are we all thrown in the same basket? Life ain't fair, I know. The state ruined my life at age 13. The state raised me and raised me as the animal they treated me as, for 5 years. I learned to hate and to fight. That's it. Oh, I accept my responsibility. I really do. But excess is excess. As here and now I am harassed and provoked and played with constantly. My life, my freedom -- home, car, family etc. -- have been taken, for years. Is that not enough punishment? Oh, yeah there are child molesters, serial killers, etc. The minority. The courts and the so-called justice system are making their billions off of this money racket (Rico!) so why the harsh treatment? The state should be happy. Business is booming. Man, geld the child molesting freaks. They won't mess with anymore kids. Certainly don't treat me the same as them. But they make good snitches I guess. I digress. The "justice system" should be just. So why is this prison so crooked? And known to be crooked. Remember what these people did to Timothy Helms? They beat him half to death and left him laying for 24 hours. The doctor told the newspaper that the billy stick wounds were at least 24 hours old. He was paralyzed from the neck down. Boy, that's some kind of "justice." If you'd do something about the corruption there'd be much less violence. Common sense. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. You know, Karma, reap what you sew, all that. What goes around comes around. Be careful what you ask for..... I'll be blunt -- I have no sympathy for these officers. If you go around a bunch of mental health patients and beg them to "do something!" well, don't cry when they do! Is that Greek, hard to understand? If so, you must be from Pluto. And I wish you'd get on your spaceships, take all your kind with you and let us human beings live, if not in peace, then with common sense and true justice. Respectfully, Chris Hughes AXCI

Author: Hughes, Chris

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: October 2, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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