Maintaining order

Scott, Daniel



Maintaining Order Maintaining order. I have been confronted with this statement upon simple and reasonable request. Staff have an oath and a need to maintain order. But when is it taking it too far? I’ve heard this response to simple request of mine several times. Though they are reasonable request, I have also been met with “if you do it everyone will want to do it” True this may be, but my response is that if every now and again if a person has a simple request and they are serving more than a month or two in jail, their request should not be denied or at least negotiated. Especially, if it involves a constitutional right or a law that is important to an inmate. Many inmates though do not know or understand their rights and laws protecting them. This makes it harder for those do because we have to struggle to prove we know the laws and right of ours while incarcerated. A constitutional right should not be so infringed upon or limited that seems restricted. To briefly explain this writer has had to argue several cases of this nature. For instance I have had to argue the fact that I should be able to see a clergyman while in the segregation unit. Also I am still struggling to receive mail from a minister besides a post card. In some cases I have had to argue the differences in the segregation rec yard and open air exercise. All the were and are reasonable request; they should not be such a trouble or struggle This writer feels that the need and oath of staff to maintain order is a way to create more unnecessary punishment to inmates and the infringing upon their rights some staff use this need and oath to get out of a wrong they have committed; or to get out of more duty. This feels as if this is only to create more power for the officials over an inmate which becomes an absurd way of limiting right and the very small freedoms left to prisoners. If you notice this limiting or infringing of rights or maintaining order is growing and harming inmates, their family, and their chance at rehabilitation. Take for instance the post card only visits and video screen visits. These request or rights usually require no more funds from tax payers which again proves how this oath and need to maintain order is being taken too far. In conclusion this writer ask for prisoners and family of prisoners to learn the law and especially constitutional rights to help them in their struggles. United we stand divided we fall. If you are not a prisoner encourage those that are. Help pave the road for incarceration to become more constitutional and more rehabilitating and less damaging to the people. Stand up for our rights for the coming generations or else who knows how harsh issues of confinement may become.

Author: Scott, Daniel

Author Location: Alabama

Date: November 24, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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