Lock us in for 10 minutes together

Bell, Shane



3/18/2020 "Lock us in for 10 minutes together" Yesterday morning was quite interesting when an inmate named Hamilton verbally requested to floor Officer Boul that she shut and lock the cleaning supplies room door for 10 minutes. The intention was obvious as I saw smiles on both inmate Hamilton face and correctional Officer Boul face. Officer Col. Boul thought it over for about 30 seconds while she stood in the doorway and inmate Hamilton stood to my left waiting for her reply. I was waiting too. Was Officer Boul going to lock the door and allow inmate Hamilton to assault me or possibly murder me? There have been on-going discussions between prison staff and inmates about what to do with me. Both myself and inmate Hamilton waited for a response from Officer Col. Boul who stated "There would be too much blood." It was obvious she was talking about letting Hamilton assault or murder me. I am a a Zen Buddhist and have been the leader of the Jameson Buddhist Group here for years. I made a vow to live in peace and am committed to non-violence. I have kept this vow for years and it is well known among prison staff and inmates of my vow of non-violence. 1 over Inmate Hamilton is well aware of my vow of non-violence, as he has tested my commitment to it last year. He got into a fighting stance in blue section in front of everyone and I just stood there with my coffee, practicing peace and harmlessness. Hamilton just pushed me and told me to leave, then high-fived his buddies like it was some kind of victory. Later that day I sat down and talked to him. We both agreed he was minipulated by others to do what he did, he even admitted he is a hot head. I pointed out he needs to think before he acts to find out truth, not to be minipulated by others for their amusement. What happened yesterday was all him trying to cause a problem and move me. Hamilton likes some of the female officers and will do anything for them. Correctional Officer Col. Boul would have been in alot of legal trouble if she had done what inmate Hamilton wanted. Officer Boul could have been charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault (sentence of up to 15 years in prison), official misconduct, official oppression, and a host of other things. The higher ups know about misconduct by officers in collusion with their favorite inmates. The status-quo continues, wonder what the future holds for me and my peaceful practice of 2 practicing Zen Buddhism and trying to show compassion for others. I firmly believe in leading by example. When certain people gossip about me in such negative ways I do not react negatively. When I go to the chowhall, I try to give away all food I do not eat to relieve the hunger and suffering of other prisoners. When people ask for coffee or other items, I try to help them if I can. I remain silent alot in order to avoid wrong speech. It is amazing how much bigotry and hate I have endured just because a select few inmates and correctional officers don't like me, or because I am a peaceful Buddhist. There are intolerant people around me who simply don't understand me, Zen Buddhism, or my practice of meditation, compassion, and leading by example. I have no ill will towards anyone, even those who talk and want to do me harm for their own ignorant reasons. Karma is real and effects everything throughout the universe. It is my hope that all people learn to talk and understand each other. The next time you have any kind of issue with someone, have a cup of coffee and a 5 minute honest conversation. It is so simple, that simple communication can solve alot of misunderstanding. Submitted by Shane Bell 3. P.O. Box Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5911

Author: Bell, Shane

Author Location: South Dakota

Date: March 18, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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