Michigan’s mentally ill/solitary confinement prisoners: How brin science can help

Velthuysen, Christopher John



Michigan’s Mentally Ill/ Solitary Confinement Prisoners: How Brain Science Can Help—What I Did or Didn’t Do to Curb my Mental Instabilities, Anger Issues, and Sexual Impulses I am an inmate who has been incarcerated for (30) years now, and as a juvenile lifer—second degree murder of my sister- and as a mentally unstable individual until 45 years of age; I wish to share my opinions of what I have done to curb my mental illness, anger and sexual impulses of the vulgar persuasion. While my advice, or techniques might not work for everyone, but if I can help anyone (but it one person); then I’ve completed my reason for this essay! When I was found guilty I was 17 years old, had no juvenile history, nor was never in trouble with the law at all: had no knowledge of the law, courts, or case law; so had to rely on (indigent attorney)/ appointed by the court; who never saw me in the county jail until sentencing; (now deceased); and was given bad advice by my then attorney and I paid for it dearly. After given “life” plus two years for the felony—firearm, I was sentenced mentally ill—but guilty I have never considered myself mentally ill, or unstable but the court ruled I was, so I was—just didn’t want to admit it! Now that I have a real chance of parole in 2019, or 2024; for sure—(need six votes to go to a public hearing), (last time 2014, I received three votes); and have a very high probability of parole guidelines score eight plus; and the amount of time and letter of recommendation for parole I have; I have a higher percentage of parole than others in my situation (25% to 60%)!; I have to correct my mental illness, anger, and sexual impulses that have plagued me my whole prison bit—time! 1) I signed for a sex addicts anonymous course, have received a sponsor, and am currently on step 3 out of 12 steps. Have read the booklets, books and pamphlets they supply you with free; I correspond weekly, bi-weekly, monthly with my sponsor at: ISO at SAA- P.O. Box 70949 – Houston, TX. 77270 – www.info@saa-recovery-org – (713) 869- 4902. I have read and study my purchased book called: “Every Young Man’s Battle” by: Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker, and Mike Yorkey; (cost $15.99 from Amazon.com); where they have helped me overcome victory of sexual temptations that I struggle with—mainly pornographic pictures/ movies and letters from girlfriend! I have removed all of my pornographic books I have out of my cell, all my slutty pictures I gave away, I deleted off of my television my channels that show porno movies; I gave away my magazines and catalogs of porno stars, and I wrote all my letters to my girlfriends telling them that I didn’t want anymore letters of pornographic nature , nor photos! This process seems to help 2. My mental health, I’ve seen a psychologist weekly, who I talk to; and he placed me in a start-up program to get back to a general population setting; where I won’t be confined 24/7, and can keep busy at work, programs, library, gym, Etc. 3. I took anger management classes in 2006-2007, group counseling classes weekly impulse control classes weekly, and this has greatly helped me! So, in conclusion I have stabilized and I feel am ready for a shot at society again with the right attitude. P.s. feel free to write to me for: advice, encouragement, or whatever, and I’ll gladly respond back! Christopher J Velthuysen

Author: Velthuysen, Christopher John

Author Location: Michigan

Date: June 13, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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