Zamarron, Kenneth L.



—Love— What is love to one who never experience love ? Now thinking of the abyss of love, I feel abizmel Knowing I may never feel love, abuse by an environment that will never show love 1 yet everyone say theres an abundance of love 1 ?Which is absurd because I never felt love. VVhy is love abstruse to my mind ? An abstraction firom the heart of a men who so desperately Wants love. Is it God Whom makes me abstinent of love P Or is it I 2 Who abstain because of the Fear which comes from love. Guilt in my heart, nonetheless I absolve myself because though I never experience love I constantly fantasize about the ablazing power of love. So in this Im absorbing the abising sensation of love. ems Lace} y as y we ‘ A ‘J 1%‘? ‘~"\%‘\Q £.C}..’v’v\:‘.- r€‘(‘_‘-sn_1”:h lc‘ K53 _ s V W Ci'.'.V"<",c.o.— "535 «off, u'5"‘i5.€§g;:o. 49>-C}- UH CJC\v2.LR<;\,Ei_> ‘tn, _ M A I _.__._é___..4__. ,_..._ , __ __..._,__.____,_,

Author: Zamarron, Kenneth L.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: June 17, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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