Medically unpracticed

Brownell, Charles A.



Medically Unpracticed Medicine has been one of the greatest arts and modern marvels since its inception. Physicians (practitioners of the arts of medicine) try by study to figure out what is wrong with a person for diagnosis then based on current knowledge of remedies and alchemical concoctions or procedures determine what treatment or cure is appropriate. This process is how physicians can determine an individuals current state of vitality, what diseases people may have and the symptoms of the disease and a cure if one currently exists. Medicine truly is an art of awe and wonder because it is a science, a constant study, a constant experiment, with few truly concrete facts and things or variables constantly change. A remedy, treatment, or "cure" might work for some people yet kill others. Sometimes over long term use, the cure might become the poison or actually is poison. The main goal of Medicine is to HELP (Heal & Examine Living People) people to maintain vitality and vigor. Hippocrates, back in the 800's B.C. realized the potential of great things Medicine has to offer and also the capacity of bad things of it as well. The potential for the corruption and capacity of people to do very bad things under the false pretenses of "Medicine," caused Hippocrates to draft the "Hippocratic Oath" of which all medical physicians must swear by. Unfortunately in today's world and society, corruption is so thick and strong and is such an integral part of everything in everyday life that it is all about money or sex today for most and not about saving lives. This fact is very evident in the billing practices, size of practitioner's pay checks and the fact that your "cure" is based now on what you can or are willing to pay or what your insurance is willing to pay. This is true right down to being willing to kill or seriously further injure a person by using a cure method that is dangerous just because it is cheaper because the person couldn't pay or letting the person die because the person doesn't have money. We here at the Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC), Tucker Unit have a great example of corruption in Medicine with the dissolute organization Correct Care Solutions formerly called Con Med, but now called Well Path. We had a quack doctor named Henry (Last Name) who was a failed gynecologist and now have the quack Doctor Horan who is more concerned with ACD's wishes and his paycheck rather than the actual health or well being of inmates better known as human beings. Doctor Horan's practice is criminal negligence, deliberate indifference, and medical malpractice. Both of these men and a quick study of all medical institutions will reveal they are all deplorable examples and the edification of dissolute ethics in complete lack of any appropriate medical care especially for prisoners, in why the Hippocratic Oath needs today to be named "The Hippocritic Oath." Roughly 65% of physicians today are false or corrupt practitioners. Many physicians are corrupted by either money or sex and sometimes both. A corrupt physician may kill people, poison people, sexually assault people, and/or many other bad practices against others for money or sex. This is true of physicians of either gender as females are just as driven by money and sex as men and are just as corruptible. Studies have proven females to actually be more sexually aggressive, socially destructive, and mentally violent than men whilst men are simply more physically violent. The corruption of physicians winds up in the news all the time and is part of the reason most people today are so quick to file lawsuits against doctors on grounds of medical malpractice, criminal negligence, deliberate indifference, rape, sexual assault, and murder or homicide. In a more recent incident of sick perversion and corruption was the doctor that worked with and treated gymnasts especially the Olympic athletes and he was sexually assaulting his female patients. Most unfortunate then many of his victims were underage. Because of this doctor's money and position of influence, it took one very brave young lady and amazing athlete to step forward and raise concern. This corrupt monster and predator was stopped. Here in ADC, we inmates (Incarcerated People) raise concerns and even lawsuits but are discredited and blocked as liars... Our voice is taken away and hushed. Corrupt medical practices happen all to often in the prison systems and Arkansas prisons this is especially true. There have been plenty of rape and sexual assault cases along with malpractice, negligence, and deliberate indifference cases brought up by incarcerated persons and cases against ADC that more concern should exist and ADC forced to shut down, but the federal government proves time and time again they don't care and won't follow up on it. Cummins and Tucker Units would compare well to the German death camps and the Feds tell them to straighten up then turn a blind eye. So ADC and their medical staff feel they can do whatever without repercussion and have proven time and time again that they do not care about the Incarcerated Peoples at all. Now we do have very few members of ADC staff and Well Path staff that are good and caring people yet for them, the corruption and administration usually runs them off which is why we lost two of the best nurses Mrs. Crablin and former D.O.N. Nurse Grey who would actually try to help and protect us inmates. They tried so hard to help us but that was against ADC wishes and their own contracted corrupt medical organization. Research cases against Con Med, Correct Care, Correct Care Solutions, and now called Well Path... these four names are the same organization... They rename to hide. I've watched bad things, bad practices and am subject to these corrupt practices myself. When the administration moved me to 1 barracks B side rack 73, I met a man in here named Mr. King but he went by his prison nickname "Lucky." I don't really think he was so lucky because he was dying of lung and stomach cancer... Mr. King was left in the barracks to holler and cry for all of us to watch his agonizing death. Yes, he had a life sentence and was previously on death row before being dropped to life without. He did not need to lay and suffer like that and not for everyone else to watch. Mr. King said it himself, "If I'd known this was going to be my life and this is how I'm going to die, I'd have begged for the needle to take me away." A few days after Mr. King spoke those words, ADC finally transferred "Lucky" to the Medical/Diagnostics unit called Ouichita River Unit in Malvern, Arkansas. Mr. King passed less than a week later in only God knows what kind of circumstances and condition. Another man passed away here in Tucker Unit, a nasty death from lung cancer that was bloody and gory and this second man did not have a life sentence, though he served one here. A third man that passed away due to diabetic complications which was completely preventable. This man too, did not have a life sentence yet he served one. Do their families know? Does ADC show them ever deceased? Does their families know the true circumstances at all? I've seen it happen so many times for others and this is including myself where the infirmary has run out of essential medications such as meds for Hep-B, Hep-C, blood pressure, blood sugar and many others. I've also watched them hand out incorrect meds because they are not paying attention. They have put people on narcotics and ripped them off of them, not order or just take people off mental health medications and then wonder why there are adverse reactions or people end up dead. We have two men both that have severe seizures and were on medications in the free world but Well Path doesn't want to give it to them because ADC's doctors think they know more or better than our personal care providers or specialists and put them on different medications. ADC will push Well Path to get cheaper different meds rather than what the person actually needs. If you have any P.M. medications, on Lt. Adkins shift it is very common we don't even get called out to get our medications. I too in the free world was on a mental health medication for my Bipolar, PTSD, sleep issue and was just ripped off of it cold turkey by ADC. If an inmate has real medical problems such as seizures, dizzy spells, heart problems, or any other issue, then ends up having to go to the infirmary, the first thing ADC staff and medical staff do is accuse you of being on drugs and their favorite accusation is "You're on K2 (deuce)" or "Your trying to fake it to get out of work or transferred." They do not believe a single thing any inmate says and when we are sent to an actual free world specialist, Doctor Horan will set and say that the specialist you went to is stupid and doesn't know what they are doing or talking about. Horan will say that there's nothing the free world medical nor they themselves can do or that nothing can be done for your problems even accusing the inmate of faking. This is all in hope that the inmate will give up and fall off or die so they don't have to spend money therefore keeping ADC happy. This also allows ADC to say that the doctor cleared you as being "OK" to push their slave labor tactics. I personally know a man E. Brown and have seen his scars from reconstructive and repair surgeries on his shoulder, both knees, one foot, and his hip. He was on pain medication and needed a Rollator Walker which is a walker with wheels and a seat. Doctor Horan with Well Path formerly Correct Care Solutions took him off his pain medications and his walker or wheelchair and medically cleared Mr. Brown for work on Hoesquad, by ADC classification, to go out and manually work the fields swinging a Garden Hoe on the Tucker Plantation. This is deliberate indifference and corruption to support ADC's slave labor push. I live in the barracks with Thompson and Inman both of whom have severe seizures. Thompson usually rolls around on the floor for a few seconds then comes out of it lost trying to figure out who he is and where and Inman does the "crazy fish" flop out on the floor usually for a few minutes. Both of these men are on the wrong medications because Doctor Horan of Well Path and ADC won't put either man on the medication the specialist and free world doctors of theirs put them on. Sadly ADC can use this as "justification" to force these men to serve 100% of their time and/or hold them indefinitely by saying that they are ADC responsibility until they can provide proof of adequate medical care in the free world. Thompson often stops breathing and will chew on his tongue which looks grotesque. He may have two or three seizures per day. Inman flops very tensely all over the place slamming his head on the floor or the steel racks... he also has Hep-B. Well Path each time just assumes it is K2 to try to place these men in the hole. Sergeant Muya always swears and accuses Inman on being on drugs usually K2 so she can write him up for having a seizure. Medical is threatening locking him in the hole for having seizures. When Medical comes in while the inmate is having a seizure, ADC staff cuffs them to the gurney damaging their wrists. Inman was recently put on two medications Clonapin and Valium (diazepam) to keep him sedated for a week then took him off cold turkey. Then Medical was giving Inman his medication and the medication for Mr. Ingram where he died twice on his way to the hospital in an ambulance. Inman is also a mental health patient. He is a friend nearly lost because of Medical's incompetence! My own personal experience with them has been bad and I mean Well Path formerly Correct Care Solutions. It has all started from my very first day in Tucker Unit in Tucker, Arkansas. I informed Well Path then formerly Correct Care Solutions, especially the provider Doctor Henry (the failed gynecologist no longer allowed to have his own practice riding on Doctor Stevens back) of all my health problems but Henry ignored everything but my "prostate" issues. I even stressed the fact I have a hear murmur and have been in and out of the ER for heart issues and serious heart problems run on both my Dad's and Mom's families. I told him that I need my CPAP and I have seizures and blackouts and dizzy spells. Doctor Henry tries to downplay all of it and claims none of this was a problem until I got into ADC... I told him he was wrong, request my medical records for everything but he refused to do that. He did request only my records for my sleep study and did a prostate exam to find I have a greatly enlarged prostate. Henry tries the two "easy" things for prostate and those failed but he did have me sent to a urologist where I find out I have organ failure and my bladder doesn't work. It has to fill up close to 800 mL before I feel the pressure on a valve in the penis that tells me I must urinate. The functional "normal" bladder only holds 120 mL max... After this, I have two serious heart episodes and Nurse Melissa Moore, now the D.O.N. did an E.K.G. both times that come back AFIB with pacemaker. I was given nitro tablets and aspirin which causes my blood pressure to drop to normal (my blood pressure is always high), and the AFIB stops. This last time I talked to Doctor Horan because the urologist confirmed my bladder is non-functional, same with my prostate and part of my colon isn't working correctly either because of a nerve/neurological issue and there are only two thing to do about this... I have to use catheters or an implant that shocks the bladder to contract it. ADC won't pay for the implant so he recommends referral to a neurologist /spine specialist. He thinks my heart issues may be tied in with the nerve issue. So I talk to Doctor Horan and the printouts of my EKGs have disappeared and none of it is on my file since my spat with Doctor Henry and Nurse Murphy. Then Doctor Horan tries to play off the urologist saying, "So he said there was nothing." He tries to tell me I have no issues... No I have nerve issues and heart problems. Somehow, ADC and Well Path know more about me and my medical problems and history than I or my mother do. My mom called them several times. Well Path also charges a $3.00 co-pay... Now I have to go see a neurologist/spine specialist so that I can hear Horan say they don't know what they are talking about or doing. I, until I get out of ADC or better known as hell, have to use a catheter multiple times per day to urinate. When I get out of ADC, whom won't pay for real treatments, I can get the bladder implant and hopefully get the actual cause fixed. I had explained to the Urologist about two vehicular accidents that caused problems in the neck and back and that this is when heart issues and other things started. He feels it's all connected. Doctor Horan of Well Path and ADC "thinks" a specialist is stupid and has no idea what he's doing or talking about. I pushed the issue for the neurologist and so he is putting in a recommendation. He stated he's sure the neurologist will find nothing. Sadly, Dental and Vision are bad and take forever but are better than Medical. Doctor Horan has accused people of paying the previous provider Doctor Henry off for scrips for shoes, double matt scrips, everything. He, Doctor Horan, has been just abruptly taking people's scripts and medical supplies away along with taking away medications. I fought ADC for Medical to request my medical records and they fought me. I've been told I have to get them so I wrote letters and requested them. Suddenly I get a letter that they, the provider has to request my medical records. I have lots of grievances for all of this as do so many others. Medical is inadequate and nearly non-existent as our doctors are Medically Unpracticed and shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine as they are here to help and protect ADC and their wallets not the health or well being of inmates.

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: April 7, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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