MDOC health care

Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.



MDOC Health Care 6/30/18 Besides the money, I always had this belief that the reason any person that chose to be a nurse, doctor or be in any part of the medical field was because of the level of compassion, care and love they had for people. I was wrong, not completely wrong, however, wrong. I admit, I have met several people in the medical field that not only have a great level of compassion, care and love for people, but also a great attitude. This is not true regarding the "medical staff" within the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC). For example, a prisoner is a prisoner and a prisoner only to health care. No prisoner is a patient. This is why most of their diagnosis are collective. For instance, I have a rash in different areas on my body. Health care alleges that they have seen this before. Instead of performing an test to see what the problem may actually be, they prescribed more than 5 different creams, within a 90 day period and none of those creams have been effective. Therefore, either those other prisoners, that they claim they seen those rashes on, are still itching and scratching or we do not have the same medical condition. It cost to experiment. Further, they have the uncanny ability to see inside the body and diagnose a problem absent an X-Ray. Moreover, they have developed the extraordinary capability of feeling another's pain. Indeed most of their conclusions are faulty and selective. More importantly, although this health care is under the umbrella of a $2 Billion conglomerate, still, if the cost of a prisoners medical conditions to high, regardless of it's seriousness, in most cases the prisoner will have to fight tooth and nail and hope to receive adequate treatment. And please do not be a prisoner who files complaints or grivences and is not liked by someone in health care. Not only will they strip you of what you are medically suppose to have, they will also change hats and become corrections officers. (Attitude) However, can a prisoner really complain or be angry? After all, 1-888 numbers, politicians, telemarketer's, scientology, infomercials and numerous others have been linked to various behaviors, therefore, health care you're not alone. The only significant difference I see with MDOC's health care is that they should be called "Kwame Kilpatricks" of the medical field. Oh well, as the MDOC and health care both say it "you shouldn't of come to prison". That is true, however, if my coming to prison forced you to compromise and sacrifice your integrity and professionalism, then maybe you should get out of the prison. By the way, in defense of health care, I must give them credit for being very thorough about charging prisoners the $5.00 co-pay and getting that from their accounts. Professionals begin properly treating and diagnosing medical concerns and you'll save money. As stated, it cost to experiment.

Author: Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: June 30, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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