Menace to society

Brownell, Charles A.



Menace To Society F0 pg. 1 By: Charles Brownell The Criminal Justice System loves and enjoys destroying people and their lives. It will use all of its resources, "tax payer's funds" simply to further tax, fine and imprison the people in Prison institutions... including children. All to take and to make more money off the enslavement and trafficing of its own citizens by simple label, "menace to society". The person is NOT the true menace or "criminal". The true menace and criminals are the corrupt Government and its corrupted Criminal Justice System that they use to place the People, it's own Citizens of Society in Prison. All to label the people criminals or "a menace to society". The State of Arkansas is a corrupt Government with dissolute courts and Judicial System. These Courts and the paid prosecuting State Employee Attorneys with the voted on State Employee Judges and State Employee Public Defenders practice only illegal and unconstitutional Judicial and prosecutorial misconduct. And given that all "Public Defenders" work for the same employer you have no true or real defense as this is a serious conflict of interest given that all stand to profit by your imprisonment for any reason as the prison system. the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) is owned by the State and thus are also State Employees. See the circle of corruption? The fake Criminal Justice system with the prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, police, judges, and the Arkansas Department of corruption, all state employes. They all work together to supply their enslavement, human trafficing industry by abuse and torture sometimes murder. ADC is a multi million to billion dollar a year business for the State that pays pg. 2 its Judges, Prosection Attorneys, Defense Attorneys, Prison Officials, and Officers plus many, many more from so it is a known perpetuation cycle of illegal, biased and conflict of interest system simply built to place Men, Women, and Children in prison institutions for the profit of the state of whom pays all of their salaries AND bonuses. They ALL profit off the artificial charges and illegal prosecutorial misconduct and ineffective assistence of council activity to place anyone in prison for any reason and they maintain 97% to 99% conviction rates for all people including the innocent. They have to let some go because 100% would be to suspicious of a conviction rate. There are a great many of people whom sit in ADC prisons with Zero evidence against them. Only "hearsay" (a statement), not else. Zero proof beyond reasonable doubt which is a Constitutional Requirement in order to give a guilty verdict to sentence a person to any punishment especially prison. Often prejudice and bias is used to ensure a "guilty" verdict. Much of it doesn't ever go to trial as an illegal contract called a PLEA AGREEMENT or BARGAIN is used to bypass trial straight to sentencing and punishment which is done through Treat, Duress and Coersion as per U.S. Law and Constitution an imprisoned person cannot sign nor be bound to any contract nor can any statement be held as testimony as it is null and void being it is automatically considered to be given under threat, duress and coersion while the person is a prisoner... or is being unwillfully detained. (See the Documentary Menace To Society F0 pg. 3 on prisons and "Imprisonment for any Reason" call "America's Book of Secrets") This is a menace to society... this system. It's astounding the number of Prison Inmates in ADC that have multiple denials that are only in prison for a simple "Parole Violation" that are supposed to be automatically put back a parole after their 6 months are served. They did NOT break a law only a techical violation and get multiple denials. May that serve three to ten years for a technical parol violation, no new crime. The Good Time is a proven fake joke when nearly 100% of the Inmates of ADC are YEARS past their parole eligability date. of these that aren't 98% of them will get denials and end up years past their "TE" or parole date. They use fake excuses to keep and further abuse and torture their sslave workers and NOT send people home. This is menace to society... this system. It harms and destroys people and families and harms society for a profit. The Arkansas Department of Correction has a very LONG and HORRIFIC history of ABUSE, TORTURE, THEFT, and MURDER of its prisoner or "Inmates". ADC also has a long running and continued history of housing inmates in very nasty, unsanitary and over crowded in illegal and unconstitutional living conditions, especially in illegal and unconstitutional open barracks. ADC also has a very long and established history of Deliberate Indifference and Cruel or Unusual Punishment pg. 4 towards Prison Inmates using the Inmates as SLAVES on plantations and in Jobs or Factories all already deemed to be illegal and unconstitutional. A person only needs to do research on legal cases filed against Arkansas and the Prison System or All of Arkansas Criminal Justice System to find a great may cases that prove exactly what is stated here. Look for groups of former prisoners or the families of prisoners of whom speak or write about the Arkansas Prisons or Prisoner Treatment and living Conditions. Look up the many Articles against ADC, even those written by this very author. Find cases like Holt v. Sarver, Finney v. ARKANSAS Bd. of Correction, Smith v. Norris, Rudd v. Norris, Smith v. Arkansas Department of Correction, especially all related Finney cases. Look at the many of abuse and torture protected by the State and Federal courts allowing this illegal and unconstitutional activity against prison inmates. Who is the REAL "menace" to society? ADC Damages the people... its citizens that it rips from society. It takes all they have from them and abuses and tortures them and teaches them to hate, anger and rage, and to be afraid of the system and people, to be distrusting, that theft and hurting others is a requirement of survival and it enforces this by years of this abuse. It doesn't provide any real or meaningful classes to help behavoral correction nor teach life and people skills. It then kicks these people out into society YEARS past when it was supposed to. Now these people have a criminal record and long spa of no Menace To Society FD pg. 5 work history. No one will want to hire them. Depending on their alleged crime the system may put in some restrictions on where they can live, go, and work or even what they can do or the hours they can be out. All this ensures no one will hire them. Then the parole officer and court says they have a short set amount of days to find a job, pay parole fees (illegal profiteering as they now force payment to live, to be out of prison) or else go back to prison which is hell. They don't understand why the person robs, steals, makes or sales drugs, uses drugs or alcohol, and/or kills someone. They put very unrealistic expectations on a person they forcefully and intentionally abused and tortured and made dangerous then but them in society with nothing and told them to make it work and make payments or go back to that abusive hell environment called ADC prisons. This is ADC creating criminals and then deliberatly putting society in danger all in hopes the person will act out as they are trying to FORCE them to so they can put them back in prison. It is NOT the errat person but the Criminal Justice System, especially ADC that is the menace to society. Now again the State of Arkasas and The Arkansas Department of Correction violates U.S. Federal Laws Arkansas State Laws, U.S. Federal and U.S. Supreme Court orders, U.S. Constitution, and Arkansas State Constitution to steal Federal CARES Act Stimulus funds from ADC Prison Inmates. They, the State of Arkansas Government and using both the state legislation pg. 6 and ADC both together illegally, declared prison inmates receiving Federal CARES Act Stimulus Checks an "EMERGENCY". September 24th, 2020 a fereral court ruled in the case Scholl v. Mnuchin, No. 4120-cu-5309-PJH (N.D. Cal.) that the IRS refusing stimulus checks to persons simply for being incarcerated was unlawful and ordered the IRS to make payments to people who were previously denied them because they were incarcerated. Inmates are allowed to get the CARES Act Stimulus passed March 2020. Inmates had to file by October 15th, 2020 to get the Economic Impact Payment (EIP) from the CARES Act. Prison Inmates receiving a or multiple federal stimulus check si NOT an emergency in any way shape or form. It was to take undue stress off the Inmates and their family or friends of whom support them. Arkansas declares this help to reduce the stress of Inmates and their friends an "emergency"... That's sick and very proposterous. But it served the States purposes of bypassing the normal meas of passing a Law/Act by NOT having to make the Act or Law public so Arkansas could slip in Arkansas Laws Act 1110 (Senate Bill 544) under the radar to steal Inmates Stimulus Checks both illegally and unconstitutionally and against Federal court orders. Best yet is Arkansas even illegally made it retroactive back to October 2020. AR. ACT 1110 (S.B. 544) is written to give ADC the power to violate Federal and State Laws as well as U.S. Constitution and Arkansas State Constitution by FORCE by Threat, Duress and Coersion, Inmates to sign their Federal U.S. Department Menace To Society FD pg. 7 of the Treasury checks addressed to the individual Inmate and under direct order that if not follow comes a punishment of failure to obey a direct order which results in abuse and torture by means of Isolation in harsh or extreme environment, loss of good time and restriction of priviledges such as contact and visitation with outside family or friends and no phone calls. A "check" is a legally binding contract and these are legal contracts between the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the addressed person. Not ADC nor the State of Arkansas. A check is also an Affidavit, a promissory Note, and a Warrant. ADC Staff force the Inmate to sign the check so they can forge their name upon the check illegally and sign the check in such a way ADC can cash it. They steal the checks of Inmates because prisoners are easy victims and targets, many have no outside support for legal assistance and don't know what ADC does is illegal, and ADC views Prisoners as their personal property. ADC does not allow inmates to send the check to family or an Agent. AR. ACT 1110 (S.B. 544) further gives ADC and Arkansas power to forcibly pay fees, fines and restitution as "outstanding". By wording, an Inmate has No outstanding nor due fines, fees or restitution until after release from prison NOT during imprisonment nor even during parole as while on parole an Inmate is still considered a "prisoner of ADC". Once released there is a set amount of days until these fines, fees and restitution are due and the first payments must start being made in a pre-existing pg. 8 legal contract/order set by the court. Inmates who have on will serve a consecutive sentence of 5 or more years may have all fines and fees rendered exempt or ran concurrent with sentence as well as the restitution waived. ADC is given the power to deposit all the stolen checks into a holding account which will accrue interest of which is illegal profiteering as the money is held in awaiting approval and passing as well as enactment of AR. ACT 1110 (S.B. 544) and this will be millions of dollars stolen from Imprisoned Arkansas People and Citizens. This Act also gives ADC power to pot money in the ADC Inmate Wellfare account used by ADC for anything but Inmate wellfare and allows ADC to use these illegal funds however they wish. Previous versions of the ACT even gave ADC the power to use leftover funds once the Inmates own fees, fines and restitution is paid, if any left over funds ADC could pay other Inmates fines, fees and restitution. Arkansas Laws ACT 1110 Senate Bill 544 is an Act of absolute Anarchy and an attempt to USURP all existing Laws both Federal and Arkasas State as well as USURP the U.S. Constitution and Arkansas State Constitution. it is proof of absolute corruption and only creates further undue stress, punishment, and mental/emotional anguish and distress on both Inmates and the family and friends of ADC Inmates. it destroys the relief for Inmates and their friends and family that support them. This Act is an abuse of power and is Menace To Society FD pg. 9 Deliberate Indifference of Inmate Wellfare and the wellfare of the public citizens of whom support the Inmates. This Act is further abuse and torture as Cruel and unusual punishment of both Prisoners and Public Citizens. It would seem fitting that Arkansas should be under Federal Investigation and ADC be shut down. That Arkansas pay all fines, fees and restitution for all Inmates that Arkansas and ADC Abuses, Tortures, and uses... even steals from for their own sick pleasures and personal profits. That Arkansas and ADC pay back tripple of all funds stolen from inmates and pay for all the money profiteering from the public. AR. ACT 1110 (S.B. 544) discriminatly targets only ADC prisoners when many free citizens have outstanding fines, fees and restitution NOT ADC Inmates It is obvious that the Corrupt Government of Arkansas and their corrupt legal system and criminal justice system, especially the Arkansas Department of Correction are all the very real wolves... They are the true Menace to Society and must be stopped!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 9 pages

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