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Freemen, Justus



man down Justus Freemen 8/6/20 Incarceration has become an epidemic in itself! So many men and women being sent to prison for little to no reason at all. "this is not the life we choose," this is only the life we live, based on the cycle that has yet to be broken. I have been in state prison 17+ years of my life, Colorado Department of Corrections to be exact. In the State prisons you are treated all the way different then here where I now currently reside. FCI Yazoo City Medium Facility in Mississippi 39194. there are so many differences in Fed time & the State time because of the surroundings of people, "the prison politics" and the ways staff treat us inmates. Man down depicts the hardships and reality of both settings... here in the Federal System there are 6-8 televisions inside the units to choose from. While State has your own T.V's with remotes in your own cell. (less tension) Each day is a different struggle to survive because "we never know who is page 2 gonna get fucked up, beaten, stabbed or killed! "Man down" Hell, we dont always know why either. But facts still remain the same... "they are facts," especially coming from a man "like myself" that has lived this life for the past 23+ years of my life. I am 41 years young, a brave, intelligent, ambitious, smart father of 2 beautiful little girls and a 23 year old son "Rest In Peace"... "Welcome to my World." Colorado State prisons grabbed a strong hold of me from 1999 through all the millennium. I have been out 2wice, ever since so if we cant from Feb 1997 "as a juvenile," it very well consists of 23+ full years of these 41 I have been blessed to see. State prisons, "the respect from staff" and medical care/treatment "is very different from the Fedz" the State will actually do so much more for you than these lames in the Federal bureau will. there is a different type of c/o pay $ system inmates pay to be seen by medical. No matter what your issue or problem is, "just to be seen" Cont page 3 page 3 you'll pay 2$. If you dont have the 2$ on your books (account), you'll go in the red! Meaning they gonna get it someway or another. Your 1.17$ you had on your books now becomes -.83 cents "You are now in the red zone." One thing is for certain, you'll be seen, heard, talked to and treated without further delay. *In the federal system the process is quite the same, you sign up for sick call which requires a 2$ co-pay then you get on a list to see the p/a or Dr, depending on "availability." that and the severity of your sick call request for medical care/treatment. then you'll sit around waiting while your problem gets more severe. 2$ gets you in the same room with the medical worker for the most part. "In the Fedz" these so called professionals will just read you sick call request, fill out your order of what "this problem seems to be," without even seeing you and keep you pushing on your way. "the lack of actual work" that is done is quite hideous! Same goes for the nurses page 4 walking each range "picking up the sick calls." they never announce their presence on the tier," in fear of being bombarded with inmate questions, cares of their health and concerns. So, these snakes that just slither by un-announced, if you have your slip in the door (sick call) cool you may get lucky... if not and you are sleep or in bed or in the shower or at recreation (rec), "you are S.O.L."! *Which is way wrong & we are being treated "less than" animals. Man down describes 1st hand experiences by my own testimony which is detailed through these years Ive been down. "Just recently," in 2018 I felt numb and had no use of my right arm-shoulder. Around my upper rotation cuff area and tricep area. So I go get an X-ray and was told "nothings wrong" go back to your unit. Well, something is totally wrong because I cannot throw the softball 2 ft in front of me, when I usually could throw it from the outfield to home plate. Same with the football... I could normally throw it page 5 70 yards (literally), but with this injury I feel I cannot throw it past 3-5 yards! (At all - no grip) "I'm really trippen out"... hey W.T. heck??? The rotation and mobility I no longer have in it. the tingling, the numbness the pulling - tearing the pain 0-10 is a (7) all day long. No push ups no raising my arms above my head... not much I can do anymore, yet this Dr. at FCI herlong is the same Dr. I knew from USP Florence. Same piece of shit that gives me problems and harasses me about having "non formulary meds". Yeah well, yeah!! I have 4-5 herniated lumbar discs and I was approved by the regional director to get non formulary Gabapentin 1000 mg meds for my nerve damage, "spinal stenosis" for my lower back. Man down! Around October-November 2018 is when I 1st made a complaint about my right arm. So I tell these people "I feel like my tendon is tore", muscle is tore, or my rotator cuff is messed up or I have several fractures page 6 in my shoulder area... "What I feel requires an M.R.I." So on to the next location, "after being ignored @ herlong". I tell Liza the same, she puts me in for an X-ray and nothing! Dr. there says; nope I dont see nothing. So I tell him hey Doc, "With all due respect" I need an M.R.I he says; here goes some Carbamazepine & ice packs see you later. Man down! No one is listening to me cry 4 help, "yet this injury is only getting worse." So I pull up here at "the zoo" in Sept. 2019. 1st thing I do is wait all morning to fill out a 2$ sick call from some heavyset black woman that thinks she knows it all. Remember Sept/Oct 2019 is this time I tell her once again... "Man down" something is wrong. "I know my own body" helllloooo! Yeah well the Dr. here "at the time", is a 90 year old diaper wearing lady that likes to argue with patients, not help them! I cannot win that battle, so she takes away my "non formulary" meds I just got back at my last spot. page 7 lompoc, CA. It was once again approved by regional for the 2nd time now. So this poor lil old lady takes away my "much needed meds for my spine & back," I ask her for the 5th & 6th consecutive time "for an M.R.I on my right arm/shoulder." No luck. So here I am sitting in the hole, (SHU) Special Housing Unit, "for me getting beat down from a 2 on 1 ass whoopin from these cowards. I got up on 12/12/19 shrugged it off and hollered neexxxxt! ha! ha! ha! ha! I have to get rushed to the E.R that is called baptist hospital here in Yazoo City, Mississippi 39194 the Dr. there is Dr. O puts in 7-11 stitches in my upper right lip... he then tells the 2 officers escorting me "these need to come out on the 17th of Dec." Well here it is 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th and I tell a nice looking nurse lady, "hey lady these are supposed to come out on the 17th what the hey"? She says, oh ok I'll tell the Dr. Well at this time the Dr. is lil old 90 year old Grandma. She has no business "behind the wheel" page 8 better yet telling people what is or aint wrong with them. point is... Man down, never got these stitches taken out of my right upper lip from the 2 on 1 severe ass whoopin I took. this place is crazy because the 1 part of the stitch came out and I did tell the A/W about it. I've told the warden here about it too. So I'm talking like 2-3 months later "from 12/13 - Feb 20th" sometime... only after I bring it to these peoples attention, now (Feb/March 2020) they wanna act like they wanna see me and attend to me. Now, I dont want nothing to do with them because the damage was done, I am filing a lawsuit on them. "For malpractice", dilliberate indifferences to my pains. they have totally ignored me and my requests to medical attention. Man down like I said, Man down. I have yet to put everything together in my lawsuit, but it'll get done because I do know what I'm doing. the ways the Federal Corrections runs their medical care/treatment page 9 is 108% a shame! Really pathetic for real and is the cause of a lot of problems here and in BOP. in July, 16-22nd I was taken to medical to describe my pains, locations in my right arm... then walked over to the X-ray room again for the 3rd-4th time since 2018 injury. this lady took the right photo this time and "sure enough", this is something seriously wrong! According to the surgeon orthopedic here @ the zoo I have some sort of "bone spur" in my tricep area. I did explain to this fella the lack of motion, range the pain I feel through out the day, all day! Because of this crazy looking "injury" he says they cant do nothing about... I am now scheduled for a full body M.R.I. hopefully then I'll stop saying... Man down - Man down! Sincerely, Mr. Justus Freemen JR 8/6/20

Author: Freemen, Justus

Author Location: Mississippi

Date: August 6, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 9 pages

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