Lights out

Knox, Jamilah L.



Lights out & one hundred eighty prison yard design, PSU shorterm, silence in the air, little fear pumps through my blood, only from not knowing who's around me or what to expect next The cell opens. I walk through, door to cell closes, not touching anything, theres so many germs & disrespect shown by spitting, buggers, body fluids & graffiti placed all about the cell, I turn and yell for the corrections officer, "CO" "CO," I need a bed roll & cleaning supplies, no response then theres the sound of keys, walking in my direction, the keys stop Food tray slot opens, bedroll, (blanket, sheet, towel, socks, boxers,) cleaning supplies, (a bag of dysinfectant, bar of PIA state soap) searching the cell for the light switch, finding it, I turn it on. A smell hits me, I flush the toilet, I tear the towel I have, pour disinfectat all over the toilet, sink, bed, mat & then the floor, after I'm done cleaning I let everything air dry, make my bed & the first call comes, "Who just pulled up?" "Aye." Where you just come from? I dont answer another call, Aye black where you just come from, still no answer from me, I continue to clean up. My thoughts are its late, Ive been traveling for 3 days Ill talk to them later. I get awoken by the sound of my tray slot opening. its morning chow, I ask the C.O. can I get a spoon He just looks at me & say when did you get here? Last night I say. He just looks at me. The tray slot closes, looking down at the plastic tray of food, Im trying to distinguish what it is potatoes & gravy. No seasoning. Just blane, no flavor,. Knocking on my wall, Hey neighbor, "yeah whats up I answer, oh your a girl, Hi you doing." "Im ok, can I help you? Just checking on you Ma. My name is [redacted] from [redacted] you voice is soft & beautiful. Whats your name? Jamilah nice to meet you Jamilah, look Imna let you eat your breakfast but if you need anything just holla ok. Alright I got you I answer.

Author: Knox, Jamilah L.

Author Location: California

Date: June 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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