Mass incarceration

Bolton, D'Arsey



MASS INCARCERATION MASS INCARCERATION (The 13th Amendment) SYSTEM: Something made up of many interdependent or related parts. 2. A method worked out in advance for achieving some objective (Plan). 3. The means or procedure for doing something (Method). To understand the significance of mass incarceration you must first understand the word “system”. Mass incarceration is not by accident. A plan was put in place to lock us all up, to destroy us, to control us so we can never be the majority in this country or even come close to it. The method, using the law against us, is a brilliant plan because there is no love for a criminal, no sympathy for a convict, not even from his own. So who will be brave enough to step up and fight for us taking a chance at political suicide? The system starts when we are born into broken families, dad not around, drugged up, or in prison already. Being born into poverty, stranded in ghettos created by low income housing, and going to inadequate schools, corrupts our young minds into selling drugs to survive because it’s not enough money in the household (... many interdependent or related parts.) Without a structured home, we go to the streets where guns and violence is normal for us. We can’t comprehend the value of a life because we don’t know our own self—worth, so we end up taking lives and sometimes we lose our own. We become traumatized, losing our sense of feeling and emotion, suffer from PTSD, and there is no one to help us through any of it. We become automatic machines, the reaction to the actions, and the effects from the cause that’s been set upon us. We go to prison for every law that we break and the sentences are so disproportionate to our white counterparts that minorities end up 90% of the prison population. Everybody deserve a second chance once they show that they can make it in the free world. The law did not come from God. It was written by racist white men. Laws is just an agreement amongst people on how they want to choose to live. Its human made so it’s automatically flawed. Everything we do in the streets to survive, the government do to people on a higher scale. The government kill people and say it’s in the best interest of National security. Thou shalt not kill, and yet one of the most revengeful acts this country have is the death penalty. Thou shalt not steal, and yet the foundation of this nation is stolen people, stolen land, and a stolen country.We didn’t have a seat at the table when laws were being made. When something is against you, it could never be for you. This is not a plan to gain sympathy for our own criminality, nor do we not hold ourselves accountable for our own actions, but mass incarceration is a Human Rights issue that needs a voice. A voice for the rehabilitated. A voice for the innocent locked up due to injustice. A voice for the juveniles serving grown men time. A voice for human beings who made mistakes that deserve a legitimate chance. These voices all go unheard for political, capitalistic, and racial purposes. We are not property. We are not capital. We are not animals. We are not scum of the earth to be written off by lock up and throw away the key policies. We are a father’s child. We are a mother’s son. We are a dad to fatherless kids. We are someone’s brother. A grandchild to grandparents who don’t have many more years to live. Above all, we are human beings and that alone should make other decent human beings want to stand up for justice for all, and not just for some. Now the Attorney General Jeff Sessions is calling for harsher sentences, including mandatory minimums. Think about this: now that heroin addiction is being treated as a disease because it is moving more into the white neighborhoods, which is designed to keep white people out of jail, a black can go to Federal prison for life for having weed. Why marijuana (which is legal in most states) is not treated as an addiction? What about the crack epidemic in the ghetto back in the 80’s and 90’s? Mass incarceration is indicative to concentration camps with us being led by the systematic structure called “Law”, where we go to die. We all know the answer and if we don’t call this out, if we don’t fight back, the system will destroy us all. Slavery under any other name, is still slavery. Amendment XIII 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary solitude, except as a punishment for crime where of the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Written by D’Arsey Bolton May 23, 2017

Author: Bolton, D'Arsey

Author Location: California

Date: May 23, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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