Mass incarceration is a very caustic social disorder

Mafahali, Nyasa



Mass incarceration is a very caustic social disorder that humanity has yet to recognize as destructive. Although history has proven that countries, such as England and Great Britain, have learnt that they should not hold humans in a cage. Allowing them some freedom by sending them to another land mass, and using them as a physical insertion of colonization. Prisoners from these established countries were released, but placed on a boat and floated to the Americas. The ensuing damage is what we have today. Races of people who have either been near extinction, (Red Nation brothers & sisters), New Afrikans, (who were genetically re—designed during the trans-Atlantic slave trade), and Mexicans who had so much of their land stolen to accommodate the growing white populations, along with the continual cross-breeding of their Indian/Spaniard gene~poo| with white folks. It is of no surprise that these three groups are sufferers of racial exploitation. [These are not the only races that have been victimized by economic exploitation — most people of color have tasted the evils that money has created.) What has now become a common occurrence within todays social order, started out as a way to force people, (who functioned outside of the norm that others adopted as acceptable conduct), into compliance with the standard. The institution known as "The Penal System’, was initiated as a form of making individuals atone for a crime, in the form being ’Penitent’. Which evolved into ‘Penitentiary’. That later devolved into ‘Prison’. This has become seriously distorted. The reader should know that although many races have fallen victim to others with the fattest pockets, which mostly reflect people of white/European descendence, there has been white (indentured) slaves as well. In times past, when blacks were imported to the Amerikkkas, some whites were also imported. They, however, entered this country intentionally, paying for their passage with labor and servitude, for a set period of time. It must be stated that, although it has been a cultural disparity amongst the races, those who suffered the most (from slavery) have been people of color. We have all come from glorious past. Our histories are of such, that we feel much pride and inspiration because of the forms of civilizations our ancestors constructed. And yet here we are today, remembering a past that has been marred by continuous efforts of destruction. Whatever your individual history happens to he, think about the best of it, remember the stories and legends that your elders spoke of, the books written on your magnificent truths and honor it by passing it on to the next generation. Written by: -- 9/16/16

Author: Mafahali, Nyasa

Author Location: California

Date: September 16, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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