Long lost family, on the other side of the world

Ajamu-Osagboro, Muti A.



Name: Muti A. Ajamu-Osagboro Age of Arrest: 17 yrs old Sentence: Death By Incarceration Time In: 28 Years (now 32 ) Completion of Sentence: Until Death Kamp: Houtzdale Prison, PA USA Case Status: PCRA Court & Third Circuit Court of Appeals Declaration: Actually Innocent, with the evidence to prove it. LONG LOST FAMILY, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD By Muti A. Ajamu-Osagboro When you are INNOCENT in prison, especially as a child, only one thing can console you: Immediate Release!!! Lemme tell you about my cousin Q. I was sitting in an always cold cell, when I got a letter from Seoul, South Korea, from the other side of the world. My rst thought, Seoul ?, I don't know anyone in South Korea . When I opened and read it, the writer introduced himself as an activist and said that he had heard about my work and that he and I could really shake things up by working together. I was shocked, but unsurprised and extremely inspired by his words. Iyanla Vanzant was right, The Universe does not edit , so when Q s energy jumped off the page and matched mine own, I knew immediately we were kindred spirits. I explained to him that as a child I was imprisoned for a crime (homicide-robbery) I did not commit. That I was 100% INNOCENT and had the evidence to prove it. But I just needed people power, to force the court to simply obey the law. That my case is fraught with a treasonous trial counsel. Wholesale prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, where the violation of civil, hue-man and constitutional rights are routine. Involving both the Governor and chief justice of the PA Supreme Court. (Both former DA s of Philadelphia where I was persecuted). Q has not wavered in helping me educate the world about not only my horri c nightmare, but more importantly, the systemic corruption that violates thousands of people daily. Prison has long taught me that there is a big difference between relatives and family. Relatives are those who you happen to have blood ties with, but really could care less about your well-being. But family are those who you have a bond so tightly tied with that it draws blood and mixes so that, whatever that other goes through, you go through it with them. Whenever you need each other, one is there for the other, regardless of the pressure. For family .L.O.V.E. (Living On Vibrant Energy) is a verb (shown with action). But to relatives, it is merely a noun (inaction; just empty talk). When relatives leave you for dead; family will grab hold to the life beaming from your work. So keep workin . Though I call Q cousin, he is really much closer like my little brother. Q Is FAMILY! Real family!! Long lost family!!! We all have family all over the globe, so go nd them. I continue to L.O.V.E. and serve. October 21, 2K9 (*) Note: You can directly write or email Brother Muti at: ICIC-FMN (INNOCENCE Committee, Int l Campaign 2 Free Muti Now) P.O. Box 14102 Philadelphia PA 19138 USA joyofgod2@yahoo.com innocent.criminal51@gmail.com Attn: Muti A. Ajamu-Osagboro Juvenile-R-U.S. (Jr. US) PO Box 40578 Philadelphia, PA, 19107-0758 rosalynpayne@comcast.net gerrygivnish@aol.com

Author: Ajamu-Osagboro, Muti A.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: October 21, 2009

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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