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1 Davy Whitecell 11-16-19 RE: Memories Dear Hamilton you may post my letter to [redacted] it was not ment to be sent any where But to the Archive's since you all are documenting prison activety and its' prison's prisoner's and abuse's well writing this today I just want to speak about the last few days since Veteran's day, you see I'm a Veteran not of a Foreign War but of the one being raged accross America right now lets not go into Medals & Award's and the likes of which some have never even seen because were already dead by the time they received them, so lets speak about what we do know and what we can do to change the face of the Ghost in the Machine, that is haunghting America these days this morning I sat to breakfast with a Sayan Man, when it took all that I had to muster not to backhand him, as he sat there eating his breakfast I know it was just a test since the night before he was spread eagle on the ground outside 2 of the housing unit after attacking a young Mexican Man after dinner with his hard plastic coffee mug while I came up as close as I could and told him what a dog he was and a real criminal while the correctional staff mazed him and the youngster with their MK-9 spray like a couple of wild dog's tell the burn got to great and they took in to much of a breath and the fight left them and they listened to the command's of the c/o's me I told the Sryan cat what a asshole he was since this was his third incident in as much as 4 days in the E.O.P. community, I asked him How he liked that mace and he said it felt good so I get it! he must be a prima donna in his country but not here. This is a program of healing those wound's this guy is opening up old one's if not for other's me and my self and like Jim Cary would say Irene, The "Pet Detective" so it is said when you point the finger at some one you have 3 pointing back at you my case in fact veteran's day this same man was bitching and complaining early in the morning about not getting 3 his shower the night before while we are all standing in the Medical line. I dont know about the rest of the world but I thank God every day I wake up I have running clean water to drink a toilet to duce, and feed the Warden in as well as a hot meal 2 times a day and a lunch hell the bumbs on the street are just waking up by time our asses are done with our morning meal's and getting ready for our day's so I get a little upset when some foreign mother F. comes to my country especially in California where so many have fought and died and suffered through blood sweat tear's and tear's torn from family men who could have made deal's and gone home but chose not to. To stand for what is right even if only God see's it. But I do know god see's everything, the good and the evil, so to be called a criminal on Veteran's day we'll I'll take that! you all enjoy your freedom and remember some of us gave some 4 and some us we'll we can give even more! I was reading a book by Donald J. Trump where he said, if it ain't broke don't fix it we'll our justice system is totaly broken, mentally, phyically, and spiritually, and if the United States Senate Congress and the president don't start working with the tribe's and family's in America they will have forever lost the faith of the people just remember your internet is only been around for so many year's just like good information there is bad information so if your not checking the fact's its just some dumb ass kicking the can just that much farther down the road my American Dream? The old own a house a wife kid's, 2 point 2 dog's, a swimming pool the 2 car's ect. we'll when you have the ignorant People who use their lie's to gain a foot hold in the lower levels' of the prison system street smarts, in my training it was called 5 Street Terrorism. Then to be convicted of criminal threats by these thug's of prison guard staff and their mental health staff girlfriend's whom have infultrated into the prison community and have brought all the drugs, money, cell phone's, ordered the hits and the murder's, of member's of any rival's that oppose them it is nothing more that a R.I.C.O act or a conspiracy to advance their own agenda at the expence of some poor dope fiend, or young gang member, that could have been helped year's prior before he was lost in the world believing drug gang's money girl's and possissions of the world were the answer to all their problem's then some scared 20 something kid ends up in this shit hole and I only call it that cause all prisons are shit holes even if your not put in a cell, like I was in Lancaster State Prison in Los Angeles Country California on 9-12-2018 an then on the 16th I was actually put into a cell with shit human crap rubbed all over the wall's that was cell #[redacted]-yard L.A.C. after the Sgt. of the yard and his fellow c/o's ploted to remove me from my housing unit because I was on the Black correctional staff's hit list as I had been explaining to the United State's Senator's for the past 2 year's as we'll as attorney's involved in the Federal lawsuit, for the mentally 6 ill you see I dont need anyone's money I am famous, I am written about in a book you see God know's my name and that is all the fame and fortune I will ever need! I tried to explain to my blood family! But some things they will never be able to comprehend the Spirit of God does not allow them to hear what is beening said. So for those of you who may some day read these stories just remember if the Spirit of God is not in you all that I write about we'll just seem like foolishness to you, for example I've been locked up for over 6 years for no crime, just someone saying I did something I did not do that lead to more cercoomstandces of more accusations that lead to criminal penalty's when no actual crime has been committed so you see when you say you live in America and you have your Freedom's and a Constitution that protects those Freedom's, you may ask yourself when I hear someone say something about someone or make a accusation about some one you should take the time for second and 3rd oppinions cause now things are coming to fruitation and all false witnesse's we'll be punished for their lies and these lies will not be forgiven by God since those evil people punished the innocent and that is a abomination to god, He be hating on liars just like using racism as a excuse for your faults or your issues with the law, well what about reverse racism when you use someone's race to convict them for who they are now thats a real crime and Im not Black nor 7 nor am I white. I am a combonation of 7 different nationality's yet because of my tattoo work and its esoteric mean's people have judged "the book by the cover" so to speak, so now after all these year's we we'll soon see while the world watches America cry's, we are all being punished, God has set a curse on us here because of all that those we have let represent us turn there our hearts to stone and not only mistreat the world but its very own people in society now people wonder why people kid's as we'll as adult's are committing suicide and going on random murder spree's we'll look at our movie's or entertainment industry. Its all murder, drug's, fighting, stealing, glorifying everything rotten in the world even the women screaming METOO# yet you come here to Mule Creek State prison near Sacramento California and the staff woman wear pants so tight that every man even the c/o's are looking at their asse's and the prisoner's a lot of them with a I dont give a fuck additute's we'll stair or comment about the Broads' asse's cause if they were ladies they would not be tring to recieve attention from the criminal element or would they? Cause prisoner's need love too! Right? So every Tom dick and woodbe harry that believe's he be a player is trying to get at the girl's some will lets just say play 8 a sucker right into a trick bag and once in a while you here a story of a inmate hooking up with a staff member or like in the days passed in my case you hear about the dirty games' the psyic tech's and employee's placed in charged to take on a certain task to deal with the mentally ill and yet they use a recamendation from a family member to get there job with in the prison system, you must remember that just because they can pass a criminal back ground check, doesnt mean that they are not acting in a wreakless criminal manner as of this writting I will not give up to much about who, what, where, when, how, and why. My family has given up on me on the system that was such a pillar to be praised and a model for the rest of the world to follow now it locks up everyone and anyone just to feed its leeche's that cling on to it just to survive it must come to work and create more work just to survive on it. will die and I like many other's have said you can't keep locking up us all forever. This is what I get for sticking up for my self a life in prison not nothing but if I have to be here then everyone is gonna hear me scream like a eagle I aint no Manson clan member I'm a Marine until I die Devil Pup's Forever! [redacted] Life Guard's Rule, [redacted] M.C. god help us I pray for my country

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: November 16, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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