Life in prison

Cruz, Felix



Felix Cruz - Texas Life in Prison When you are in prison, you live in darkness, but when you get out everything changes. My question is, "How do you cope when you are in prison?" That depends on how you spend your time. Some prisoners spend their time working or going to school to keep their minds busy. One thing I learned is how to avoid trouble whenever possible and to keep the few privleges we are allowed. The first rule is to understand you are not in charge. remember where you are. You are in a place where you can't do everything you want to. The best thing you can do is go to school to learn something. Another thing is be in class on time and do all of your work. Don't miss a single day of school. You are not alone in prison. There are many people that can help you and there are many people that you can help. Do your job well. It is more important than anything. Respect others if you want other people to respect you. When you get out of prison you are on your own and you have to control yourself. Remember you spent all these years in prison. You don't want to come back. Remember when you are out of prison do your best to stay out of trouble. Try to keep your mind busy, and don't do the things you did to get into prison. I'm going to talk about me. When I came to prison for the first time I did not speak english at all. Thanks to some teachers and inmates, I learned english. Now I want to help them. All the way up to this year in prison, I've thought what I left behind me. I know now what I left I have to forget. But I know its not impossible to forget everything. When I get out I know I can handle things because I have spent most of my life in prison. The one thing that was hard for me was leaving my parents. I never forget them. I know do not have them anymore. I know now what I did was wrong and was because I never listened to my parents and friends. I'm going to start back again with my mind clean. I'm going to stop drinking beer or any alcohol. I never used drugs in all my life and I will not ever use them at all. Truly, Felix Cruz TX

Author: Cruz, Felix

Author Location: No information

Date: April 20, 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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