Me against the cruel world

Torres, Eduardo



Me against the cruel world My incarceration may not be the usual thug, druggy, or even criminal life story, but it does encompass one of the greatest life stories I could ever imagine. Perhaps my story should start with something everyone shares, so I'll go on to tell you about beliefs in higher powers that include the paranormal. I'm Catholic and a firm believer in Christ's existence and his name, however I encountered coincidences and later on delusions based on strange feelings and coincidences. Doctors call my condition schizophrenia. But, even if I didn't live at this time where New Age science is all hip to spirits and magic, I would still believe that my hallucinations encompass a whole new insight and reality to life. My brother was also schizophrenic and unfortunately he failed to assert his faith in the right thing. His overall destruction by the mental and vital [?] illness was a warning to me once I was on my own in prison with auditory and visual hallucinations. I don't think a person could have it worse unless they only worry about their appearance to others and the fact that voice use what you know and do against you; so being in prison may be the best place to go through hallucinations until they become so scary it becomes a suicide risk. One think I don't believe about schizophrenia's medical diagnosis is that it's a hereditary brain condition that only deals with chemical imbalance. I think while it does run in families it's more like a curse than a defect. I support this claim by refuting the symptoms of schizophrenia as symptoms and delegate schizophrenics as a special part of the population. I think everyone is special and can achieve their own level of perfection if they live and choose the right paths. It's kind of a lottery then, but instead of the government funding this it's a whole new kind of group who deal with luck, inspiration, and degeneration. Their projects are people's lives and also their prey. Once the world becomes cruel in an individual's perception, it's a matter of time until they accept it or choose to make an action against it. And then the majority of that individual's life is spent in a maze of decisions and backtracking and fighting to persuade people into religion, peace, or community effort. Take care of the world America, you have the most power, even in prison.

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: December 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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