Living with David Berkowitz in New York State Correctional Facility

Brown, Melvin P.



Living with David Berkowitz in New York State Correctional Facility By Melvin Brown First I will like to thank all the Brothers who gave me good vice to write this short and true story. "This is a true story" In October 31-2003 I was convicted in Albany County Court for beating up my girlfriend, which I feel very bad about it today. Well I was sentenced to 24 years in prison, I was very upset with my lawyer's and I was angry with myself, also I was angry with the courts. To make matters worst my mother had passed away and I came upstate in January 9, 2004 I was so hurt the C.O. stay away from me and they knew I had death in my family, also they know I was going through a storm. Well in January I'll went to Sing Sing Correctional Facility was my first stop in these Correctional Facility that were I saw my daughter never thought I will see my baby girl as C.O. I was glad in one way and sad in another. She had to let the superintendent know that she had family member in the facility. Well after that situation they move me to five point Correctional facility. In October of 2006 I was move from five point Correctional facility to Sullivan Correctional facility it never came to mind that I will be living with cop's killers and well known serial killer's. But I have to keep in mind that some of these men are not going home and this is their home and they are going to die in prison and I have a better chance of going home then they do. One thing I know when a man is face to face with death and he can't get around it he is at peace with himself and with his higher power, that's the way these convict look's so I must stay on top of my game I am not going to let anyone hurt me and I will try not hurt anyone, so I must stay very sharp, and I didn't not smile to much and I kept to myself. I'll knew I would have to hold my head and stay out of trouble if I wanted to make it around here. I'll thank my Lord for looking over me. Well I was call to the C.O. desk from the yard I was worried but I didn't care about anything what more can happen to me after I lost my first love which is my mother it really didn't matter much I really dont have any kind of feeling well once again death was at my door, my sister was kill by police. The Reverend gave me the bad news and that were I met David Berkowitz in the Reverend office. I'll never had the ideas that this was the son of sam or 44 Cailaber Killer he looks like a nice old man. I knew my family was going through alot of hurt and pain, also I was to I really wanted this pain taking away from me but I didn't want to let any one know that I was hurting so I kept a smile on my face to "play it off" but when I got back to my cell, I had to cry I could not carry this pain any longer it had to come out. Well the superintendent gave me the "okay" I will be going to wake to see my sister for the last time. After I came back I was walking to my block were I live at and I look around because I heard someone call to me come to the yard he call me over when I got to the yard and ask me can he pray for me and my family and I was very thankful for that. Here is man who had the city of New York at stand still change his life over to the Lord and savior. I'll never had the ideas this was going to happen. Well David Berkowitz have ask me to come to church and I did, I enjoy the service very much. I was sitting waiting to go back to my block and David came over to me with a bible in his hands and he gave me his family bible which he wanted me to have and he said use it well. David Berkowitz is a good friend of mine's and I'll pray I will see him on the other side, a serial killer change his life for the better. The End By Melvin Brown

Author: Brown, Melvin P.

Author Location: New York

Date: June 26, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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