Massive corruption again within the Pennsylvania judicial system

Carroll, Richard W.



Massive Corruption Again Within the Pennsylvania Judicial System Copyright (C) 2016 by Wesley R. Carrol In Feb. 2016 a Philadelphia Pennsylvania judge overturned 51 cases brought by a tainted Philadelphia Drug Unit. Some described this as "rapid fire dismissals of old narcotics convictions...". The tainted Drug Unit had six of its officers from the citywide narcotics squad, who were themselves criminally charged of federal corruption charges, as a result of suspects they arrested and charged. Due to the massive public outcry for justice, the District Attorneys Office agreed to reverse the drug cases. On a long case docket, dating back to 2005, the President Judge, Shella Woods of the Pennsylvania Common Please Court, took a few seconds with each case in the now rapid fire dismissals. Some of the officers had also been involved in robbing and extorting alleged drug dealers and other citizens of Pennsylvania. Even though the said officers now claim that they were libeled by such accusations, they have been identified as Linwood Norman, Thomas Liciardelio, Brian Reynolds, John Speiser, Michael Spicer, and Perry Betts. One of the former officers who worked with them, a Jeffrey Walker, was caught in the actual act of stealing from a suspect and further pleaded guilty in a separate federal corruption case. Thus far, the total cases overturned of just the above identified seven officers, rose to 700, in February 2015 alone. 167 suspects arrested by Walker had their convictions overturned as well. It is anticipated that well over several hundred more convictions involving just the above identified "officers", could be overturned as well. It is further quite ironic that now all of a sudden, members of the same offices that prosecuted such cases (District Attorneys Office, etc.), forced guilty deals upon the innocent, and forced false guilty Convictions from juries of trials initiated, now state, "that the dismissals were in the interest of justice." Go figure. What a hypocritical change of mind after the exposure of facts, corruption and so many thousands of lives destroyed by the so called system allegedly designed and paid to protect,... The district attorneys office now even claims that the court has become more efficient and that dismissing cases, (allegedly) now takes just seconds. Yet they do not seem to even comment on the many years of false imprisonments, forced upon the thousands of innocent persons, their families, children, the damages wrongfully done to them falsely under the color of Pennsylvania law, etc... Officer Walker is now in prison. Yet the other "officers", remain on the "force." Oh, and one recently resigned after failing a drug test. One of the others was even promoted to sergeant. There was another mass dismissal of cases in April. Wouldn't it be poetic justice if all those within the Pennsylvania Judicial and Law enforcement communities that were involved, be ordered to immediate imprisonments sentenced to serve every day of the years they so wrongly inflicted upon all those innocent citizens, their families and interests. (Note further the executive order bill submitted several months ago to Chief Executive Officer of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf, by the Honorable Wesley R. Carrol.

Author: Carroll, Richard W.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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