Mindfulness tango with hostitlities

King William



Mindfulness Tango With Hostilities I.e. The Beauty & The Beast of Egyptian Tantric Yoga Baby By: King William AKA Pye Face Minister of United K A.G.E. Brothers & Sisters International Union, 2016-Antihostility Campaign "The Pandora's box has been open, which has rippled mass crisis against humanity. Wepons of Mass destruction vs. Honest application of kindness." - Pope Francis to U.N. 9-25-15 "Whatever you think of, read of, focus of and talk about intensely, You're going to attract more of into your life." - Jack Canfield Coming A New: Returning, back to general population and or back to society after years of long term Solitary Confinement. Can always be both a new born expedition and the moxie to rebuild new and earnest pyramids for men/women of core peace. Master building on a solid foundation i.e. the morals and principle of a higher being, The KAGE/Prison principle of ideology we share as a collective here inside and outside of the razor wire state, is that "The Agreement to End All Hostilities" is still the Egyptian effigy which was delivered by the Pelican to be shaped as its own image. This man child whom we call (AEAH) is the One... i.e. "Now there arose up a new king over (Mitsrayim/Egypt), which knew not Joseph." - Exodus 1:8 In the book the word Egypt is written Matzarim, Mitsrayim, or Mitzriyim. The word Matzarim also connotes the essence or or parts of the soul trapped within Mitziriyim, a symbol of the physical plane as well as the physical body, Malkuth. Matzarim also relates to the difficult ordeals of the narrow, straight and difficult initiatic path. Matzarim represents for all the (Gods) (Kings) of the corridor, PBSP SHU signees of (AEAH) for all initiatives the ordeals of life that release afflictions which they must be receptive to receive calmly and allow all old impend dogmatism or hostilities to embrace the song of freedom (Bob Marley's Redemption song) this in turn will allow the contributor to "two step" or assists with forward progress that ol' boy system into its resignation. Thus, Egypt (Mitzriyim), represents the different mechanical evolving or devolving laws of nature, or wheen of samsara. Egypt Mitzriyim in the bible represents the mental, emotional and instinctual situations of the sould slaved of the forces of nature. The exodus from long term solitary confinement or prison in general is becoming a narrative of the exodus of Israel from Egypt, Mitzriyim, means the building of the solar bodies and the acquisition of the domain of the physical, vital, emotional and mental bodies (four elements) by the will of a higher being. Brothers and Sisters of this agreement or in support of what this all means in a nutshell is that we all in the days ahead must have the same will power of Moses or even when "the man child" himself was on top of the mountain - meditating Ancient Egyptian Tantric Yoga but then he was tempted by "Capitalism" he remained in posture based upon his willpower to overcome the hate, bigotry on the horizon, its that same willpower we as a collective must embrace and then enforce the wheel of hope movements within the Agreement to End All Hostilities; although the violinist has broken a string the Big Pretty Woman has not sang the final Anthem. Therefore, the dance we hope, the saints come marching in with a finer toon will change the structure previously build on violence, larceny, evil imperialism and colonialism etc. The principle were campaigning via our anti-hostility group is based upon the principle of harmony coupled with patience which if you are aware of the universal declaration of Human Rights or the word "united," then you are among the solar minded (The Mature Politicians, outside of the discursive chaos within the 2016-2017 election) those whom over stand the principle of harmony is a cosmic law, the voice of your God. Whatever be the disorder that man or fortuitous natural accident may provoke, nature, left to herself, will put everything in order again through affinities (i.e. The Consciousness in all thing). Harmony is the "apriori" law written in all of nature; it imposes itself on our intelligence, yet it is in itself incomprehensible. Harmony is both found in the bible PS 113, in which root chrislam to Mount Hermon falling on the hills of Zion. This is the promise land of not only Christians and Muslims alike but "universal brotherhood" see also Sura 49:12..Al-Hujurat, those without a faith can refer to: Article 1. "All human beings are born free and equal indignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and consciousness and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." (UDHR) "Keep thoughts positive, cause they are connected to your behaviors, habits, values, in which determines your destiny." - Gandhi The focal point of harmony is the simplicity of old wine in a bottle or the prayer oil shared via worship or the rustic ritual presented during the altar of ancestral. This is the fabric of the "Miss 'em quilt, Nat, Harriet, John used as hidden narratives to gain true freedom. Even under the shackles of the 13th Amendment the DNA of the slaves Miss 'em quilt, unifies our multigeneral populace, multigeneration and our multicultural evolution of being equal parties subject to micro-aggression and prior or present implicit biases ---- govern by thirsty or disorganized autonomy. Harmony is the reflection of the 6th shadow which by the sand of time fail the 9th hour brought upon the land i.e. the 6th shadow (dual as in you souls mirror) is the reflection of the 12, the 12 steps, 12 jurors, 12 casket carriers or 12 tribes etc. (Symbolizing our goods vs our evils). In a self-help standpoint we would say "each one teach one, to awaken his/or her sleeping "core" the demands of the giants." In laymen or women terms it simply means "united" we stand unanimous and undivided, "When we as a nation are feeling spacious and at ease, we're fearless likely to experience hostility, lash out, or press the "send" button on an iPhone6, aggravated text, to the federal deterrent!" Most important, in order for this sort of harmony to remain consistent and profound we all must keep ourselves wide awake with the third logo (the word of truth). Mindfulness; which enables us to experience negativity without personally and identifying with it. According to a mindfulness teacher: "Self-comparison protects you against the negative consequences of self-judgement, isolation, and depressive ruination. Because of its non-evaluation and interconnected nature, self-compassion counters the tendencies towards narcissism, self-centeredness, and downward social comparison." However, when you're subjected to coming to the general population after a long term SHU or after years of being balled & chained away from the new song and dance of evolution, you find yourself out of step during the moment of whip or nay nay. Many long termers whom I've walk the yard with seem a little culturally shocked, and or socially bankrupt due to their higher self-realization, this sort of keenness enables the long termer to pinpoint via our groups meetings of the minds, self-destruction of today's and yesteryears psycho politics. The meaning of the word psycho politics is not a newly introduction, its a term or compound word pertaining to the interaction of psychology and political factors or response involving both political behavior and psychological aspects. The usage of psychological terms reflect the views of thos promoting a cause, such as: The Prison-industrial-complex, The Military-complex, The Political-police, The Politician and special interest, The Activist and Prisoner. Opposing sides all engage in psycho political strategies to promote, interfere, subvert or influence commerce, internally and externally. The usage of word or terms to create an effect, to express disapproval, an expression, maneuver, exploit, playing politics, etc. Example of commonly used psycho political words or terms are: Kangaroo court . Prisoner of War . Concentration Camp . Crimes Against Humanity . Prison Reform . Worst of the Worst . Solitary Confinement . KAGE'D . Detainee . Prison deterrent . Zero Tolerance . Domestic Terrorism . Peace Officer . Goon Squad . Soft on Crime . Fake Kickin it . Tough on Crime . Capital Punishment . Undocumented alien . Enemy Combatant . Enhance Interrogation . Security Threat Group . Freedom Fighter . Institutionalized Racism . Danielism vs. Imperialism, etc. The psycho politics of prison commerce is the stimulus that pacify, self control and divides the prison population. The mental, physical and psychological constitution that human creatures of habit need is: Social relations . Zone of comfort and mobility . Material objects . Belief. The stimulus union of the carrot and stick are both tentimes potent inside of prison commerce. The only legal protection that prisoner have against the dispossession of objects is the correct utilization of their due process rights". We've seen this in the cases (Ashker v Gov. et al #4:09-cv-05796-cw) or Perez v. Prelip #C13-5359 (N.D.Cal. Filed 2013) and even more profound were put into play were the U.N. Mandela Rules (2015), even still there exists anti-prisoners games, retaliatorial anti-peace games, anti-change of the Iron Age... "Returning to general population, or even to a world full or risen ridicule. Ridiculously escalated via "Rogue-red party" rhetoric i.e. "Define Trump as out of control capitalism (a card of suit temporarily ranking above others. -U.t. take (a trick) with Trump. -V.i. Trump up, get up, fabricate as the psycho political forces at work fabricated documentary evidence against the above plaintiff's within sited cases) this "Duke of Earlism" 15 days old through a prism lens the mindful men/women internationally in support of the Agreement; are able to view or pinpoint the black and whiteness of the puzzled "polaroid" returning from the Book of the Dead, with the relentless spear of Rameses II, to the Iron Age, wherever the Hero myth of the Solar hero and dragon has been interpreted literally, in terms of a warrior confronting a powerful and dangerous enemy, it has led in past to polarization and endless strife. The Enuma Elish offered a paradigm of divine behavior that was inevitably used to justify the violation of life that was the hallmark of the Iron Age. The rise of the baby-Ionian-cult or Marduk coincided with the glorification of war and conquest that plunged the different peoples and races of the near East into a struggle for supremacy or survival, whose legacy of conflict has still not fully unleashed nor come to an "agreed" end after 4,000 years - presumably because the beliefs formulated then still govern human consciousness in 2016... Looking back while moving ahead on the track: "Mindfulness is at the core of all creative activity... when we embrace the present the stress of our past and our future fades, and we can expand the boundaries of our imagination. once we strip away the calcified assumptions about our selves and our world, we can see everything from a fresh perspective. it's here, as Thoreau wrote, that we discover new ideas 'like falling meteors,' suddenly appearing before us ' with a flash and an explosion." -Lawyer, Flynn Coleman Thomas Malthus, an employee of the British East India Company, asserted in his essay on the principle of population (1798), "if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use. Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our town we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague." [Question to the reader: Can we relate this sort of ideology of thirsty social control to the social cleanse - of 2015 - Ebola or 2016 Zika or the lead waters of Flint? I.e. "Any thought is a mindful possibility."] Before the British, the Dutch East India Company got involved in trafficking of opium between their colonies in Northern India and Indonesia (in the late 17th and early 18th centuries). By 1750, they had already been shipping, like "El Chapo today", more than 100 tons of opium to Indonesia a year. Besides being a profitable business, they found it helpful to subdue the Indonesians, make them easier to dominate and exploit, and made the Dutch plantations there more richer. In 1757, the British East India Company got involved in the D-Boy and social control Plot when the company moved in and financed the military seizure of Bengal from the Dutch. Fast forward to 1783, by this time lord Shelburne reorganized the East India Co. and it was in the evolution of time, by (1798) Thomas Malthus was able to dominate the poor peoples movement with his hostile rhetoric. By this Global Domination, came the gateway of the fellowship & censorship as the "moneygod" himself "Lord Shelburne" continued to expand the opium trade - targeting China. By the 1830's the British East India Co. had become the major drug trafficking, Criminal Organization in the world. Growing opium in India, it shipped thousands of tons into Canton, China, where it traded the dope for tea, silver and manufactured goods like fine silks and porcelain China. Opium parlors and "dens" sprang up all over China as racks, brands i.e. (money in slogan terms), stacked millions of China's people became even more addicted as the youth in today's world reflect this mental addiction in downtown Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Chicago, Oakland, Sacramento, Ohio, Nebraska, Atlanta, Texas, Denver, Canada, Mexico, Cuba etc. "You would hope to come across a "L.E.A.D." Drug Diversion project in those times." It was Illegal, but the bribed Chinese officials seen themselves as "others" i.e. others different than the repressed, so they looked the opposite way, until Bigger Balls the same size as "Mark Rubio's Hands" rolled upon the scene - to establish his position, meditating, cross legged, cross armed, pondering the most stringent and strategic move to checkmate imperialism. Now moving the 14 pons, was Lin Tse-hsu who vigorously took over as the imperial commissioner of customs in March 1839. This led to the opium wars of 1839-42 and 1856-58. Refusing to be bribed or corrupted, Lin Tse-hsu cracked down like the anti-druggies, on the corrupted chines. He pointed out that it was illegal to import it into his country. When Lin's eloquent letter failed to work, he responded as the Black Lives Matter - liberationist do today, he threatened to cut off all trade with the English and expel them from Canton (he even destroyed all the opium in the ports and continued to petition Queen Victoria asking her to have empathy and end money god we trust.)" "If all the injury, fear and pain in the world arise from grasping at a self, then what use is that great ghost to me?" - Tibetan Buddhist Sage Shantide va Poor whites and black slaves united in a revolt against the James town gentry, and they burned the settlement down. Their leader, Nathaniel Bacon, died of fever before the redcoats arrived to suppress the rebellion. Most of his army had dispersed, but eighty slaves and twenty indentured servants put up a fight, and the survivors were noosed, reflecting back to this date of 1675. " As I and thee 'Askari' holding 'Usalama' (Askari = is a Swahili term for officer or foot soldier, Usalama = is swahili term for security). Walk and talk along with the long termer on the track (PBSP-yard) I began to reflect how even in today's world you can still find hostile resemblance within the work site or locker rooms of San Francisco black workers, although the lesson of before remain substantial and is not last on colonial authorities, and white indentured servitude was phased out in favor of all African slaves. "In my opinion, the biggest things that are happening in the world are, on the one hand, the movement of the slaves in America started by the death of John Brown, and, on the other, the movement of the serfs in Russia... I have just seen in the tribune there has been a fresh rising in Missouri naturally suppressed. But the signal has now been given." - Karl Marx & Fredrick Engles from London The Harlem Hellfighters, had boots on the ground before Whiteney Young or Collin Powell were embrace by the "red party." The emancipation had another effect in that it opened the flood gate for civil new Africans to become inclusive in not just the U.S. wars, but under the "2nd Amendment," it had shown that even though Nazis Run America (NRA) via British traditions, even still the Second Amendment allowed those new Africans rights to be inclusive when Edridge Cleavers, Bobby Seal, and other (Black Panther Party for self-defense) would demand to be heard when their party walked into the Sacramento State Capital building with their guns up. Why? Because as U.S. servants the New African Ancestors allowed the party to bear arms in the fight for their OWN parallel of freedom. Even as mind tangling as it may sound, you heard the words "All lives matter" coming from the mouth of Donald Trump, But in contrast he's force by the U.S. people to dissent the 1st and 14th Amendment Rights of the (KKK) endorsing his seem to be white nationalist campaign, even more an oxymoron he throws out a reporter "who gets choked and thrown to the ground by his security team, then a ex black military servant - whom was an activist protesting against Donald's inflammatory speech, he too was handcuff by Donald's wolf pack only to be hull off. Although those hostilities expose to the civil servant and the people who's rights are protected under the matrix of the confusing United States Const. Donald, Hillary Clinton et al, must not forget about the post traumatic stress syndrome, not the Willie Lynch curse that linger in the minds of traumatized new African, within America's war zones i.e. the image in collective white mind of blacks (particularly black men) as congenital criminals is perhaps the most deeply entrenched stereotype pervading the black-white (Oscars) relationship in America today. The pervasiveness of this assumption reveals that it rests upon deeply rooted historical hostilities and is not simply the result of individual racial bias. "(A)n employer who prefers white candidates to black candidates - except black candidates with clearly superior experience and test scores - is engaging in racial discrimination, even though race is not the only factor he/or she considers (since he/or she is willing to select black superstars). Clarence Thomas, Mike Jordan, Ben Carson, Collin Powell et al became the black Moses or Jesus token to pitch that I have a black friend slogan. There are, of course, different degrees of discrimination. In some cases, as in the incident with the ex black military servant, whom was an activist protesting against Donald's inflammatoryness, in others eyes race there can be seen like the (Jesse Owens - story) race is a marginal factor. The distinction may have a bearing on the moral or logical justification of the discrimination. Taking race into account at all means engaging in racial discrimination. See: generally Brooks Holland, Safeguarding Equal Protection Rights: The Search for an Exclusionary Rule Under the Equal Protection Clause, 37 AM.Crim.L.Rev. 1107)(200)." So with regards to the black military personnel who are participating today in service by way of choice of consent, relevant as it may sound the hellfighters "lives-mattered" when they participated in every major campaign of 1864 and 1865 "except" Sherman's invasion of Georgia. In all some 186,000 served inn the union Army and another 29,000 in the Navy. As "contributors" to America, they made up 10% of the Union forces and 68,178 of the killed in action (KIA) and missing in action (MIA). Its been recorded that President Lincoln was assassinated, April 4th, and he was succeeded by his vice president, Andrew Johnson of Tennessee. The same year the 13th Amendment of the Constitution had been drafted and approved by January of 1865. Was the same year, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was established as the 1st Knights of Liberty in Johnson's home state of Tennessee, which was not occupied. By federal troops. On May 1, 1867, white racists rioted in Memphis massacring in New Orleans on July 30th, 1867, and just as in the "spazed out" world today after several stabbings in Southern California at a 2016 KKK rally. The multi racial make up of the peoples movement remain subjected to the same sort of racist reverberation, as in , 1867 when the tricky republican party and their special interest group held its national convention in New Orleans, vowing (before the birth of Jim Crowism or Church Bombings fully took a spring) they vowed to firmly defend the rights of former slaves to, no-more massacre (2014-2015 multiple police shootings or unarmed black men) promise of no more slavery or slave labor (Texas prisoner sound the trumpet for a mass incarceration revolt and for basic human rights while many on the prison chain gang call man down after their comrades fall out from a heatstroke or dehydration.) This is not the 13th Amendment which the new African freedom fighter died for these are the above and below narratives how even after all the blood shed the equal protection of the 14th Amendment is not equally protected because to this very day many believe the U.S. Const. is just a "piece of paper." "Political leaders offer panaceas, yet, when they take control, their respective political parties and affiliates feel defrauded, because the promises continue being what they really are: 'simple promises'." - Samuel Aun Weor Secret student societies sprung up in the universities reflecting different tendencies. Drawn from different fiefdoms of their own respective countries the unity of the students reflected a growing sense of nationalism. Though no different than the Berkeley, Stanford, Carolina, ect. prison divest of the present time, their concerted effort as poor workers and student unions to disrupt greedy capitalism. Predictably, their public resist & agitation for international unity, free expression via the press, and religious toleration led to many thrown into the patty wagon. The grass roots of the prison divest movements go as far back as April 3, 1833 when a group of students whom were fed up with the systematic racism with their supporters they all stormed the police headquarters in Frankfurt to "free political prisoners." This was the grandparent movement before the free Mumia, Albert, Herman, Mutula, Leonar, Move, Sitawa, Louis, Jackie Brown, Keelon Jenkins, Jimmy McMillan, Hatari Walker, Donald Cook et al, its because of mass incarceration, those subjected to a poor education subjected to a poor education, substandard living of the latina and her 3 children of the homeless teen sexually harass by an chauvinist housing authority, after the students stormed the police headquarters. A radical underground emerged as an extension of the student divest societies. "We must eradicate exclusion, of the weak and disadvantaged." -Pope Francis The Thinking Bulb: The present man's or woman's, mind is a boat that goes from port to port, thus each port is a school, a theory, a ego, a belief, a sect, a political party, a flag concept (cuzz or blood), a ideology, a philosophy, a religion, a sex interest, and when the mind anchorages then it locks itself within those wharves in order to incessantly act and react with its preconception there established. A mind like this is incapable of comprehending life free in its movement. A mind like this is enslaved by the beast of a burden the [stagnant] energies of life where only conflicts, hostilities, fights of castes exist, when only hunger and pain exist. The mind of man or women rooted from the gardens first union, in the present worlds needs to become free from the battling of anti-theses that divides it, and incapacitates it as an instrument for the inner most. The reasoning man, by means of mental election, commits the error of dividing him/or herself; missed action and useless effort are the outcome of this division, which becomes the origin of conflict and betterness. If we want to solve our own individual problems, we mist learn how to use and handle the mind. Our thought must integrally flow, without the process of "options" that divides the mind into opposed opinions. Our mind must flow calmly, integrally, with the sweet flow of thought, guided solely by intuition, which is the voice of the inner most, the flower of intelligence; straight action, straight effort, and perfect fullness are the outcome of it. The evocative flame of the Golden State Warrior, the flame which is the "New Era Crown" or the keep it on (light of thought). If you observe the candle and you realize the distraction first. If we ignore it, it will take longer. If we look at the highlight of the puzzle for a minute then let it go, you, her, him, them, we all will be able to develop concentration much faster. With each distraction that we notice upon our collectives "freedom Plan of Action" and if warranted let go, we increase the strength of our attention and our primary objective. Urban Anti-hostility Campaign: Prisoners and/or supportive protesters embracing anti-hostilities cultural evolution and/or exchange, shall overstand that in order for us to contribute, maintain or even "promote P.E.A.C.E. as the new cool" we all mustn't wrongly grasp for thirsty or hard press power, and move at a sense of "I" over we the party of the people. In 2016-2017, Scott Budnick, founder of A.R.C.org will embrace our family visits fore lifers Demand #1. And promote a fundraiser via campaigning the sale of prisoners creative arts, we as a collective conscious class must continue to realize that evolution of borrowed time vs. violence, is a presumption based on self-discipline or mind control, this is of course not related to incidents regarding self-defense. But as an apparatus to keep our inside and outside pledge of peace on chill, the optic of mind control must resolute through profound resilience if we are the new voices of "hope" the only way that "our generation is going to make a change." We must continue to engage around the track (PBSP-Yard) with the sort of proficiency that would allow the contributor or participants to cultivate away from the dogmatism controlled by colonialized hostility, which is the anger that emerges when that "I" is contradicted. The fundamental sign of ignorance is a lack of knowledge of ones-self, and because we lack ancient knowledge lost in the burned scrolls of Thebes, we regardless of of our belief system or culture, our present circumstance supersedes the not me or "I" but it's through cultivating "self-realization" that this supersede allows you to grip an adult understanding that we are honestly the lost "boys" or girls, grasp onto a reality or image shaped or dictated by another special interest. In crisis this dud, is based upon the "homeyism" sense of fake kickin it with both the false self and the peoples party. Resentment of a man or woman's status, ideas, race-religious way, creates ego's and when that sense of self is contradicted, we experience a dance off with hostility. Egyptian Tantirc yoga, teaches its practitioners that via the posture of the god or goddess in union, internationally my brothers and sisters we become more politically in [tune] with feminine and masculine truth, how? Because balance is harmony, to rebuke or petition against balance is self-pain-hostility, hostility is rooted in the fundamental ignorance of our sort; when "I" is vocabularized in my personal ideology "I" ideally realize the result is that ... Patience is King of fences above his little brother name hostility. Even "reactionaries, collaborators, provocateurs, embrace anti-hostilities with spy like agendas..." not knowing or refuse to catch sight of the fact that working against the grain with the corrupt psycho political forces is self-neutralize, this sort of counter balance allows the spy to punch him or her self repeatedly for the bribes unable him or her to choose a side between the fence (abyss) he or she is then spat out for being Luke worm. Even the structure, understructure and overstructure of government are aware that in order to make it to the next chapter of a book or advance to the complete 7th realm, internal and external wisdom is the "Keys" that open Daniel's lions den so he could be [self-determined] enough to hold the kingdom to it's truth. If we had real knowledge of how laws function in the universe, we would not grasp a thing out of vanity or desire, nor would we avoid things that are unavoidable. As in the Agreement , when we stand up and take corrective action among all the Egyptian snakes at the round table. As those "Signees" of the Agreement profoundly established, we are all then inclusive as many voice, upon the 12 tribes round table, at 12:00 o'clock we feast as Brothers & Sisters of 5-core Peace. The psycho political forces at work would continue to resent our prisoners union, but respect the faces at the panel discussion, we would resonate acceptance, we would keep and have true peace among the urban youth. If we are trying to work on this defect and apply the factor of death to our anger or hostility, the antidote is to cultivate the "King" (patience). So, when things happen in life that make us angry or upset, instead of getting more angry with words or frustrated because the Oscars has shown our colorful society, that bigotry and racism still has mind control over the "Big Face" slave master (money), we as wise [chess] players must use "correct timing" to gain [competent] autonomy, and because the brain is the crown of self government, we mist refrain from abandoning our post and remain steady while cultivating urban peace. Stress, Teamwork, & Leadership: Examples as follow: (1) you have overall responsibility for significant part of your work or organization. You're burdened by what feels like unmanageable complexity caught up in destructive turf wars, fighting fires when you should be shaping the systems future. (2) You're caught between the conflicting demands and priorities coming from tops and bottoms, alienated from them, non-cooperative and competitive when you should be working together to coordinate system process. "People who are good at doing several complex tasks at once... are often valued in our organizations... leaders need to stay focused and efficient for months, sometimes years, on end. They have to keep lots of big ideas at the top of their minds, concurrently, including a huge amount of detail and information about their increasingly complex environment. Many executives feel the mega-multitasking becomes a badge of honor." - Richard Boyatzis & Annie McKee While no one disputes the importance of business savvy and highly developed intellectual skills when leading complex organizations, intelligence alone doesn't cut it. The overwhelming weight of recent research shows that emotional and social intelligence are far more effective predictors of leadership effectiveness. There is a saying that people don't leave their jobs... they leave their bosses. A leader who can't retain and motivate strong team members is destined to lose them to the competition. "Great leaders can thrive on contest pressure." The truth is that no matter how alpha a leader, they're only human, without balance, leaders lose their edge, their effectiveness is diminished, and the consequences are bleak both for them and the organizations they lead. "Mindful leadership is tremendously practical because it rests on a simple yet profound insight that expands the entire notion of leadership altogether: all human beings instinctively want their best to others and in turn inspire others to do the same, and this can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime." -Michael Carroll Wether your organization is a monastery or a prison to its employees depends on external conditions than on the hearts and minds. Are they able to find something of value in the work? Do their co-workers bring out the best in them? Are they able to find meaning in what they do beyond "another day, another dollar?" As we move this motion for adequate and equal social reforms, new justices to be stamped and approved within the higher courts, moving the poor peoples movement unto a new man and woman now away from the era of Obama and/or even the Trump drama, we would hope to be able to wrap our minds around the ballrooms, next two-step and with a new drum beat in search of the warrior spirit that reflects the multicultural evolution exchanges among our multi-generation and unions. We the frontiers, must keep our spearheads refined and prepared for the fire & brim stones, then after the "King" snake "sheds" the new world will not be a world of imperialist military conquests with dirty psycho politics nor of borderlines, but a world with a new state of conscientiousness, which is already being born despite all the limitations. Red and Blue flags are filled and displayed with hood egonomics and other ancestral prejudices; all of this belongs to the past, to what already gave it's fruits. Soon, the sounding bells of the Passover of the resurrection of "Ra" will resound. When the blaze of understanding illuminates the root of evil on the face of the earth, all the great as above as well as the great as below problems of the world will then disappear and only the (audacity) of hope will have prevailed. Everything we accept in this aspect is unavailable to us to see, to use, to learn from, to let go. Regarding the Hostile Psycho political forces that be: "Time has no meaning in itself unless we choose to give it significance." - Leo F. Buscaglia "It's not our circumstances that make us happy or unhappy, it's whether or not they're an authentic reflection of what matters to us." - David Michie, Mindfulness is better than chocolate Dancing Ideas: In a more inclusive campaign should we consider, proposing (1) "Peace is the new cool" Nicotine Companies such as "Cool's" cigarette could produce peace bubble gum, then donate the proceeds to cancer victims of tobacco. (2) "Cool Whip" could sponsor our "Peace is the new Cool", slogan and donate the proceeds to poor people in America. (3) The NFL/NBA could all sponsor our slogan - As a summer peace, love, and true freedom parties to bring awareness to teen bullying and youth domestic violence publicized under the agreement for NoMore.org. If you're of interest or serious about ending hostilities inside & out let this become the new freedom of expression summer. "Long live the spirit of the unbroken" - Umoja United K.A.G.E. Brothers Declaration, poormagazine.org I Contribute to Peace, editor@sfbayview.com

Author: King William

Author Location: California

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 11 pages

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