Lockdown article

Keiter, Jacob A.



SUBJECT: Lockdown Article DATE: 01/22/2021 08:15:24 PM Living in a prison is very similar to living in a mini world, comparable to that of a snowglobe. The things that may happen in out little world, have little to no effect on the outside world. On the contrary, events that transpire in the real world almost always directly affect what happens in the prison setting. On January 6th, 2021, former President Trump was accused of inciting an insurrection on the nation's Capitol. If you haven't heard about it yet, just turn to any news station, it will probably continue to be mentioned for at least the next six months. Whether you believe Trump was to blame for this riot or not, it's obvious that this event put the nation in a frenzy. Due to possible domestic and foreign terroristic threats, on both the state and federal level, national security was beefed up to say the least. Since I am currently an inmate in the custody of the BOP, and am technically considered federal property, security measure were implemented here for my own safety, as well as for all inmates across the nation. In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a lockdown is nothing out of the ordinary, but it still a major inconvenience on our lives. For the most part I am pretty understanding of the lockdown protocol, to ensure the safety of the general population. This I am alright with, and actually encourage these measures to be taken when a real threat is evident and present. But I do not view this national lockdown that occurred necessary. During my time as an inmate, I can count on my fingers the number of inmates who are in fact Pro-Trump. Regardless of their support, I don't see any of these individuals capable of, or doltish enough to conduct any sort of anarchy in this setting. The lockdown that materialized from these events, is vastly different than any previous lockdown that I have ever faced before. Usually it's a simple solution of, "Lock them up, and throw away the key." I've never argued with this concept, as long as my sentence and time keeps rolling, it's not a big deal to me. But this time, the administration acted different. They allowed limited phone and e-mail access, which is a serious blessing in these circumstances. Another variation I noticed in this lockdown is the extra security precaution taken upon staff. I witnessed correctional officers equipped with riot weapons, you know the ones capable of firing rubber pullets. I don't quite see the necessity in this, since all inmates are secured in their cell, but it's something new that I haven't seen before. As the commotion across the nation decompressed, things here returned to normal as well. Well, the new normal that we are all constantly attempting to adjust to. Despite the events, progression is achievable no matter the situation. This is an idea and belief I have grown extremely familiar with since my incarceration. I hope the nation can continue to grow and evolve, as I myself continue to forge and transform myself into the best me that I can possibly be.

Author: Keiter, Jacob A.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: January 22, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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