Michigan prison flop houses

Favors, Gene T.



Dt: 7-3-19 To: APWA Fr: Favors "Michigan Prison Flop Houses." It goes past the power of my words to express how the Michigan Department of Corrections has changed from being a prison to being facilities to now being flop houses and eliminated punishment and rehabilitation. Yeah! Like the old saying go's; "People is dying to get into the grave yard!" Now its crack heads and mentally sick people is committing smallish crimes to get locked up in Michigan prisons for housing, food, clothing, and free medical cares. "Easy living for Crack Heads!" Again Michigan prison systems is overcrowd with homeless, jobless, mental and physical ill prisoners as well as drug addicted prisoners. These prisoners are costing the tax payers millions of dollars. Many of these prisoners could not function in society and is now save by state flop houses from drastic life styles. However some of these prisoners were born under addiction and addicted to cocaine and had to raise themselves on Detroit drug infested streets. And their only options was flop houses. I have not seen so many young under weight prisoners coming into the prison system and eating up every thing and turning into fat boys. Some Michigan prisoners are going to the psychiatric pretending like they are crazy to get drugs to make them intoxicated. The new name for the prison pill lines are called the Dope Houses. If only you could see the medical pill window lines. Michigan Department of flop houses is spending millions of dollars on prisoners medical cares and treatments. And its people in society with jobs and medical insurance, who can not get the coverage prisoners herein receive. Michigan State budget spends more tax payers dollars on prison flop houses than they spend on public schools. Michigan Department of flop houses eat up more of the state budget than any state departments. Michigan Department of Corrections flop houses provide health care to 45,000 prisoners. The democrats and republican can learn from Michigan Department of Corrections. It cost the Michigan tax payers $36,000 dollars to house one prisoner for one year. That is if he's a healthy prisoner and if he's unhealthy it can cost tax payers a unlimited amount for surgery. Michigan prisoner lie to nurses and doctors to get free gym shoes, prescription tinted sun glasses, special diets, walking canes, wheel chairs and walker as well as ambulance rides. Furthermore some Michigan prisoners are paroled from prison flop houses and they return within 30 days to one year. Michigan courts and parole board members should wake up. Respectfully submitted Gene T. Favors [ID] Lakeland C.F. 141 First Street Coldwater, MI 49036

Author: Favors, Gene T.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: July 3, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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