Living conditions are constructive genocide

Bryant, Roy S.



Roy Shiloh Bryant; Eastham; 2665-prison rd.#1;Lovelady, Tx. 75851 "Living conditions are Constructive Genocide" I charge genocide! Constructive genocide and theft by warden D. Munis and kitchen Captain Darron Lane. During this Corona virus crisis they have chose to feed us convicts in a manner that weakens our immune system and undermine our brain efficiency: two cold sandwiches for breakfast, two cold sandwiches for lunch & two cold sandwiches for dinner, there is absolutely no B-12 in this junk food. This type of "feeding" is known as "punitive"--this is the way we are fed when the convicts refuse to work or riot. These two sandwiches are placed in a brown bag & are called "Johnnies". We get "punitive johnnies" when we are placed on "punitive lock down". We are not on punitive lockdown, we are on medical lockdown due to Coronavirus thus, we should receive three hot meals per day. Why aren't we getting three hot meals? The warden & the kitchen captain is stealing. Allow me to say, I use to help certain wardens steal--I'm not proud of that but, this knledge & experience qualifieds me to speak. The form of stealing that went on yesterday, goes on today so, this is how it goes: the warden place the convicts on a fake lockdown and feed us "johnnies", this is how they cover their contracts with ranchers that has, ten, to twenty thousand cattles. Late past midnight we load trucks at the back gate with tons of beans, rice, carrots, greens etc... This is convict. food but it goes to the ranchers to feed their Cowboys, that live at the ranch in bunk houses, as you know they must get fed. So, while the warden & cronies fill their contract & cut the check we must eat junk food for quite awhile; which substitutes for the three daily hot meals. Think: 2,800 prisoners would eat the amount sold to the ranchers, within, three to five days---normally, after that period the convicts are fed hot meals again. Therefore, the convicts never know what truly happened to their veggies, so they never inquire. Many like junk food, but it's the junk food that's killing us and causin us to become Absent minded: no nutrient: constructive genocide. The junk food is a "cover" for the veggy theft. No one the smarter. This is how the theft go. But, the problem is, the warden & captain 1 ...well, I'm back with you, "they" assaulted my typewriter but by the grace of God, it's back working--it's four decades old and I have no family, so I can't afford a new one but, back to what I was saying before the "attack"--the greed of the warden & captain will be their eventual down fall- the pie is big enough for all of us but "they" want it all; which will someday lead to someone blowing the whistle on is rumored the captain has access to grocery stores thus, all the veggies & fruits saling is pure profit because the veggies & fruits are stolen from the convicts & tax payers. If "they" were smart they would feed us decently which would prevent an eventual whistle blower. Here is additional constructive genocide: "They" are now claiming "electricity failures"--shutting the electricity off for four/five hours during 96/98 degrees with a heat index 106 confining us to these cells i.e., great dane dog houses 24/7 no air (by the way, the hogs have air conditions, all 39,000 convicts have no in cell air). These cells are about 4 1/2 ft. by 8 1/2 ft. improper ventilation, from 1925). More recently, "they" start to cut our water off, claiming the water pressure was "low" at the same time the electricity would go off, come to find out certain convicts were flooding their floor, lying down in the water to keep cool but, the water was finding its way into the hallway & administrators offices so, it had nothing to do with "low water pressure", they were turning off the water, thinking the convicts has figured out the electricity failure was a lie, and that the cons were intentionally flooding their hallways & offices out. Now, we are forced into hot darkness without air & water for four/five hours each day they decide to lie about the failure of electricity and low water pressure, all during this Coronavirus season feeding us non-nutrious food, preventing us from washing our hands/fingers when all this is part of health/safety & preventing contracting and or spreading the Virus. When one know what it takes to keep you healthy they also know if they flip it around, they can harm/kill you. Subjecting us to the foregoings are Constructive Genocide. We have ate cold food for three months. Dear editor, if you know anyone willing to write my book, refer them? I have a story. Keep in mind, I don't have long to live. I'm turning seventy (70) Shiloh

Author: Bryant, Roy S.

Author Location: Texas

Date: October 20, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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