Life in Hell

Brownell, Charles A.



Life in Hell October 2018 Life in the Arkansas State Penitentiary System, A.D.C., Tucker Unit is Hell on Earth. We the people, labeled "inmates", who live here, all know this to be a fact of our every day life. We live in constant danger, fear, oppression, each and every day. We see corruption, needless violence, and all too often, we see and deal with death. Tucker Unit, our home is a run down ratty hole that is falling apart around us. We have nowhere and no one to turn to for aid, relief, or safety. Administration is dissolute and supply contraband then "they" wonder why so many prisoners do drugs and/or kill themselves. Sadly, many do it because they view it as the only way to abscond this Hell we are forced to live in. Each day brings its own challenges, worry, concern, struggle, stress, and a fight for our lives. If you lose focus, the system will consume you completely, then turns you into a statistic. Shives, shanks, drugs, and dissoluteness wait around every corner or wall. Affiliated gang members are abundant and are everywhere. Even the A.D.C. staff are often gang affiliated or other dissolute personnel that associate with the gang members or Inmates and these staff members are the main source of cell phones, K2 (Deuce), drugs, and all other contraband. The "dangers" are actually from both the incarcerated and the staff. This means that there are no good guys in our prison. Seeing, hearing, or being woke up at any time day or night to attacks, fights, stabbings, rapes, senseless violence, and/or murder is an every day norm. We all are forced to suffer silently with the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), of our nightmares full of what we see and the painful cries of agony we hear. This causes animosity and distrust towards everyone. High tension and depression so grim that caters to the violence. The detestable staff demand that inmates report what they see or hear. Administration knows that snitching will get a person murdered. With the dissolute staff, we are not "safe" or "secure" anywhere in any facility. The FIRES of Hell devours many and continues to daily. The dissolute Administration's treatment of their own correctional officers is so treacherous combined with how the inmates treat the officers and the condition of the facility makes it where many new correctional officers quit their jobs. This causes a constant shortage of staff leaving one officer watching our two or three barracks which is a single officer to 240 or 360 inmates. This also causes a barracks to not be watched for many hours straight which encourages miss behavior and illegal activity amongst the inmates. This also allows time and room for a planned attack or "HIT" and fights. Most of the officers that stay are affiliated or dissolute. This means that the staff that are here do not or have a difficult time performing their "basic job function" and responsibility of ensuring security and safety of all persons including the incarcerated. We the incarcerated, due to dissolute staff, have no one to turn to for safety or security and life in Tucker Unit is hell for both the incarcerated and the staff. We send out "Inmate Requests" to various people and offices as a communications means to staff for information or issue resolution. Unfortunately, weeks even months can go by and we may never receive a response at all. Roughly 85% of requests will never be consumed or will have a generic response with obvious indication it was never read. This causes agitation and stress as the issue remains so we follow the grievance process to try to get the issue resolved which causes the staff agitation and stress. If the issue still doesn't get resolved this causes further agitation and often leads to 1983 federal lawsuits. It isn't uncommon for the lawsuits to be thrown out so the issue is never validated nor resolved. So very few issues are resolved. This makes all inmates feel and believe they have no voice and call A.D.C. "Arkansas Doesn't Care". This also causes the inmates to feel that VIOLENCE and RIOTS are the only way to get noticed and to be heard. This breeds and feeds the hostility between captors/slaves and prisoners/slaves. It is bad when A.D.C. is so dissolute that the real true difference between the staff and the inmates are changes and uniform colors. Much of the A.D.C. staff are criminal, majority are corrupt opportunists though there are some that are innocent normal everyday people, which is a truth of BOTH sides. Many staff members of the Tucker Unit facility have been relieved of their duties for smuggling in drugs, dirty urine analysis, bringing in cell phones, prostitution, rape, and all other kinds of free world contraband. If you have the money you can buy anything including sex from a staff member. A.D.C is a for profit money making machine ripping families of incarcerated off by preying on them and the citizens of the United States of America. A.D.C. runs several scams in which they profit off the free-world families and off the inmates by deals with difference providers such as secure us with their phones on the providers of their video chat, the tablets, even their commissary stores and kiosks for music and email with their overpriced mp3 players. A.D.C. also makes very large profit off using the inmates as slaves to work the plantation fields and factories or farms to make and produce good of which it sales for a profit. They even profit off the debit card that they put your "Gate" or release money on through the charged fees for using your card. The Arkansas Justice System and Corrections Department have mastered preying on the population and turning them into a massive profit with no real thought or regards to actual help or reform. Most of the inmate population actually have real mental disorders and made a mistake...they are not criminal. This all proves in Arkansas, there are no "Good Guys" in the legal system to turn to. For A.D.C., inmates are only a means for pelf. They intentionally turn every day persons into modern day slaves. We are locked up to be forgotten by the public then used and abused so A.D.C. can score coinage. We are forced to work for A.D.C. or we face punishment of solitary confinement in the hole, loss of class, and loss of our Good Time. A.D.C. policy say that all inmate jobs are optional and they are, for the staff. If an inmate fails to show up to do their job or refuse to for ANY REASON, the inmate is hit on a major disciplinary for failure to comply with a direct order or other "charges". Inmates perform all jobs and functions within A.D.C. to help administration from having to hire free world staff. Inmates do everything except primary administration or guard duty. The inmates get NOTHING in return from A.D.C. We only receive the indigent of $12 a month if we don't get money on our books from our families and only to buy hygiene products. If you get outside money, A.D.C. keeps even the indigent funds. We truly are SLAVES to the very definition of the term and slavery is supposed to be illegal. All of this makes it so very obvious that A.D.C. is not about reform and rehabilitation but rather making as many U.S. citizens as possible, a massive profitable industry for themselves. This only breeds greater corruption and bribery, which is starting to be revealed to ensure incarceration of individuals as well as increased parole violations and increased parole denials. We the people of the United States of America are cattle to the state of Arkansas, the "Natural" state. You can come here on vacation and leave on parole or probation. Medical care is very poor or bad at best inside of Tucker Unit. Medical is looking out for the best interest of the warden and NOT the best interest of the inmates. Inmates must fight via constant complaints or grievances to get anything done and even that isn't any kind of guarantee. Correct Care Solutions, formerly Con Med, and A.D.C. refuses to request your medical records and tell the inmates it is our responsibility to supply our medical records. How are we supposed to do this from in here? We can't. A.D.C. does the same thing with their G.E.D. program. They refuse to request your school records and say it is on you. If you cannot get your diploma for school, you are forced to go into the G.E.D. program. A.D.C. gets Federal Funds for all students and in this scam end up with a lot of high school and college graduates forced into their GED program. Mental health is nearly non-existent with no real help for inmates in actual need. The mental health personnel break "confidentiality" to staff and other inmates all the time and always want to "talk" in the hall in front of everyone. There are only a couple of psychiatrists for all 18,000+ inmates of A.D.C. If you are on a psych med before coming to A.D.C., they will take you off of them and refuse you your medication. In many cases this is all that keeps the person calm or "normal". We, the incarcerated, have no true "professional" to talk to for help with our mental issues especially the PTSD and anxiety this environment causes. Tucker Unit in A.D.C. is over 100 years old and has a bad history of poor living condition and mistreatment of inmates. The water pipes are old and keep failing as do sinks, toilets, and showers. It's not uncommon to be down to one or two working sinks, one or two working toilets, and only two working showers for 40 to 60 men. The paint is peeling and falling off and there is not a barracks that doesn't have black mold. The moisture is horrible and is surprising pneumonia outbreaks are not common. Our water is brown and contaminated and our families are instructed NOT to drink it yet it stains our white clothes brown. We call it "Tucker Tan" but they claim it is "safe". We must shower, drink, and cook this water. The sewer backs up frequently and we live with rats, spiders, cockroaches, and mosquitos and only a few barracks have hot water regularly. Some barracks, inmates have to shower in cold water year round because of boiler issues. For all the money A.D.C. takes in, they refuse to actually FIX any of this for some reason. The living conditions and treatment of inmates for Tucker Unit and for A.D.C. has been in the courts numerous times and A.D.C. has lost numerous times but never change to fix the issue because they are never forced to. People seem to NOT care how inmates are treated till it is them or one of their family members on the inside. Tucker Unit is what sparked cases of the dark ages in conditions back in the 60's as well as the murders of many inmates that inspired the movie "Brubaker". Research Thomas O Murtan whom exposed the murder and mutilation of A.D.C inmates in this very facility. This place also inspired the movie "White lightning." We do get three decent meals per day with plenty of food, two T.V. system to watch the news and shows on as well as movies every weekend. Our family can get us a tablet through Secure US that has a lot of educational classes, a few games, and some movies. We do get four hour in person "contact" visitation with our families. We can order special meals for Fridays from inmate council and we do have commissary. We also get summer and winter care packs and treats on some holidays. These small perks go a long way to help boost morale and reduce tension and violence. So even in the darkness there occasionally is light. A.D.C. does not allow inmates to have their personal mail. All personal mail is restricted to only three pages and they are photo copied while the original is incinerated. We do however get all of our mail, unrestricted from corporations/organizations. We do NOT get eight hours of undisturbed sleep and there is always light on which is technically cruel and unusual punishment. Our bed racks are steel and we sleep on 1 inch thick matts that cause back and hip problems and pains as well as in the shoulders which again is cruel and unusual punishment. Our clothes are made of sheet material and our shoes are cheap chinese junk that give no support or protection from the concrete we are forced to walk on at all times. Discrimination and racial issues are always common as is charge discrimination. You might be murdered just because you were placed in general population and you have a sex change that people didn't like. Racial slurs and terms like "chomo" and "Chester the Molester" are an every day thing. Inmates look for "differences" rather than similarities for strength and brotherhood. In here, there are NO FRIENDS and trust can be deadly. Inside Tucker Unit in A.D.C. it is easy to see why drugs and suicide are considered an option and problem for escape from the Hell we have to live in. Why tension and aggravation is so high driving violence and murder. With all the sauce, snitching, snatching, and snuffing, it drives deep the sobering fruition that we've returned to high school adolescence. that is now a thousand times worse in a place where this activity and a whisper causes beatings or death. It needs not be valid only thought or said. The Bible describes Hell and we have found and live in it. This place full of despicable, desolate, despair...but those sad souls whom have been consumed into institutionalization, live a "Life in Hell."

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: October 16, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 14 pages

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