Mercy: the earth’s prison!

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



"Mercy: The Earth's, prison!" /ARA 8-27-19 ADX plantation (Cold) This is a journey ([illegible] of journal?)! Most are afraid; to awaken (take great pains, to cover over the the truth)! While the 'belly of the beast' (wealthy) have, governments (hence, Shakespeare's curse: on lawyers) bow; they (govt) force/wheedle masses into 'toeing the line'! Ergo, unjust laws! 'What's good for the goose,' ain't 'good for the gander' (of, '3rd Evil introduced,' (Gen 2:25-3:7?): Now, female and male (goose, gander) divided; down through races! 'The second curse,' (of NAB, bible, Gen. 3:17); Hou 1st (Al Qur'an 2:35:!...Dwell you and your wife...but come not near this tree...')! cf. chapter 2, verse 38 ('Get down all of you from this place')? Do you know, the, great pain: for us? It is, division (but, see, Gen 2:24: 'one body'?)! The apex (of which) is, the word itself (divine/divus versus division/divious)! A 'tree' (deodar, Sanskrit, wood is true), with pages (leaves/sheets of paper); and, meant to bring peace! All traced, to pax (Latin-peace)! Now, religion (cf. rely - from trust?), and; skeptic (Scepticus - disciple of Pyrrho of Elis) are bound (by words), by human acts! 'It's all relative: dependent on our/one's use!' In 2019, the Earth becomes more visible; to see! But (seesaw) a veil (from evil anagram), for (government & wealthy); cover-y'all! 'Orwell,' calls it: double-talk; or, self-indoctrination (cf. 'Endymion,' Greek; 'Sigurd,' Norse; 'Rip Van-Winkle,' Irving; 'Sleeping Beauty,' Perrault; Rumpelstillskin (?); and 'Lazarus," John and, Luke: 'Our friend Lazarus is asleep, but I am going to awaken him.' (Jn. 11:11); and '...a poor man named Lazarus...When the poor man died, he was carried away to the bosom of Abraham... Abraham far off and Lazarus at his side' (LR 18:22-23)?) My point, 'all of use are asleep-to-purpose of life'! Please awaken: the past, we stand upon; the present (English guides one's objectives); and, the future (in which: we all die) is known (death date, place hour) is not! Naysayers, dispute this: Bible dates we have '120 years span to life' (Gen 6:3); and, 'No one knows when death comes' (Eccles. 9:12) & 'Verily the Knowledge of the Hour is with G-d (alone)." (Qur'an 31:34)? This prison (ADX; Florence, Colo), 'out there' (your, prison) both; have internecine/pernicious-death (for future) of all! Is that not a prison? And, base, give, their, futures; to others? Wow! ARA 8-27-19 ADX Max plantation (CO) "I, almost, understand!" Ch. 14 /ARA 8/27/19 ADX (plantation) "This prison system seems; defined, by bars; guards, and, criminals! Unfortunately, 'Matthew 7' destroys, the definition; for durance! Because, without the: uniforms; guns (all manner of destruction); keys; and, nepotist backup, there's little-difference (between people)! For example, hacks are more 'forward thinking -- criminals -- than 'convicted criminals'! As the one (convicted), hasn't violated: 'a fraction' (of the crimes) that 'hacks' violate, 'shiftly' and, weekly! And 'their offenses'! Are legal crimes! Even, murder! Now, I must identify, the criminology; from (so-called) citizens views! First, the impetus -- for the difference -- between (criminals and law-abiding) is: gone! Second, the impetus (of 'noncriminality') as high-and-mighty: low! And, third, the veneer (of abiding-by-established-law): absconded, long ago (from 'the good old USA)! 'A civil death' lands at my feet; and, 'not the jailers-boots'! 'Should it not 'be,' the 'other way around'? Well, it's not: the elderly -- in my mind's eye -- experience; or, the wisdom-of-youth -- ignoring what's, 'in plain sight'! It is rather, the: 'refusal of common sense,' to 'prevail!' So, I will mention, but: one 'exemplum': 'hiding from the truth'! The kind that, excuses: leaders, ignoring (come, celebrating); assisting; and/or 'accepting' (drastic) changes (to america)! But, 'Nature' (on the upper echelon: of this 'seesaw'; with, 'Trump,' a 'teeter totter') is moving; to 'close ranks' (again, some 'humans')! Cf. 'Brazil fires,' 'climate changes' (Sweden); and 'infra structure, demise' (astronomical additions: to Debt; on top of Corporate Theft via 'National Debt Hidden of Theirs')! 'Pick this apart,' Kakistocratic robotic base? And, this 'durance,' won't 'join the audience' (of, one: hypocrisy); nor, 'that of the youth' (who've: 'closed ranks' of the immature) again (aged)! 'Out there,' whom are: the law abiding'?" ARA 8/27/19 ADX (plantation)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: August 27, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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