Life as you know

Torres, Eduardo



Life as you know Of course one does not know everything, however why that is, is rather intriguing. Suppose someone going through hallucinations finds communication with obscure characters who he believes exist in his releam or outside of it, and he begins to go through a change of linear thinking like obsessions, delusions of concepts, and realizations with great passion, and also of degeneration in memory, linear thinking, and conversation skills and distorted behavior, and he can expirience and appraise the fact that the ability to percieve is subject to hi-jacking. He has a great relization that ability can be given and taken away theoretically and apparently in his life expirience. He sees the laws of free will attached to his faith and claims there is a God who takes care of people by giving them ability to help themselves. But the concept behind the reality of most people that have personal relationships with hallucinations remains. Why do we know so little when we can know much more? And how distorted is the life we carry on and live? I believe that if knowlege was good we would have infinite ability to learn, rather than relying on reading, memorizing, and better said imperfect methods in a mortal world. I think knowlege is the most evil treasure one can pursue because God never intended it for us. I remember learning that it wasn’t long after W.W.2 ended and a surge of Nazis came to America that education became mandatory and technology became common inside American homes. So how much can we be sure about when we were upbrought in a civilization influenced by rather sinister, satanic dare I call them, Nazi influences. Will we ever find out the price of deception that is so great it cannot be hidden, and can only be compared to conspiracies of religion, great nations and controlled populations, when we are all controlled by allowances based on our faith? —ET

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: February 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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