Mental issues?

Bauhaus, James



J BAUHAU Mental Issues? 9-22-2015: I just saw one of those Ivory Tower guys on Oklahoma's State broadcasting system. He was having a discussion with Dick Pryor, the host, and other gov't sector "experts" just like him. They agreed with each other that "One-third of Oklahoma's prisoners have mental issues'." They opined that they were helping the problem by appropriating more taxpayers dollars toward "...stepped-up suicide watches". Since I have lived in the middle of their problem of "too many captives wishing to kill themselves" for over 40 years, I opine a bit differently than Oklahoma's experts. It's not exactly a "mental issue" when hate-filled sadists force you into an environment that does not permit access to the basic necessities of life. The problem is the conditions of confinement, not how extremely adaptive that their captives minds must become in order to choose to suffer such torture each separate day for decades on end. About one-third of their captives are told that they are expected to die in the state's concrete coffins. Die now, or after decades of ever-worse daily deprivation, harassment and despicable torture? You decide! One example that these gov't and media experts could examine for clues occurs when any young child captures some small woodland creature such as a lizard or bird. He puts it in a jar or box with holes, then forgets about it. Eventually he quits playing at other things. He revisits his prisoner, who looks sick. He tries to force it to eat and drink. Instead, it slowly dies. Did it have "mental Issues"? For myself, I'm pretty certain that, when you violate the laws of nature, nature responds by dying. It seems to me that these Ivory Tower people have failed to state the problem accurately. It is not that their captives have "mental issues", it is that killing yourself is the natural response to intolerable suffering brought on by crimes against nature. Examples of such crimes are unbearable overcrowding in toilet-sized cages, unconscionable sensory deprivation; isolation from family and friends; deliberate social crippling through prevention of outside discourse; purposely administered, daily, grinding harassment through use of noise, poison gas, shackles and similar "restraint-"type torture devices; unpalatable "food"; inadequate medical access; outrageous financial exploitation... This is only the very tip of the mountain of reasons for Oklahoma's captives to kill ourselves. Prison suicides indicate intolerable conditions in which it is impossible to exist. Oklahoma's "experts" should count themselves lucky to have any live prisoners at all.

Author: Bauhaus, James

Author Location: Oklahoma

Date: September 22, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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