Matters of public interest: The green wall’s structure to conceal criminal acts by officers

Pierce, Seavon



Heading: Matters of Public Interest; The Green Wall's Structure to Conceal Criminal Acts by Officers Subheading: Over 1000 individual complaints which describe criminal acts of fraud by officers of the California Department of Corrections are filed each year which declares acts of concealment. Specifically, that officers of "The Green Wall" as a structure or organization of employees within the California Department of Corrections are participating in concerted acts to conceal violent criminal acts by C.D.C.R.. California previously found these same acts to exist defined as "A code of silence" which forced law makers to enact penal code 5058.4, as a duty of law upon the findings that over 20 inmates were illegally killed by officers of C.D.C.R. before the appropriate authorities took action to hold officers accountable for criminal acts. These same acts are being repeated, over 20 deaths caused by officers of C.D.C.R. took place at a single prison, as reported by the Los Angeles Tines, see Articles of reporters, Arax and Gladstone of Corcran, dated Jan. 14, 1991, at p. A3. Today we have inaction when emergency circumstances exist, or reported acts of excessive force, acts of death caused by officers, and the department is left to process its own complaints without the oversight intervention mandated by law. Upon multiple received responces, the California Inspector General office has declared that it does not investigate complaints or criminal acts committed by officers of the California Department of Corrections. These false statements directly in conflict with Penal Codes 6126-6133, or the, " Inspectors General's act of 1978, sec. 4, allows C.D.C.R. to continues to conceal its violent criminal acts against inmates. The Inspector General Act of 1978, sec 4, holds as a duty and responsibility that, "...(the Inspector General) shall report expeditiously to the Attorney General whenever the Inspector General has reasonable grounds to believe there has been a violation of criminal law. Penal Code 6126 holds a specific duty of the Inspector General to conduct investigations of the Department of Corrections. However described as law, no investigations has taken place by the Internal Affairs or the Inspector General upon the receipt of over 1000 reports each year of, the Green Wall's " structure which is in place to allow serious acts of misconduct to be concealed. These matters of public interest includes the " tight-knit social society " found to exist by the Inspector General of High Desert Prison of 2015. The Inspector General admits that C.D.C.R. has a network of employees who operate together to conceal illegal acts which the employees identify as "The Green Wall". This "Green Wall" is promoted to have the participation of multiple judges who also commit the same acts of concealment by fraud, dumbing down valid claims or diverting from the criminal acts reported for a determination of criminal liability. Upon the receipt of allegations or accusations that employees threatened to kill Seavon Pierce to conceal violations. No investigation has been conducted upon evidence of excessive force, and multiple false reports which deny that the multiple injuries photographed did not occur. Medical reports found that Seavon Pierce received multiple injuries only to the head and face while in handcuffs which includes a broken nose. Upon the filed complaints of excessive force which records the use of metal batons hitting Seavon Pierce in the face multiple times, the officers of C.D.C.R. alleges that these acts never took place and refuses to proceed further to persue criminal liability. 1 SP Seavon Pierce 11-25-19 Participation of these matters of public interest can be obtained by signing the online petitions, and funds are requested to obtain the urgent matters in which a threat to kill has been ignored upon evidence of excessive force and false reports by multiple officers which deny that any injuries occurred within the same reports which photographs over 15 individual injuries to the face and head of Seavon Pierce while in handcuffs, matters still being concealed as criminal acts under this structure formed by employees of the California Department of Corrections, see links at : Author: Seavon Pierce SP 11-25-19

Author: Pierce, Seavon

Author Location: California

Date: November 25, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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