Memories caught in a cage

Feeney, Matthew D.



Matthew Feeney 26 Lines Memories Caught in a Cage | Squashed memories of an earlier life... | nights sleeping in a canoe floating down the Mighty Miss surviving on Veggie Rice, Bug Juice, and Mac & Cheese 23 portages in the same exhausting day in the BWCA smoking Swisher Sweets while drowning worms on a fishing line eating real frog legs and redneck sushi the ever present leeches, mosquitos and black flies my faithful Bailey with her own red canine-sized saddlebags using blue tarps & raised paddles to sail canoe flotillas across Big Sandy Lake hearing the loons wailing their mournful goodbyes to the sun stumbling alone along a woodland trail at night in a raging thunderstorm whitecaps, windy weather and canoes flipping in Voyageurs National Park rope swings and lost boat engines waking up in my primitive lean-to with a wild raccoon on my chest playing capture the flag between two islands chilly nights with long johns and lotsa Hot Cocoa sharing goofy shaggy-dog stories around campfire embers watching morning fog silently burn off the perfectly still lake | tenderly treasured from my cell |

Author: Feeney, Matthew D.

Author Location: Minnesota

Date: June 24, 2022

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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